Target Corporation Drug Testing Policies

Have an interview coming at Target? Or are you a new employee wondering if the company does random drug tests on employees? You’ve come to the right place. Today I’m going to tell you all about the drug policy of Target.

Does Target Drug Test?

To answer your question in the shortest way possible, yes Target does conduct random drug tests and yes they do conduct a test on new employees.

But why? Target is a big company. So big that its name is right there with Microsoft, Google, Walmart, Amazon, and other big corporations.

As a big corporation, they are closely monitored by the Federal Government of the United States. The government keeps a close eye on the company because they want to make sure that the company is adhering to all the laws to set up a good example.

When good work practices are talked about, there are always drug policies in place and Target has a very strict one. They not only screen new employees for drugs, but they also have the right to randomly test whoever they want from the hundreds and thousands of people who work there.

If you’re going for an interview at Target, you’ll first be checked whether you are a good fit for the company or not. They’ll ask you the usual questions and will send you home. When you finally receive a call from that with the good news that you have been selected to work at Target, that is when the drug test will come in. So make sure you are ready for what’s coming.

I suggest looking at this internet retailer that sells kits designed to pass drug tests because these guys have several products that help you pass a drug test with flying colors. The pre-employment test is a five-panel drug test that will test you for all the typical stuff out there.

The post-employment test is also quite similar. Target never lets you know when they will test you for drugs when you are working for them. Often times they just select random employees in a batch and ask them to give a drug test. Sometimes the employees are sent to a clinic for the test, on other occasions the tests are taken within the facility of Target.

Since Target does drug tests with random methods, you need to be always prepared with the right stuff to pass the test if you regularly use controlled substances. For example, sometimes they’ll want to test your urine, and sometimes they’ll put you through a hair test.

My suggestion is that keep a high quality synthetic urine with you all times because that is the most common method of drug testing in every big company. It is cheap, easier to conduct and usually very fast.

You should also keep a bottle of Toxin Rid 10-day detox in your cupboard in case they announce a test is coming in a week or more. This way you can completely clean your body of substance and pass the test with flying colors. Just remember, if you test positive, the company has the right to fire you instantly. So don’t take any chances, no matter what

Author: Shane Dwyer
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