Does Publix Drug Test? (Their Policies Explained)

Will Publix Give You A Urine Drug Test?  That’s what’s on many people’s minds as one of Florida’s largest employers is today’s topic.  Let’s get right into what we know about Publix drug tests and what their official corporate policy is.  

Publix drug tests new employees to protect itself from liability and ensure that the customers and other workers have a safe environment. It doesn’t matter if you get a job at a store or warehouse; you will likely be drug tested, and there are different testing options.

I know you want to get a great job with excellent benefits, so I’ve put together this guide on Publix and its drug-testing policies. You can learn what drugs it tests for, the types of tests it uses, and more. Get ready!

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Does Publix Drug Test? Its Drug Policy

If you want to get a job at Publix, either through the warehouse or store, you will probably be drug tested. It wants to ensure that employees are trustworthy. Often, those who abuse illegal substances are dangerous and could become violent, and it wants to protect itself and others.

There are many reasons for Publix to drug test employees, including:

  • Pre-employment
  • Random testing
  • Suspicion-based tests
  • Post-incident tests

Pre-employment Test

Publix has an ethical view for drug testing, so the managers want to make sure people under the influence of alcohol or drugs don’t harm others. Most applicants must take a drug test before they are officially hired by this company. Alternatively, you might be asked to take one within the first week you work.

Random Drug Tests

Drug tests take place during random times, so you can be subjected to them during your employment with Publix. However, it’s unlikely that management will ask you to do a random drug test.

Suspicion-based Tests

Sometimes, managers suspect that employees are under the influence of drugs or have used them recently. They can demand a drug screen, and employees must agree to this.

Post-incident Tests

Publix takes accidents seriously, so if you got injured at work, you will likely be asked to take a drug test. This is to prove that you weren’t under the influence when you got hurt, especially if you’re filing a worker’s compensation claim.

Many times, accidents don’t happen unless someone was taking drugs or was drunk while on the premises. However, this isn’t always the case.

Types of Drug Tests Publix Uses

Many times, Publix uses the urine drug test because it’s highly effective and convenient. However, saliva tests are also available.

Generally, urine tests are administered by a third-party laboratory. You visit the lab on the date given and provide a urine sample. Often, you go into a special room with no sinks and might be asked to turn out your pockets or leave your purse behind.

Saliva tests can be administered in the manager’s office. You open your mouth, and someone swabs the inside. The cotton swab is put into a germ-free wrapping and sealed. Then, it’s sent to a lab for testing.

Substances Tested For

The five-panel, urine-based test focuses on common illegal drugs, such as:

Marijuana (weed)

Mouth swab tests could check for various substances, including:


How Long Does the Drug Test Take?

You don’t usually wait too long. Many facilities administer the test within a few minutes, depending on how long it takes you to urinate. Still, you’re required to drive to the lab and be there on the appointed day.

Once you’ve done that, the lab runs tests. It generally takes a few days to test the sample, and then the nurse calls Publix with the results. The company isn’t required to tell you whether you passed or failed, but you can expect a notification about employment within a week.

Often, Publix sends a rejection letter/email or calls to offer an employment opportunity. You can suspect that you passed if you get the job and may feel you tested positive for drugs otherwise.

Is It Possible to Refuse a Drug Test?

You could refuse to take the Publix drug test, but you probably won’t be accepted for the job offer. Those already working for the company might lose their employment.

Many people think they can accept the drug test date and time but not show up and make an excuse later. That’s possible, and the manager might schedule another one so that you can get clean. However, they are within their right to fire you immediately without the second chance. Likewise, you might not be allowed to work until completing the test and seeing the results.

What Might Happen after Failing a Drug Test?

What happens after you fail the drug test depends on certain things, such as:

Applicants and the Offer

Drug tests are part of the hiring process at Publix. Therefore, your job offer is contingent on you passing it. If you don’t, you may be turned down for the position.

Termination for Employees

If you are randomly drug-tested and fail, you’re immediately terminated because of the zero-tolerance policy in place. It sends a strong message to everyone that drug use isn’t permitted or condoned.

Personal Lawsuits

Employees who injure someone or are negligent because they were using illegal substances could be legally liable for the damages. This includes wrongful death lawsuits, personal injury claims, and other compensation. Therefore, you are on the hook if you fail the drug test and hurt someone in an accident.

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Reapplying at Publix after a Failed Drug Test

Publix has been around for many years and is a reputable grocery store chain. Typically, it doesn’t discriminate against people, but it does require you to wait seven years before reapplying for a job after you fail a drug test.

Even if you get clean through rehab or counseling and prove that, you must still abide by the waiting period. It’s best not to get caught!

Ways to Pass a Drug Test

There are a few ways you could pass a drug test at Publix, whether you’re a potential or current employee. They include:

Stop Using the Drug

The best way to pass a drug test is to stop using illegal substances at all. It’s also healthier and safer! However, I’m not here to judge!

Try Detox Products

Those who couldn’t stop using may consider detox products. However, they often take 10 to 14 days to work, so they might not be ideal for random tests that only offer a day’s notice. You generally take pills daily and drink plenty of water to flush the substance from the body.

Use Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine works well for urine-based drug tests. You can find powdered urine kits online, which often feature a money-back guarantee. However, they might only be potent and work for a few hours, so you should test them thoroughly at home before needing them.

Sometimes, the lab doesn’t let you take anything with you into the bathroom. Therefore, you might have to get creative and hide the kit.

Chew Oral Clear Gum

Saliva-neutralizing gum might help you test negative for various illegal substances. Just pop it in your mouth and chew it for a few minutes before the test.


Publix drug tests its current and potential employees. Therefore, it’s best to avoid using illegal substances before applying and while working there. Otherwise, you could be denied employment or fired.

While certain products can help you beat a drug test, they aren’t always reliable. Use them at your own risk.

Here’s the thing with Publix, if they are going to test you for drugs, they are going to make you sign a document that basically makes you agree to work there and that you are subjected to random drug tests. If you do get a confidential or conditional employment offer, you can choose to accept or deny it. But once you accept the terms, the company can freely conduct a drug test on you.

But don’t worry, the drug test isn’t that much of a big deal. It is a basic five-panel drug test that tests you for all the main stuff like weed, methamphetamines, PCP and other common controlled substances. And if you want to pass this test with flying colors, you may want to look at something called synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine is basically a solution used by many to pass urine drug tests. Many versions of this product are available through different brands but it basically helps you pass a urine-based drug test. The solution is actually the closest thing to natural urine without being actual human urine. And the product usually comes with a money-back guarantee which basically means it has a high success rate.

And if you don’t like the idea of carrying a bag of synthetic urine under your pants, then you can also beat the drug test by Publix with something called Toxin Rid. It is a 10-day detox solution in which you must take a few pills, follow the instructions, stop taking the drug, and you’ll pass the drug test without any problems.

So what happens if you’re already working at Publix? The company randomly conducts drug tests on employees as a part of their contract. If they suspect you are on drugs, they can take this test any time they want. So my advice is that be careful if you’re smoking. Don’t give them a chance to suspect.

Also, if you want more info on passing tests, check out our guide to beating drug tests.

I highly recommend going with the 10-day detox solution because it is easy to use and works almost every time. You can even hide the bottle in your office desk or locker and use it when the time comes. Keep synthetic urine at home too because if the test is only a couple of days away, it will be better to use the urine instead of a 10-day detox.

If any Publix employees want to anonymously comment and weigh in on any experiences they’ve had with random drug testing, by all means, use the comments section.

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Author: Shane Dwyer
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