Many companies require drug tests for prospective employees, or periodic drug tests for current employees. If you enjoy smoking marijuana or use it for medicinal purposes, you may be wondering whether cranberry juice will help you pass a drug test.

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The short story is that cranberry juice alone will NOT help you pass a drug test that will occur within the next week. That’s a myth!

Cranberry juice will not clean drugs, including THC, from your system quickly. It is, however, a great detox drink. If you have enough time until your drug test, cranberry juice can definitely help!

The concentration and length of time drugs stay in the body and can be detected varies greatly. Since most drugs are filtered by the body and excreted via urine, urine is the most common drug test. This is where the cranberry juice myth comes in.

Cranberry Juice

Unfortunately, this is NOT the solution.

Since most drugs are not traceable in urine after three days, using cranberry juice as a diuretic to speed up “flushing” can help. However, if the drug test is conducted on hair, no amount of cranberry juice will help because almost all drugs remain detectable in hair for up to three months.

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Of all recreational drugs, THC is the most difficult to eliminate from the system because full elimination from the body (to levels can’t be detected by urine, blood, or hair drug tests) takes up to three months.

When you smoke weed, vape, or enjoy edibles, your body converts THC to metabolites which are stored in fat. But exercise alone – and subsequent fat loss – doesn’t mean that you can go on a crash diet to pass a drug test. THC metabolizes in the liver, which has nothing to do with how quickly your body metabolizes fat.

Is There Another Solution to Pass Drug Tests?

Yes, in fact there are many, depending on what sort of test you are taking.

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What You Can Do

Okay – a crash diet and chugging cranberry juice won’t help you pass a surprise drug test. However, if you have time, let’s say one full week, here are steps you can take that may lower the concentration of THC in the urine to below 50ng/ml:

  1. Drink 1-2 glasses of cranberry juice every day. Cranberry juice is a diuretic. It makes you pee more, which will help eliminate toxins and drugs from your urine. However:
  • Don’t get caught diluting your urine!
  • Drinking too much cranberry juice or any other liquid (including water) may lead to hyponatremia, a dangerous (sometimes fatal) condition where the percentage of electrolytes, salts and minerals in the body’s fluids drops to dangerous levels (your body is 75% water – but that means ‘salt’ water).
  • Drinking too much cranberry juice will alter the pH of your urine, which is a red flag for the testing lab!
  1. Exercise to burn fat. Again, this is not a quick fix. While you may be able to lose several pounds within a week, you may lose fat, but also fluids – which could actually increase the concentration of drugs in your urine. Fat loss should be done safely and mindfully over time.


Cranberry juice alone will not help in passing a drug test. Don’t use the cranberry juice method if you have heartburn or gastric issues, since it’s highly acidic and can adversely affect your digestive system.

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Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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3 Responses

  1. Sebastian

    Cranberry defenetely helped me passed the 2 drug tests along with v8 vegetable juice. Withing 2 DAYS I was clean. I weighed 145 pounds wi th fast metabolism which comes into play.

    • Shane Dwyer
      Shane Dwyer

      Sebastian, great to hear that! It’s pretty crazy what you can do when you are armed with the right information, am I right!?

  2. Stefan Kulak

    THC is metabolized in the liver. It’s the byproduct that’s stored in the fat cells. THC isn’t the drug being tested in for.


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