Marijuana Laws in Arkansas 2019

In 1923, the state of Arkansas criminalized marijuana. 93 years later, its medicinal type was legalized through the approval of the Medical Marijuana Amendment. As of 2019, adult-use cannabis remains illegal in The Natural State, and smoking a single joint will put you in jail.  

The following passages will elaborate on the marijuana and CBD laws of Arkansas.

Marijuana in Arkansas

There’s no opportunity for you to smoke a reeferin the Land of Opportunity. Possession of up to 4 oz. of cannabis is a Class A Misdemeanor, and will imprison you for a year, apart from a $2,500 fine, while carrying 4 – 10 ounces means 6 years of jail time. Also, if an intent to distribution is established, merely half an ounce can imprison you for a year.

However, much like Alabama, there’s growing unrest against the law enforcement priorities of the state. In fact, the year 2012 saw more than 5,000 arrests for marijuana possession, while 90% of the burglaries, home invasions, and automobile thefts went unsolved. More critically, African-Americans are three times more at risk to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites, despite both the ethnicities consuming at a similar rate.

Medical Marijuana

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment was approved in 2016 after a 53.2% favorable vote from a total of 2,534 precincts. The legislation legalized seventeen critical medical conditions that can be treated with medicinal herbs. The state earned $24 million in medical sales in 2018, while the projection for the year 2022 is an ambitious $139 million.

Nonetheless, the medical program is still a work in progress with marijuana cards issuance beginning in February 2019, while the first medical grade cannabis becoming available by April. A patient is required to obtain a written prescription from a medical practitioner to procure up to 2.5 oz. every two weeks. Lastly, cultivation at home is not permitted.

CBD Oil Laws in Arkansas

Earlier in 2017, the approval of the Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act launched a statewide research pilot program regulated by the duo of the University of Arkansas and the Arkansas Plant Board. The Act is not exclusive only to the universities and welcomes the participation of farmers, processors, and market researchers.

In simple terms, you can purchase all the CBD products you want in the Natural State, so long they carry up to 3% THC. Any concentration above 3% will make the product a form of medicinal marijuana requiring a physician’s certificate.


Adult-use marijuana is banned in Arkansas since 1923. You can be imprisoned for 12-months for possessing an insignificant amount of weed in the Natural State. Although the state legalized medical marijuana in 2016, the program is still a work in progress with the first batch of medical grade cannabis becoming available by April 2019. You are required to have a medical certificate to lawfully procure the cannabis.

Lastly, the 2017 Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act legalized CBD products carrying up to 3% THC across the state.