Does Amazon Drug Test for Weed?

Yesterday I wrote about a Florida grocer called Publix and outlined their drug testing policy.  Moving on to larger, global companies, today I’ll speak about a company that needs no introduction, and that’s  If your working in Amazon, or trying to get a job in the company, you are probably wondering if they conduct drug tests. Today I’m going to talk all about Amazon’s drug testing policies so you are familiar with the work environment the company tries to promote.

But before that, if you are a substance user, you might probably want to check out Test Clear, a site where you can find plenty of products that help you pass random drug tests. You’re probably going to need a few of these products if you’re planning to work at Amazon or anywhere else as big as the company.

How Does Drug Testing at Amazon Work?

So does Amazon drug test? Yes, it does. Amazon will drug test you in two instances. They randomly test existing employees and also have a pre-employment test. So if you’re going to work at the company, be prepared because a drug test will happen before you get hired.

Here’s how their pre-employment drug test works. They will interview you first and if you are a suitable candidate for the company, they will send you an acceptance letter along with a document that you must sign. This document lists their drug testing policies and you must agree to adhere to their rules if you want to work. A drug test awaits you as soon as you sign this document.

But here’s the real problem, Amazon takes away the document from you when you sign it and they don’t give you a copy of it. This means there are no real means of finding out their drug policies after you have signed the document. So make sure to read it carefully. I do have a few acquaintances working in Amazon and they have confirmed that the company does conduct random drug tests.

Amazon is a publicly-traded company and it is a big company. This means they have a lot on the line and have to ensure that a safe working environment is provided to all the employees, this includes making sure no one is taking drugs while working for the company.

Unlike other companies, Amazon never reveals the methods it uses to drug test its employees. Sometimes the management simply calls your name on the loudspeaker and ask you to come to the office in the next 90 seconds and give a mouth swab drug test. Sometimes they tell you to come to the office next working day for a urine drug test.

If they call you for a mouth swab test, you really don’t have enough time to do anything. I highly recommend getting a mouth detox product which ensures that bacteria and controlled substance residue is removed from your mouth.

And if it is a urine test, then you can get a pack of synthetic urine and you’re good to go. Since the methods are random, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary products at hand so that whenever a drug test comes up, you can immediately use the product to pass the test.

The random and pre-employment drug tests are either 5 or 10-panel drug tests. If it is a 5-panel test, you can easily pass it using most products listed on the site I gave you.

Author: Shane Dwyer
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