Does Kroger Drug Test? Find out Now

Many people want to work at Kroger and are concerned about a drug test. You should understand everything you can about the Kroger drug testing for new hires. Though the Kroger Company ranks top for being the largest of grocery chains in America, it’s still important to know about your options.

Bernard Kroger founded the Kroger company in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1988. Now, the company runs various retail outlets from supermarkets to convenience stores in 35 states.

Locations can include Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, Alabama, Michigan, Washington, Atlanta, Georgia, Houston, Ann Arbor, and many others.

In fact, Kroger actually operates other companies or chains, such as Kwik Shop, Fred Meyer, Ralphs, and Food 4 Less.

Kroger itself boasts that it has more than 453,000 employees spread throughout 39,000 destinations in the US. While Kroger doesn’t have a foreign presence yet, it’s still second on the list for big global chains.

However, with such employee turnover, there are always open positions at the location. One common question that job seekers ask is whether or not the chain requires a drug test. In your search to find a job, you may wonder if they wait until you’re hired or do the drug test afterward.

After a long look into the employment policies, you can now get a comprehensive look at the drug-testing policy of this company. That way, you know if you’ve got a good chance at getting a job. You want this store to hire you, and here are the tips and tricks you need to get it done.

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Does Kroger Drug Test Its Employees in 2021?

Kroger wants to uphold its integrity, so its Code of Ethics explains that employees must maintain high moral, ethical, and legal standards. While the ethics code isn’t always followed, Kroger is like other business owners. It wants to have a convenient place for suppliers, employees, and customers.

Therefore, Kroger does reserve the right to perform drug tests for any employee, whether it’s scheduled or random. That said, research shows that Kroger rarely does drug testing, except in the case where an employee was in a suspicious accident at the workplace.

Often, its stores offer security or safety positions at Kroger, and they may be randomly drug tested. That way, fewer incidents happen. Whenever a drug test is requested, the company follows the procedure and provisions based on federal and state laws.

Does Kroger Use a Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Most reviews from others claim that Kruger does a drug test before you have the job interview. Typically, a mouth swab test is the preferred drug test method for the company. It is legal for Kroger and other companies to do this.

Most people feel that running a drug test on each person is quite hard on the budget. However, it wants to pick out active smokers and other users during the interview process.

When you apply for the job at Kroger, a drug test might come during the first interview. Some locations don’t require drug tests at this early stage, but they might come later.

Therefore, you might not have a pre-employment drug test, but most stores do it at some point after the interview.

What Drugs Does It Test For?

There is a five-panel drug test offered for the pre-employment drug test. This test, as its name suggests, drug tests for five different drugs, such as PCP, cocaine, THC, opiates, and Methamphetamine.

It is legal for companies to test for various drugs. In fact, cocaine and meth are the top choices, as most people don’t mind if medicinal marijuana is used, though it could come up on the test.

How Can You Pass a Kroger’s Drug Test?

Most people say that Kroger offers mouth swab tests. It’s often cheaper, it doesn’t require a lab, and anyone can do it.

However, you might be wondering how to pass a drug test, especially if you’ve done drugs recently.

Here are a few options:

Some drugs aren’t detected in your saliva for 72 hours after the dose. However, THC can stay in the saliva for up to seven days after the last inhalation. Therefore, if you use marijuana frequently, you should avoid this drug for up to one week.

Also, you should brush your teeth three times a day and use mouthwash up to four times a day. That way, it gets the drugs out of your system, and the tests come back negative during or after your interview.

You can also find many saliva-neutralizing items on the market. They can help you avoid a positive result if you were caught up on short notice.

Before you have the interview, it might be ideal to use some saliva-neutralizing gum. Chew it for a while and then swallow it. This could neutralize your saliva for 30 minutes or so. However, if the interview lasts longer, you may want to keep some gum handy and chew/swallow right before the test.

Sometimes, a urine test is requested. No amount of gum or other options can help. Synthetic urine might be your best choice here. This urine is designed to pass all visual and lab tests. However, it needs to stay close to your body to maintain the right temperature.

Why Does Kroger Drug Test?

Studies have shown that drugs cause significant harm to businesses. In fact, about $81 billion is lost each year. Typically, drug use can affect the judgment of the employee and lower their focus. Plus, owners are at risk for a lawsuit.

With all that, Kroger requires drug tests for its employees, both current and prospective. This is in their best interest to prevent poor performance and drug-related issues.

The drug tests are often done for positions relating to security and safety within each store. However, anyone could be subject to a test.

What If You Fail the Drug Test?

If that happens, whether after or before you’re employed, Kroger uses the drug tests to immediately terminate you.

How to Get Hired at Kroger

Getting a job through Kroger isn’t hard to do. Often, you see a sign in the window of your local store. This quick guide can help you learn what to expect during the hiring process:

Online Applications

Firstly, you should visit the job page on the website and create your account. That way, you can see what is available. Choose the area of interest, fill in your job experience and other information, and complete the pre-employment questions. This focuses heavily on criminal history, tax credits, and more.

Most employers let you upload a resume or CV as a Word document. However, they aren’t required to get hired, and many employees never do that.

If you choose to add a resume, consider personalizing it with some of the keywords located in the job description. The hiring manager is more likely to hire you if you do that. Though everything goes through the Cincinnati headquarters, there’s a tracking system to find the right store that’s close and where you want to work.

Apply In-store (Offline)

Similar to online applications, the offline application is about the same. However, most stores do prefer to have on-site applications. When you complete all of the paper forms, you should provide all of the information requested. It helps to bring a resume with you, too.

In fact, with the on-site application, you can meet the hiring managers, even before your interview. This means that on-site applicants may have a slight advantage over those applying online.

Employment Test for Kroger

Once you apply, you are asked to take the employment test. This uses multiple-answer questions. Each one comes with four potential answers – Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Agree, and Strongly Agree.

These are really just common-sense questions, so there’s no need to worry.

You don’t have to be at the store to take this test. It is available online. Typically, this assessment uses situational queries to help evaluate your skills and competency in an area. In most cases, they are job-specific questions, so you can easily get the right answers with some brainstorming.

If the interview performance claims that you’re a good fit, the manager is likely to contact you for an in-person interview. Usually, it involves you having a face-to-face session with one of the higher-ups at the company.

Background Check and Drug Test

The hiring process for Kroger also includes a background check, but drug tests are also conducted. Typically, this is the bottleneck stage for most applicants. If candidates fail this part, they can’t work for Kroger.

The background check is there to see if something from your past might disqualify you from holding the position. It could be drug-related, but it might also have to do with stealing or something else. Though background checks are often annoying, Kroger must ensure that you can handle things.

It might take up to two weeks to see the results from your background check. Therefore, don’t worry if you don’t receive any contact right away.

Orientation and Training

Those who get through the background check get an invite to view the store and then are trained. These people are now employees, and this process takes about one week to complete.

Helpful Advice

When you apply at a Kroger store, remember, persistence is the key here. Many others are applying for that same position. Some have what it takes, and the others don’t.

If you don’t get results, continue to check back and follow up with the managers once a week. Please note that some stores operate unions. If you become an active member, it increases your chance of earning the position. You may also need to start working part-time and work your way up to the full-time positions.

The Kroger Salary

The hourly wages and salaries for employees and store managers vary. Reviews claim that baggers and cashiers can make up to $18 per hour. If you want to become a storage manager, you might earn $36,523 or $100,000+ each year. Therefore, the positions available dictate how much you earn. With that, you may get a bonus if you stay for a while or work your way up the chain to more responsibilities and better pay.

Interview Tips for Kroger

  • For entry positions, wear business casual for your interview. However, if it’s for management, dress formally.
  • Know everything you can about the store.
  • Be early and offer photocopies of your resume.
  • Know which stores you’re visiting that day.

What’s It Like to Work at Kroger?

Most employees claim that this company is a dream company for most people. Be prepared to deal with customers once you are hired. With that, you might have to work long periods or have a strict manager.


Whether you strongly agree or strongly disagree with the drug test policy, most Kroger stores require it, including those in Atlanta and Ann Arbor. These companies want to have access to your capabilities, and what you do at home matters.

Yes, drug tests are performed during the hiring part and after you’re hired. Each location does things differently, and in your search to find a job, it’s part of the situation. Those applying to a Cincinnati, Ohio workplace should definitely expect a test.

Good luck!

Author: Shane Dwyer
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