Marijuana Laws in New Jersey

You can consume weed in NJ if you are a registered medical patient. Otherwise, you will be penalized. The following passages will elaborate on the marijuana and CBD laws of New Jersey.


Marijuana in New Jersey

No, you cannot lit a blunt in New Jersey, and carrying close to 2 ounces of the crop will imprison you for 18-months with a $25,000 fine. Also, if an intent to distribution is established, even a small quantity of weed carries the same punishment as possessing 2 oz.

However, intense lobbying to legitimize recreational marijuana in this northeastern U.S. state is going on for some time now. In fact, Gov. Phil Murphy has repeatedly pledged his support for legalization. But, amidst all the political will to regulate cannabis, NJ lawmakers are yet to form a consensus.

These disagreements resulted in a startling decision to cancel a New Jersey vote in March 2019, as Democrats were unable to gather enough backing for the measure.


Medical Marijuana

The Garden State has a compact, yet correctly operated medical dispensary structure in order since 2010. Also, due to the absence of competition, it is one of the most expensive U.S. medical marijuana programs. Nonetheless, earlier in 2018, Gov. Phil Murphy massively reformed the program and added many more qualifying medical conditions.

A registered cardholder can possess up to two ounces of medical cannabis per month. Although, home cultivation is prohibited. The state program serves about 34,000 enrolled patients, who contributed $97 million in the 2018 medical sales. The projection for the year 2022 is a staggering $284 million.


CBD Oil Laws in New Jersey

Earlier in 2018, The NJ Assembly Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee gave a green signal to A1330. It was eventually signed by the Governor in November. The bill enabled statewide industrial hemp farming and trade by establishing an industrial hemp pilot program governed by the NJ Department of Agriculture. The New Jersey Agriculture Department would intermittently examine a business’ hemp products to ensure the THC concentration doesn’t exceed more than 0.3% of dry hemp product’s weight.

The state statute also exempted any New Jerseyan participating in the program from penalties relating to the trade or cultivation of cannabis. Observers are terming the pilot program a victory for the local farmers who are in dire need of diversification to stay competitive in the global agriculture market.




It is illegal to use recreational marijuana in New Jersey, and possessing about 2 ounces will imprison you for 18-months with a $25,000 fine. However, strong lobbying to legalize adult-use weed in NJ is going on for a while. However, there is disagreement between the lawmakers, which resulted in the cancellation of the New Jersey vote in March 2019.

The state has a compact, yet properly functioning medical dispensary structure, which serves about 34,000 patients. The medical sales projection for 2022 is a staggering $284 million. Lastly, the approval of Assembly Bill 1330 in November 2018 legalized the farming and trade of industrial hemp in the Garden State.