Does Aldi Drug Test?

For job seekers, at some point, the name “Aldi” must have come up once or twice, yes?

News on the street is that Aldi is very strict in its hiring process regarding asking questions about your criminal record or general questions about your past. This brings us to the question, “does Aldi drug test?”

Let’s start with what Aldi is all about.

Aldi is a company known for its thorough and strict recruitment process. Aldi’s hiring process can be termed ruthless because it involves pre-employment processes and a tough background check for any position.

Due to this reason, many job seekers are left to wonder if they ever stand a chance of getting hired at Aldi at all. This is especially the case if you are wondering “does Aldi drug test?”

If you are looking to have a career at Aldi, you may want to read on so that you can have first-hand knowledge about Aldi’s policy.

In-depth research has been conducted, and we have found all there’s to know about Aldi’s employment process, focusing on their drug test.

Short Description of Aldi

Albrecht Discount (Aldi) was founded in 1913 by Anna Albrecht and is one of Germany’s major discount market chains. It’s currently controlled by Anna’s two sons (Theo and Karl).

Aldi is cited as one of Europe’s top retailers, and the company has achieved this title by going against every logic of super-marketing.

In the early 1900s, Aldi estimated 3000 stores in the Aldi, Hofer, and Combi names in Germany, the UK, USA, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Denmark.

Aldi has over 150,000 employees and offers them great packages, huge paychecks, vacations, and bonuses so, you can see why it’s a preferred option for many job finders.

The company focuses on direct communication with customers, so it is usually particular about the people being hired. Aldi expects its employers to have a great personality and be trustworthy.

Does Aldi Run Drug Tests Before Employment?

Some people came out to debunk the claim that Aldi conducts employment drug tests, but the majority says that Aldi runs a compulsory drug test during its hiring process. So, does Aldi drug test? Yes, the Aldi drug test will happen before you are hired.

According to Aldi’s official alcohol and drug policy, conducting a drug test is part of the hiring process.

Regardless of this policy by the company, there is no manual to the time when the drug testing might happen, thus, making it scarier. The bottom line is that Aldi does drug tests before hiring.

Based on our research, the drug test may likely come after you have aced the interview and are considered for the position. The drug test might be carried out together with your background check, although there is no guarantee to this.

So, if you have decided to get a job at Aldi, then yes, get ready for a compulsory Aldi’s drug test at some point after you might have been given provisional employment or during the hiring process.

Why Does Aldi Drug Test?

Every employer wants a worker who has the necessary competence for a job opening and the ability to be productive. The same goes for Aldi; if you are not productive, you are irrelevant.

Aldi strives to hire individuals who can help actualize its dreams and bring the supermarket chain nearer to the very top every day. This is the purpose of Aldi’s drug test.

This chain wants to employ physically and mentally capable individuals to get the work done without drug or alcohol influence.

Where Things Take a Twist with Aldi Drug Test

Aldi usually has days set aside specifically for recruitment. On these days, applicants are required to turn up and submit their application forms.

Normally, a date is communicated to those who stand a chance to get a job at Aldi. In many cases, the main interview is usually conducted at another branch or location.

For this reason, it’s safe to conclude that the initial call is just a vetting routine to sieve out potential employees.

But there’s a twist because individuals have given an account of how they got drug tested on the recruitment day. Other news that is being circulated is that Aldi took its potential employees to the off-site facility for the drug test. So, if you are going for the pre-employment process, keep in mind that there is a slim possibility of being drug tested on that same day.

However, you may also be asked to come in for another interview, where your fate is decided. If you weren’t tested during the initial interview, you might be sent to a LabCorp to conduct a drug test, typically within a few days.

What Type of Drug Test Does Aldi Conduct?

Aldi does drug tests for different drugs in your urine sample, some of which include: cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and THC. The test is usually done in the lab, and on rare occasions, the drug test is done in the store or on-site.

Aldi’s drug test is always unsupervised, meaning you are going to be alone in the restroom. Nice, right? Because when unsupervised, urine tests are pretty easy to pass, but what happens next is entirely up to you.

So, you already know that Aldi uses urinalysis, but did you know you can ace the test with metabolites in your body system?

Does Aldi Drug Test Current Employees?

The simple answer to this is, yes, Aldi does drug tests for their workers. Aldi does pre-employment tests as well as post-employment tests, and this is in accordance with its policy.

Aldi states that it provides a drug-free environment, and it is very particular about this. So, it’s best to take the company at its word and expect an unannounced drug test at any time.

It is boldly written on Aldi’s application form that you may be asked to come in for drug and alcohol tests while employed.

Some employees have said they have never been subjected to a drug test after hire, but that doesn’t remove the possibility of it happening.

The goal of Aldi isn’t to spoil or limit anyone’s fun, but it’s just a preventive and safety measure because heavy items are the norms in the store, and a lot of customers come through daily.

However, drug testing is likely to occur when the management notices or suspects recent drug use among employees.

How to Ace Aldi’s Drug Test

We have already figured out that, truly, Aldi does drug tests and what type of drug test it does. So, if you are lucky, the supposed date of your drug test might be communicated to you, and if it is, the next question becomes, “how do I ace Aldi’s drug test?”

Remember, it’s unsupervised, so no one can know exactly what goes into your sample container.

Confused? Keep reading!

If a urine drug test is not conducted for you on your first interview, it’s more likely that you are going to be given a date and location to come to submit the urine sample. So, basically, this gives you a few days or weeks to come up with the perfect plan.

What’s the perfect plan?

Using synthetic urine is the easiest way to ace Aldi’s drug test. Synthetic urine is quite sophisticated and not easy to detect in the lab. It smells and looks like an actual urine sample and can easily pass validity testing. The best time to detect synthetic urine is at the point of collection, but since the urinalysis is unsupervised, that’s impossible.

You can make use of the Sub Solution synthetic urine because it has a heat activator powder. So, all you have to do is pour out one-third into the sample, and in few minutes, the urine is all warmed up again.

If you aren’t certain about the temperature, you can always check and put in a little bit of heat activator powder before submitting your urine sample.

What Happens If You Fail Your Aldi Drug Test?

Unfortunately, it’s also possible to get a positive result. However, this is likely to happen when you are drug tested without notice.

If your Aldi drug test comes back positive, it’s game over for you. The result may come via mail after about four days or a week, and if it’s positive, you won’t be hearing from the hiring team. Even if you do, it’s probably to tell you that you have failed the drug test.

Aldi is a reputable company, and it’s easy to see why anyone wants to be an employee there. So, if you feel like trying again, it’s best to refrain from any drug use. You can wait for six months before trying again.

Does Aldi Run Background Check?


Having a criminal record doesn’t automatically disqualify you from being hired at the company, but Aldi’s employment policy must align with the Federal, state, and local laws. On that same note, Aldi makes its choice based on individual-based assessments.

A felony could reduce one’s chances of being hired, but the sensitivity of the crime, and attempt at rehabilitation of the individual can influence the employment decision.

Are Drug Tests Conducted in States Where Recreational Marijuana is Allowed?

This is a complex question because states in the US are already legalizing the use of marijuana on a recreational and even medical basis.

Aldi hasn’t publicly come out to make an official statement on this. However, we have seen few interactions on the Aldi subreddit website, where Aldi doesn’t refute claims of terminating a contract or not hiring an individual based on THC usage.

Despite the different claims by individuals, Aldi still hasn’t given a statement on this issue. In the future, Aldi may amend its policy in line with the federal law, but as of now, it isn’t worth risking.

Benefits of Working with Aldi

Voluntary Life Insurance

As an employee at Aldi, you can opt for life insurance, where your money is given to your selected beneficiary if you die. This is a scheme many families have benefitted from, and Aldi is fixed on keeping this up.


Aldi understands that working tirelessly can wear down even the most dedicated employee. For this reason, it provides not just a vacation, but a paid leave of seven days, so you can relax and enjoy yourself with friends and family.


Does Aldi drug test? The answer is yes. Aldi runs a urinalysis for new hires and existing employees, due to its no-drug policy. If traces of opiates, THC, and other related drugs are found in your system, your fate is sealed. So, just don’t do drugs.

However, you should try as much as you can to scale through the test. But, if everything else fails, you can opt for the Sub Solution synthetic urine because that’s the real lifesaver.

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