Does Aerotek Drug Test? (Aerotek’s 2022 Drug Testing Policies)

Are you thinking about applying to Aerotek? It’s important to know if the company requires drug tests before or during employment.

Aerotek can’t take any risks with its employees because there are so many. The staffing firm has the most recruitments throughout the world, with offices everywhere. Therefore, it does background checks and drug testing on every person employed here.

This article can help you understand the drug testing policy for Aerotek. I’m here to dive deeply into the topic and offer options to help you get through the situation.

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Does Aerotek Drug Test? Its Drug Policy

Aerotek offers excellent employment opportunities to people worldwide and has done so for 38 years. It’s popular because the recruits it works with are all vetted and have been thoroughly checked to ensure that they don’t steal, use drugs, or become violent when provoked.

The brand has a zero-tolerance policy for substance misuse. Therefore, the company adheres to its drug-testing rules and makes sure everyone complies.

Employees are also subjected to random drug testing to maintain a safer working environment. When you get hired, you must sign an agreement stipulating that you will submit to the tests as requested.

Many people wonder why they have to take a drug test if they’re physically healthy and capable of doing the job. Certain factors contribute to this:

• Drug testing ensures that the applicants aren’t using harmful substances that could lead to injuries or damage to the workplace.
• The applicants are tested to make sure they’re healthy.
• Everyone is entitled to work in a drug-free zone.

Types of Drug Tests Aerotek Uses

When you accept the conditional work offer from the company, it has the right to request a drug test onsite. Typically, the hiring department uses a urine test for the pre-employment drug screening.

Most of the time, the urine test features five panels, and Aerotek likes this approach.

The tests are done before you get hired. Even if you can’t do it during the initial interview, it’s administered during the recruitment process. Generally, you’re sent to a lab to have the test to ensure that it’s done correctly and with no way to fake the results.

Substances Tested For

Five-panel drug tests are often used in the workplace to handle drug screenings. The federal government also recommends them, and businesses prefer this option most.

The tests are carried out to find illegal substances in your body. These can include:

• Phencyclidine (PCP)
• Amphetamines
• Cocaine
• Opiates
• Marijuana (weed)
• Ecstacy
• Ethanol
• Methadone Propoxyphene
• Hydrocodone
• Barbituates
• Methaqualone

Since medical marijuana is legal now, you might think you’re safe. However, it’s up to the company to decide if it wants its employees to use the substance. You may also have to prove that you have a medical condition that warrants it. Sometimes, your dosage information is necessary to show that you’re not being unsafe.

Is Nicotine Use Tested?

No, Aerotek does not test for nicotine in the body. In fact, the five-panel test used doesn’t detect it or look for it. Generally, this is not considered an illegal substance. However, the company can make it a smoke-free facility and grounds to prevent people from smoking.

Pre-employment Test

The Aerotek’s Code of Conduct states that the company is dedicated to offering a risk-free environment for all of its workers.

As the general rule, the brand prefers to use urine drug testing methods because it’s more convenient than swab tests and hair follicles. If you don’t use illegal substances, there should be no issue with you passing the test.

In a sense, the clients and employees of the brand benefit greatly from drug testing. Everyone gets to have a productive and healthy work environment.

Often, when you go to the interview, you are given two days to prepare for the drug test at a lab. This gives you time to get the drugs out of your system. However, some branches test onsite and have doctors and nurses available to do so. These can include:

• Aerotek Scientific (Syracuse)
• Aerotek New York
• TEKsystems at Westminster, CO
• Aerotek Consulting at Baltimore, MD
• Aerotek Contract Engineering in Dallas, TX

Are There Random Drug Tests?

Most organizations use drug testing to filter out the employees who may cause workplace problems. Frequent substance use or abuse can lead to low productivity, high staff turnover, workplace accidents, violence, and theft.

The brand’s code of conduct states that each candidate must pass the drug test to authenticate their eligibility to get the position. Aerotek is a widely-known firm with many activities and projects being completed each day, so it’s essential to reduce the potential of harmful working conditions.

However, Aerotek only requires a pre-employment drug screen. Random tests are uncommon unless there are suspicions of drug use or accidents have happened.

Is It Possible to Refuse a Drug Test?

You may choose to refuse the drug test, but you probably won’t get hired by the company. Some of its clients may not mind potential substance use, but most of them want to ensure that no one uses drugs while at work or before going to work.

Aerotek can turn down any applicant for any reason. Just because you apply and get a call-back for an interview doesn’t mean you get the job. Since many people want to work for the brand, it’s unlikely the hiring department will let you move through to the hiring phase without the negative drug test result.

Could You Be Fired after Failing a Drug Test at Aerotek?

It’s possible to be fired from your job at Aerotek if you fail a drug test. However, the company rarely does random testing. If you can take drugs and work efficiently without causing damage or harm to yourself, there’s no reason to fear another screening.

Reapplying at Aerotek after a Failed Drug Test

There’s little information about whether you can reapply at Aerotek after you fail a pre-employment drug test. Most businesses keep your information on file for six months to a year. Therefore, it’s best to wait until after that time period before applying again.

Ways to Pass a Drug Test

It’s best to avoid using drugs of any kind two weeks before your interview at Aerotek to get them out of your system. However, the company might not give you that much time. If that’s the case, and you’ve used illegal substances (or marijuana that wasn’t medicinal), you can try flushing the drugs from your body.

There are various detox products on the market that are easy to use and effective. They’re often pills, and you take a certain amount, drink plenty of water, and let the detoxification occur. Typically, they are safe, but it’s hard to determine their effectiveness, and you need the right one for the drug you use. Try a THC detox Kit Here.

Synthetic urine is another way to pass your drug test. You’ve got to mix it correctly and present it during the time frame recommended on the packaging. Therefore, you might want to buy a few kits and test them first.

If you are looking for detox products – check out our Test Clear Review.


Aerotek is so popular because it uses preventative measures to select employees, and its clients prefer this. Drug tests and background checks are the industry standard here before hiring someone.

The drug test screening can feel daunting if you’ve never done it before. However, if you’re clean and don’t use drugs, you will have no problem passing. Those who do use drugs can stop usage immediately or try various products to flush the system so that they can get hired.

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