How Hemper Single-Handedly Reshaped the Cannabis Industry

If asked what one singular industry has seen the most evolution in the last decade (or even within the last few years), Cannabis will no doubt make the shortlist. Relaxed regulations, changing laws, decriminalization and even recreational legalization have abounded.

Many expect that cannabis will be nationally legalized in the US (eventually) much like our northern Canadian neighbors, and excitement about the prospects of what this could mean for any cannabis-related business is high.

Current projections put the market for legalized marijuana in the US at a projected 146.4 billion by 2025. That’s BILLION with a capital “B”. While this is no doubt good for those in the business, it is also a godsend for those that rely on marijuana for medicinal purposes and even self-care such as to ease their nerves from non-clinical anxiety.

While anticipation is mounting, one innovative company has taken charge, blazing their own trail (pun intended) in the cannabis market and transforming the way in which smokers shop for and purchase tools, accessories, pipes, bongs, rolling papers and virtually anything needed to enjoy your herb to the fullest.

Founded in 2015 by Bryan Gerber along with co-founders Ravjot Bhasin (RJ) and Henry Kochnar, Hemper made quite a splash right out the gate. Inspired by a desire to bring affordable, high quality, and innovative smoking subscription boxes and supplies to the masses, the team behind Hemper sought to bring to market something no other brand had yet accomplished: subscription-style smoking supplies.

The rise in popularity of cannabis across the US brought with it a new market of individuals who found themselves not knowing where to turn to for high-quality supplies, pipes, rolling papers and more. Even if they knew what they needed to purchase, many individuals found themselves without a local headshop in sight to turn to, requiring them to drive miles to find anything they needed.

What started as a home-based business for Hemper, quickly skyrocketed into a major operation with demand increasing month over month. Within a few short years, Hemper has risen to the ranks of the industry, becoming a household name in their vertical and having been highly praised by industry professionals and customers alike for their superior service, innovative product lines, selection, prices and support.

Hemper – A Smoker’s Online Paradise

Created by smokers for smokers, the team behind Hemper knows what their customers need. Their hand-curated selection of products stand out for quality, affordability and experience. The brand makes available the highest-grade smoking accessories, tools and pipes perfect for everyone from beginners to seasoned veterans of the herb we all know and love.

Shoppers will be hard-pressed to find as broad of a selection under one digital roof, available 24/7 when you need it most, and backed by a quality guarantee.

First (and best) Smokers Subscription Box

Say goodbye to spotty quality, poor selection of products, and having to drive to inconvenient local head shops for smoking goods and accessories. Hemper is bringing the goods to you, and has quickly become the place cannabis users turn to for fun and unique subscription boxes that cover everything from the basics like rolling papers to themed bongs and artistic pipes.

Every lover of the sweet sticky icky green knows that there is nothing worse than running out of what you need to enjoy a sesh with your favorite herb. No matter what users need to enjoy their herb, Hemper has them covered with on-demand and subscription services that hit the mark every single time.

Experience Based Products, Themed Designs, Collaborations and Expertly Developed House Brand Options

What makes Hemper so special is their dedication to enhancing the experience smokers have with their herb. They offer more than just high-quality products at great prices.

Industry Firsts

The team at Hemper is always looking for the next great thing for their users. Unlike most eCommerce sellers, Hemper has their own in-house product development team constantly seeking to push the envelope and solve problems for their users. Having developed and launched innovative products like the Hemper A-Dab-Ter and The Keeper By Hemper.

Themes and Collaborations

You won’t find boring subscriptions at Hemper. With a team as creative as their user-base, the team is always coming up with fun, engaging and interesting ways to jazz up your next toke.

Past Themes Have Included:

  • Gamer themed box
  • UFO bong box
  • Snow globe bong box
  • And more…

Collaboration Boxes Have Included those Featuring:

  • Adam Ill
  • Rico Nasty
  • Dabbing Granny
  • Cypress Hill
  • Lil Debbie
  • Strain Central
  • Chef Henny
  • Kimmy Tan
  • Madzilla
  • Silenced Hippie
  • CustomGrow420

Shaping the Cannabis Industry one Box at a Time

Leading-edge products and boxes including:

  • Essentials and surprise products every month on autopilot
  • Special edition collaborations with influencers, celebrities and brands
  • Intuitive web-based “discovery tool” perfect for veterans to beginners alike
  • Hand-curated selection of 10+ items each month with a value ranging from $80-$100

Consumers have a lot of options when it comes to where to purchase smoking essentials and products, but there is a reason why Hemper has reached the level of success they have so quickly. Whether for personal use or as a unique gift, they bring something truly special to the market.

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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