Countries Where Weed (Cannabis) Is Legal

Worldwide, you’ll find different laws regarding the consumption, possession, cultivation, and sales/distribution of marijuana. If you’re wondering where you can travel and enjoy marijuana legally, here’s a list of countries where cannabis is legal.


Argentina is leading the world in marijuana policy reform. It set a stellar example in making medical marijuana free to patients. Recreational use is tolerated, but technically illegal.


The land down under allows for strictly controlled medical use only. No recreational use or growing (even medical cannabis) is allowed. With that said, laws are changing and it’s expected that Australia will eventually become more weed-friendly.


Cannabis is illegal but growing and possession is tolerated for personal use. Cambodia is home of the weed-infused “happy pizza,” which sounds delicious!


Medical marijuana was legalized in 2001. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (openly a cannabis fan – he has admitted to smoking even as a member of Parliament) is working to legalize cannabis nationwide. Parliament is expected to pass the legislation. There are also rumors of Amsterdam-style cafes opening where you can enjoy your herb.

Costa Rica

Cannabis is decriminalized, but illegal. You can possess a small amount of weed for personal consumption – although laws don’t specify what constitutes “a small amount.”

Czech Republic

Medical marijuana use is permitted. You can carry up to 15 grams for personal use. Growing and distribution is still illegal. The country’s relaxed drug laws enable a thriving cannabis culture in major cities such as Prague.


Possession of less than 10 grams of cannabis for personal use is decriminalized. Growing, is illegal, but tell that to the locals! The climate is favorable for growing, and the country boasts a niche cannabis culture – try the weed-infused chocolate candies in Cuenca!


Marijuana has been decriminalized but remains illegal. You may possess slightly more than a quarter-ounce for personal use. Estonians are reportedly some of the most weed-friendly people anywhere!


Germany has allowed medical marijuana use for years, and recreational use has recently been legalized. Think about a weed-infused Oktoberfest…


Israel is an international leader in cannabis research, allows medical marijuana use (over 30,000 patients currently partake) and will likely decriminalize possession by 2019. 27% of Israelis ages 18-65 use cannabis… the highest rates of annual usage in the world (followed, surprisingly, by Iceland, where weed remains illegal and heavily restricted even for medical use).


Cannabis is legal only for limited medical use. While the country produces high-grade medical weed, recreational use is prohibited.


Jamaica has always been associated with cannabis culture although pot was only recently decriminalized and medical use is now legal. Adults may possess small amounts for personal use. The Jamaican government is reportedly looking to cash in on the legalization wave by cultivating a “wellness tourism” scene. Practitioners of Rastafari, a religion that incorporates cannabis into its rituals and practice have been largely exempt from Jamaica’s weed laws.


Cannabis is illegal for recreational consumption, though possession and growing (up to four plants per person) was recently decriminalized. Medicinal use is allowed.

The Netherlands

Perhaps the best-known destination to enjoy some herb, the city of Amsterdam is famous for its numerous weed-friendly cafés that enable social use for locals and tourists over 18. Outside of Amsterdam’s coffee shops, technically weed is illegal in the Netherlands, but largely tolerated.

North Korea

Not exactly a hotspot for conventional tourism, it’s legal to smoke, grow, and sell marijuana, possibly due to North Korea’s desire to obtain foreign currencies – making it attractive as a destination for those wanting to purchase weed to take back home to countries where weed is banned.


While weed is technically illegal, possessing just enough for personal and immediate consumption (up to 8g) is okay.


Portugal has decriminalized all drugs. This surprising and progressive drug policy actually caused a significant drop in hard drug usage and fatal overdoses.


You can consume the drug privately, and grow weed for personal consumption. However, distribution is illegal. Spain boasts over 800 locals-only private cannabis clubs.


Possession has recently been decriminalized, as long as it’s in small doses for personal use. Possession of a unique strain of cannabis that contains less than 1% THC (basically, hemp), is allowed.


Uruguay was one of the first Latin American countries to legalize cannabis. It is now legal to cultivate, distribute, and consume. Recently, Uruguay legalized the sale of recreational pot in pharmacies, making it the first country to offer cannabis via retail drug stores.

United States

Cannabis is legal in some states. Check out our full list of laws by state for more information.


Wherever you travel, learn the local marijuana laws. Spending time in a third-world jail for possession is a bad way to spend your vacay!

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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