Marijuana Laws in Kansas

In the 1890s, Kansas was renowned for its hemp production. However, during the early 20th-century ani-cannabis wave, the majority of U.S. states west of the Mississippi banned the crop, with Kansas following the lead in 1927.


The following passages will elaborate on the marijuana and CBD laws of Kansas.


Marijuana in Kansas


Back in the day, Kansas was a significant contributor to the American hemp industry and even topped the national ranks in 1863 for the most bushels per acre.


Today, the Wheat State does not entertain stoners, and carrying any amount is a Class B misdemeanor penalized by 180 days incarceration and a $1,000 fine. A decriminalization bill was approved in 2016, which, however, can only reduce the first-offense penalty from 12-months to 6-months.


An average Kansan is not particularly conservative about marijuana. As per a 2018 Fox News survey, 62% of state voters are in favor of legalizing marijuana nationwide.


Medical Marijuana


Inspired by the state’s decision to legalize hemp, Sen. Tom Holland, a Democrat from the 3rd District, has introduced House Bill 2163 in the Senate. A proposed medical marijuana bill titled “Veterans First! Medical Cannabis Act.” The bill shall allow the use of marijuana medication to manage pain and chronic ailments. If endorsed, the program will be specifically open to veterans only for its first 60 days of existence.


Among many U.S. states to legalize the crop is Colorado, Kansas’ neighbor. In fact, a group of sheriffs from Kansas filed a lawsuit against the state of Colorado in 2015. The disgruntled men of law accused that the state’s legal access to marijuana was placing an unnecessary burden on their police work. However, the case was unsuccessful.


CBD Oil Laws in Kansas


In April 2018, Gov. Jeff Colyer approved Senate Bill 282, which instituted the Alternative Crop Research Act, thereby enabling the Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) to govern the farming of hemp in a research program. After that, the Department staff participated in many public outreach events across the Sunflower State before forwarding the regulations for the official scrutiny. The rules entered the Kansas Register in January and became effective on February 8, 2019.


The potential to harvest a new oilseed crop offers Kansas farmers’ an opportunity to diversify, and for contemporary farming enterprises looking to ride the industrial hemp wave.




Kansas has a well-established history of producing hemp. However, the crop is primarily banned in modern times. Possessing any amount can imprison you for 180 days. However, average state residents are not especially conservative about marijuana. A 2018 Fox News survey revealed 62% of voters favoring nationwide legalization of marijuana.


The state still doesn’t have a medical dispensary program. Although, Sen. Tom Holland has introduced a medical marijuana bill titled “Veterans First! Medical Cannabis Act” in the Senate in early 2019. Lastly, the approval of 2018 Senate Bill 282 legalized hemp production in the Wheat State.