Where To Get the Best Synthetic Urine

One of the easiest drug tests to pass is the urine drug test. This is usually a five or 10-panel test to check for any presence of marijuana and other drug substances in your urine sample. The best way to pass this test is to use synthetic urine.

So, what are the best synthetic urine to buy?

Clear Choice Sub-Solution is one of the most talked about synthetic urine tests out there.  However, we have found a better vendor.

The price of Sub-Solution is about $75, which is a bit expensive. Nevertheless, the product offers a 200% money back guarantee so you can get double the price of what you pad if you’re not satisfied with the result.

Note:  We have not tested them on this 200% money back guarantee, so please make sure you do your own due diligence and read the fine print.

To use, simply dissolve the mix in water and put a heater on the solution. However, we received reports that some people fail on their drug test with this product. This questions the effectiveness of Clear Choice.

The Best Synthetic Urine to Buy is REAL Human Urine!

If you like to get guaranteed results, try the TestClear Powdered Urine Kit. Unlike the Clear Choice Sub-Solution, the Powdered Urine Kit is made of real human urine. It comes with one vial for powdered urine, another vial for medical transport, a temperature strip, and two heaters.

If you haven’t read about Test Clear and their product line, do so on this page.  

Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit

  • This is the best selling powdered urine kit for a reason.  It’s a “REAL” urine simulation product that will pass any level of sophisticated drug testing.  Don’t rely on fake urine when the company drug testing calls for something to work 100% effectively.

How to Use Fake Urine (Although It’s Real)

  • 45 minutes to one hour prior to your test, mix the powder with water (room temp) and place the heater on the side of the vial without the temperature strip.
  • You will notice this looks, feels, and smells like real, drug-free urine produced by humans.  Know that it’ll pass the required testing levels because it’s real.
  • All you need is water!
  • The urine kit holds 50 ML in the vial, and the heater will have a duration of six hours, and the kit comes with full instructions.
  • The heater will need about 45 minutes to have water that is room temperature get to 90 – 99 degrees.
  • The included temperature strip is very accurate, and entirely reusable.

Buy extra heaters when you buy the human urine kit, just in case you have an issue with your test and it’s delayed.

While this will help you pass any urine test, this is also a great gag gift or bed wetting prank.  Although, we like to take work seriously and focus on what it’s intended for, which is passing urine tests for marijuana.

If you have questions, please drop us a comment.