Spreading their tactic of intimidation, the federal government has warned the state of Colorado that pending legislation could put them in conflict with federal marijuana laws and leave them open to prosecution.

U.S. Attorney John Walsh sent a letter to Colorado’s Attorney General in response to a request for clarification on how the feds would react to HB 1043.

“The Department of Justice remains firmly committed to enforcing the federal law and the Controlled Substances Act in all states,” Walsh wrote. “Thus, if the provisions of H.B. 1043 are enacted and become law, the Department will continue to carefully consider all appropriate civil and criminal legal remedies to prevent manufacture and distribution of marijuana and other associated violations.”

In other words, the federal government reserves the right to prosecute anyone in any state at any time for any cannabis-related activity. So pass legislation at your peril.

The notion that the Obama Justice Department has any respect for state law on the issue of medical marijuana is long gone. Despite every story’s obligatory mention of the 2009 DOJ memo directing a hands-off approach with those following state law, we all know that memo is more worthless than the non-hemp paper it’s printed on.

The federal vs. state battle continues to grow, and will only intensify when states begin passing recreational legalization laws. But as I’ve said before, just because one battle will lead to another doesn’t mean you don’t fight the first battle. In fact, the showdown with the feds is all the more reason to pass state legalization laws. The showdown must come at some point because federal laws need to change, so the sooner it comes, the better.

Joe Klare

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  1. denbee

    Do you actually believe that the Fed’s have the money and resources to wage weed wars with every State that legalizes pot? Call their bluff.

  2. Rookie

    That’s an interesting approach to the dilema denbee,

    In fact if several states were to do it at the same time, that would make the situation even more difficult to deal with.

    You may be right but its doubtful that any state will buck the feds when it comes push to shove. The Feds can withold Highway Moneys, ect ect that not one state could survive without. It always comes down to the almighty dollar.

  3. cleaner

    The sort of local action that caused the feds to blink in the first place was localities moving towards non-cooperation with the feds. I am pretty sure Oakland and San Francisco used the threat of it to pressure the local Federal Attorney, but I could only find where Berkeley did it.

    Federal law enforcement is very dependent upon local cooperation and non-cooperation leaves the feds basically operating blind.


  4. sandy

    perhaps its time to succeed who needs money for roads from the feds when you have legal cannabis you will have more than enough funding for every thing.people in California are looking for places to put money . Dispensary’s tried donating money to police but they would not accept it …There is no good reason grown men would go through this much trouble to keep a non toxic weed illegal unless they are being paid by big pharma and oil .

  5. sandy

    If they are being paid by big pharma and oil then raise hemp and make hemp seed oil for fuel and start closing pharma down or boy coting them as much as possible.TIME TO START PUSHING BACK!IF THE FEDS START PUTTING PRESSURE ON YOU start putting pressure on the lobbies who put pressure on them.find out which pharmas are closest to DC lobbies then shut them down you don’t need a pharmacy on every street corner now .

  6. Monterey Bud

    “The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this.”

    – Albert Einstein quote on Hemp

    Does everyone know and understand that the US Government has

    Patent # 6,630,507 on ….

    Drum rolls please… CANNABINOIDS!
    Thinking to myself when I first noticed this …surely this is just a pile of crap. How could the Federal Government on one hand call cannabis a schedule I (one) narcotic…

  7. DankPursuit

    I don’t think the Feds had the power to totally enforce marijuana laws all across our country. But, they would take great pleasure in picking a few and making examples of them and that is where their power to intimidate lies. After all, look at what they did to Marc Emery! He was a Canadian cannabis seed seller but the Feds decided to go after him and he is now serving 5 years in an American prison. A lot of Canadians hate the Americans for this; but it could not have been done without the cooperation of the Canadian Govt.

    Nevertheless, the Feds have no intention of ending this War on Drugs (i.e. the War on Marijuana). They don’t care how much money it takes or how many lives are ruined; at least as far as I can tell…

  8. Shiloh33

    this is ultimately helping… this pressure unifies us and so long as we are not divided and conquered, this shows us just how corrupted our ‘leaders’ and their politics are… and amidst the aire of revolution, this only serves to strengthen our resolve. our (the 99) world, own it!

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