Does Dollar General Drug Test? Find out Now!

Dollar General is an American retail chain with over 16,000 locations across the United States. It’s not uncommon for American consumers to refer to this retail chain as being on every corner. The company itself isn’t shy about expanding its places into questionable and unknown markets, either. Therefore, the Dollar General store is really everywhere!

It’s easy to search for a job by going to the Dollar General website. Once you fill out an application, you are called for an interview, where a background check is likely to occur. You may be handling people’s money as a sales associate and dealing with products, so these employers want to make sure that you’re not stealing.

In fact, the policy for most jobs is to do all of that before you are hired. However, does Dollar General drug test?

Good Pay and Benefits

Most Dollar General locations have everything you can imagine other than fresh foods, and the products are of good quality. However, a few stores have branched out to test vegetables and fruit, and many customers were pleased.

Though it’s often hard to believe, Dollar General does offer its employees many great benefits. These can include long- and short-term disability, parental leave, a 401(k), health care coverage, adoption assistance, life insurance plans, and a flexible spending account.

With that, employees get access to in-store discounts, counseling services, and many others. If you choose to be an employee of this company, you also receive paid vacations and holidays. Therefore, most workers stay until retirement.

Depending on the store you choose, management is often friendly and welcoming. The company focuses on making sure each store is standalone and offers the best perks.

History of Dollar General

Dollar General used to be called J.L. Turner and Son, which was established back in 1939. This company has gone through many changes, but it continues to offer great products and services.

With that, the company has locations throughout the United States, excluding Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and Hawaii.

Sales are typically booming for the Dollar General Store, with a reported revenue of over $25 billion. Whether you call it General Dollar or its actual name, it does a lot for the community and economy.


Dollar General has many employees from every walk of life. Most of the employees have to multitask during their shifts. Most long-term employees never move up in the company, such as to managerial positions, because they’re happy with the starting position. Along with that, the company is well-known for its turnovers for employees.

You must understand that employers like this are large chain stores, so they can get away with giving fewer hours from one week to another. Typically, Dollar General’s employees stay at the location for a few years.

Excellent Working Environment

If you want a job with flexible hours, a good working environment, and decent pay, then it might be time to apply at Dollar General. In most cases, upper management works with your schedule, which allows you to be a college student or parent. Plus, part-time work is available, as well.

Most Dollar General stores have excellent managers. They take over as needed and keep track of sales. Just remember that you are there to work, helping customers and selling products.

Pre-Employment Process and Policy

Typically, Dollar General has a very strict pre-employment process. This company is always looking for suitable job candidates.

With the process, management takes over and handles each step. First, you must complete an employment application. All of the job seekers are required to complete an application in person or online. There are many store locations throughout each city, so you shouldn’t have a problem here.

On your job application, make sure you’re honest. Answer each question completely. Typically, the answers are straightforward, and the questions aren’t hard to understand.

You may still have questions, though. If that happens, contact the store directly so a representative can answer your questions about the process and get you through it effortlessly.

Remember, the answers you put in are sure to affect your job. When asked something, make sure you answer properly. This could put you in a bad light, but it is still better to be asked something and provide accurate responses.

If the manager believes you’re a good fit, you receive an invitation for an interview. Make sure that you’re on time or early. Typically, interviewers look at timeliness during the interview process to ensure that you arrive on time for work.

Does Dollar General drug test?

It’s the question most on your mind, and if you’re considered a great job candidate, you are asked to take a drug test and provide information for a background check. The testing is quite simple and only needs a urine sample. Typically, you must go to a hospital, medical clinic, or doctor’s office for the drug test.

You can go to the website to find out how to get there and where to go. Once you arrive, you must show proof of identity (government photo ID card or driver’s license). When that’s done, a nurse shows you to the exam room, where you go before you submit the sample.

In most cases, Dollar General policy focuses on suspicion, so everyone must agree to a test. However, this information isn’t offered on the application, though it isn’t meant to be a surprise.

You’re required to leave your personal items in the exam room. Then, you go into the bathroom and are told how to proceed. Feel free to make comments as you’re completing this step.

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When Do You Get the Drug Test Results?

It may take 24 hours to one week before you get the drug test results. Once you submit the urine sample for your drug test, the technician screens it for anything illegal. Typically, legal or prescription meds with an active prescription aren’t considered. Illegal substances can include:

  • Barbiturates
  • Amphetamines
  • Benzodiazepine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Methadone
  • Cocaine
  • PCP
  • Opioid painkillers
  • Marijuana (sometimes)

Dollar General gets your drug test results immediately so there’s no tampering. If the testing results and sample are negative, the manager determines the next step. You could be offered a job position immediately or go in for a second interview. However, the drug test makes a difference.

Why Does Dollar General Require a Drug Test?

Does Dollar General drug test? Yes. There are many reasons for Dollar General to do a pre-employment drug test for job applicants. Primarily, it wants to rule out substance abusers, so it’s not hiring addicts.

Employees who choose to work while using drugs or alcohol are a risk to Dollar General. Therefore, drug screening is crucial to avoid hiring such people.

Generally, employees under the influence could become injured or hurt others compared to sober employees. With that, Dollar General is required to hold worker’s compensation. However, it’s expensive, so to avoid issues, companies require testing to reduce workplace injuries. One way to accomplish this is by not hiring someone who fails the testing.

Remember, this is a job. Every employee should be prepared to be tested while on the job and before getting hired. Most retail jobs have an employee policy that focuses on suspicion.

What Happens if You Fail a Pre-employment Drug Test for Dollar General?

Dollar General is considered a publicly-traded company, so there’s a policy to tell how failed drug tests are handled. It must be careful when drug testing job candidates and its employees, but it also has to be mindful about a failed drug test.

Most of the time, the store manager calls to tell you that you failed the drug test. If you feel that the drug testing procedures weren’t fair, you may contest. If the manager and you agree, you could be permitted to retake the drug test.

Those who pass the drug testing the second time might not get a job position with Dollar General. They may not receive an interview, either. Most United States employers believe that positive tests indicate a poor employee. Be sure to pass the first time when tested.

Factors to Consider

Laws are in place to protect job applicants and employees during a drug test. The key is to know what those are in case the drug testing brings a positive result.

Most job applicants don’t think about their use of legal recreational drugs. However, living in a location that’s legalized marijuana doesn’t mean you may pass the pre-employment drug screen. With that, a background check is often required.

Where Does the Dollar General Drug Test Take Place?

You don’t finish the drug testing procedure at Dollar General. Instead, you go to the store and get paperwork from human resources. That is taken to the clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office. Then, you take a urine test, the staff collects the sample, and it’s sent to the lab. The Dollar General drug test could take days or a week to receive the drug testing results. Applicants shouldn’t be worried about the length of time it takes.

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Is It Possible to Cheat the Dollar General Drug Test?

Some people are caught off guard when drug tested. With urine tests, it’s often hard to cheat the Dollar General drug test. You can try when asked to take a drug test, but you may fail.

Synthetic urine can be used to defeat the drug test. However, you could also request clean urine for the drug test from a friend.

The best thing may be to avoid drugs to pass the drug tests from Dollar General. Applicants who really want to work there may not want to use substances.

How Long Do Drugs Show Up on the Dollar General Drug Test?

Dollar General requires you to take a urine drug test. Therefore, it takes longer to see if you pass than with a saliva test. With the saliva test, you can pass your test after being clean for a few days. With a urine test, you should stay off drugs for a long period.

Drug tests for marijuana can find drug traces for 13 days. Other substances disappear faster, which is great for drug testing. You can be clean for fewer days and still pass the test from Dollar General.

It can be helpful to search for how many days to stay off drugs.


Does Dollar General drug test? Yes. Once you search for a job on the website, you fill out an application, and the manager calls for an interview. There is a background check you have to pass. However, the drug test is also important if you want to work there. Dollar General drug screenings are often easy to complete, but you need to pass them if you prefer to be considered for open jobs.

Dollar General’s policies are firm. Therefore, it’s best not to try to cheat the system and avoid drug use for as long as you can. With that, some companies also test for alcohol, so keep that in mind! Good luck!

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