Does Cranberry Juice Help Pass a Drug Test?

Many companies require drug tests for prospective employees, or periodic drug tests for current employees. If you enjoy smoking marijuana or use it for medicinal purposes, you may be wondering whether cranberry juice will help you pass a drug test.

​Cranberry Juice Will NOT Help You Pass a Drug Test. This is just a Myth!

​The Reliable Way to Pass a Drug Test

If you want to make sure you pass your drug test with certainty. Do one of the following:

Our Favorite Vendor is Test Clear. Their products have a 100% pass rate. I wrote up a full review on Test Clear including how to use their products effectively. Read it here

Cranberry juice will not clean drugs, including THC, from your system quickly. It is, however, a great detox drink. If you have enough time until your drug test, cranberry juice can definitely help!

The concentration and length of time drugs stay in the body and can be detected varies greatly. Since most drugs are filtered by the body and excreted via urine, urine is the most common drug test. This is where the cranberry juice myth comes in.

Cranberry Juice
Unfortunately, this is NOT the solution.

Since most drugs are not traceable in urine after three days, using cranberry juice as a diuretic to speed up “flushing” can help. However, if the drug test is conducted on hair, no amount of cranberry juice will help because almost all drugs remain detectable in hair for up to three months.

(However, if you click on the above link, you’ll see a solution.)

Of all recreational drugs, THC is the most difficult to eliminate from the system because full elimination from the body (to levels can’t be detected by urine, blood, or hair drug tests) takes up to three months.

When you smoke weed, vape, or enjoy edibles, your body converts THC to metabolites which are stored in fat. But exercise alone – and subsequent fat loss – doesn’t mean that you can go on a crash diet to pass a drug test. THC metabolizes in the liver, which has nothing to do with how quickly your body metabolizes fat.

Is There Another Solution to Pass Drug Tests?

Yes, in fact there are many, depending on what sort of test you are taking.

The #1 source for buying products to beat marijuana drug tests is Test Clear.

(Click the link above, they have everything from detox drinks, shampoos for hair follicle tests, and even dehydrated urine.)

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You won’t go wrong with their products – they get the 420 Times stamp of approval.

What You Can Do

Okay – a crash diet and chugging cranberry juice won’t help you pass a surprise drug test. However, if you have time, let’s say one full week, here are steps you can take that may lower the concentration of THC in the urine to below 50ng/ml:

  1. Drink 1-2 glasses of cranberry juice every day. Cranberry juice is a diuretic. It makes you pee more, which will help eliminate toxins and drugs from your urine. However:
  • Don’t get caught diluting your urine!
  • Drinking too much cranberry juice or any other liquid (including water) may lead to hyponatremia, a dangerous (sometimes fatal) condition where the percentage of electrolytes, salts and minerals in the body’s fluids drops to dangerous levels (your body is 75% water – but that means ‘salt’ water).
  • Drinking too much cranberry juice will alter the pH of your urine, which is a red flag for the testing lab!
  1. Exercise to burn fat. Again, this is not a quick fix. While you may be able to lose several pounds within a week, you may lose fat, but also fluids – which could actually increase the concentration of drugs in your urine. Fat loss should be done safely and mindfully over time.


Cranberry juice alone will not help in passing a drug test. Don’t use the cranberry juice method if you have heartburn or gastric issues, since it’s highly acidic and can adversely affect your digestive system.

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.


  • Sebastian

    Cranberry defenetely helped me passed the 2 drug tests along with v8 vegetable juice. Withing 2 DAYS I was clean. I weighed 145 pounds wi th fast metabolism which comes into play.

    • Shane Dwyer

      Sebastian, great to hear that! It’s pretty crazy what you can do when you are armed with the right information, am I right!?

      • Quentin

        I smoked almost daily for about 2 months, I quit smoking About 2 weeks ago, I weigh 136.8LB, I have a fast metabolism, I workout frequently, I consume a fair amount of water and cranberry juice daily, as well as taking Azo Urinary relief. My test is coming up within the next few days, what are my chancing looking at? I could greatly use the help of people who have been in the same situation.

      • Madison

        Hey pal! I’ve been a chronic smoker for years but backed way off when I found out that I was pregnant. Yes, I kept hitting it because I couldn’t eat, nor could I raise my head from the pillow without puking. I failed my first test at 8 weeks, I did smoke after that appointment, but gradually less. I’m now 13 weeks and have an appointment October 3rd, and I’m also looking for employment because I had to leave my current job. One last hit 3 days ago. Not as worried about my appointment as I am getting another job and being tested. Drinking water and excercise is key, I know. Don’t do either as much as I should, but going to start today. I also bought stat daily pretox at a local head shop. Looks to be all natural but where it isn’t approved by fda, it says to not consume while pregnant. I want to be safe than sorry, but want to find a product that could at least aid in helping burn this thc. I’m 25 but built very small. 100 lbs & only 5′. Lol.
        Do you have any other ideas?

      • Jesus

        Hey I dont really smoke often but the last time I had any thc was thanksgiving and all of the other days I’ve been drinking water and playing basketball do you think i will pass my drug test in 5 days.

      • Trendale

        If you only puffed for A lil bit and but for like 6 days after you haven’t smoked and only being drinking cranberry jucie and water do I have a good chance of passing and i wasn’t heavy on it prior neither?

    • Fatal

      Its 1/23/2020 and I have a piss test on the 5th..I stop smoking yesterday heavy smoker..and I’m 225lb what should i do

      • Shane Dwyer

        Sorry I didn’t get to this Fatal. If you read this today, best of luck man. It’s going to depend on all the variables I talk about above like water intake, exercise, and metabolism.

      • Littlebits

        Hi I’m a heavy smoker stopped 2 days ago and have a drug test in 2 days. I’ve tried a few at home methods today to see if I can pass and I failed. I did the certo and did a $80 detox drink. What else can I do to pass or should I reschedule??

  • Stefan Kulak

    THC is metabolized in the liver. It’s the byproduct that’s stored in the fat cells. THC isn’t the drug being tested in for.

  • Sean

    How can i pass i drug test if i am a heavy smoker i stopped on April 2, 2019 i have a fast metabolism I’ve been drinking 2 glasses of cranberry juice twice a day but im a little worried.

    • Shane Dwyer

      Keep drinking water, about a gallon or more per day. If you really must pass this test, get the detox kit. Thank me later.

  • Shawn

    I have till tommorow to have a drug test and I smoked yesterday….what do i do?

  • Anthony

    How can I pass a DOT Urine test. I dont have one scheduled but I am worried about a random so I decided to quit 2 days ago. I started the 10 day nutra cleanse but started to see the negative reviews. I always carry quick fix but lately I have been hearing about them catching on to the synthetic. Any advice. I am pretty heavy dude. 5 ft 8 285lbs

    • Shane Dwyer

      Anthony,you are doing the right thing by carrying the quick fix with you. Keep SLUGGING water, especially being big you really wanna get all the toxins out ASAP.

  • Cantrell

    I’ve been a very heavy smoker for over 6 years, and I’m trying to get a new job. I quit smoking 5 days ago, and I’m just starting to drink cranberry juice now. Being that I’m 6’4” and weigh 230lbs, exercise every day for an hour and drink plenty of water, what would you say would be a rough estimate for when I can pass a drug test?

  • Nyla Parson

    I stopped smoking weed on 4-20-219. I’m going into the navy and am DESPERATELY trying to cleanse my system before I have to see my recruiter again in 2 weeks. Before I stopped, I smoked pretty much every day, if not, then every other day. I weigh 120 pounds and my metabolism is pretty fast. I’ve been drinking cranberry juice and large amounts of water ever since. Would I be safe for a drug test or should I wait it out some more?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Waiting is the best thing you can do, but if you have to take it, use one of the detox drinks we recommend. You can never be too sure.

  • Anonymous

    I am 33 weeks pregnant. 5 ft 8 253lbs. I was a very heavy smoker 2 to 3 blunts a day for over a year. Bout a month ago I cut down to a blunt or 2 a day. I quit all together a week ago yesterday and started drinking cranberry juice today . Will I b clean by the time I deliver… I have bout 7 weeks to go… If not what can I do I can’t lose my little boy. Please help.

    • Shane Dwyer

      Anonymous, I would talk to a Doctor and be honest with them ASAP. Pregnancy is a very serious matter – please do whatever you can to be clean and deliver your baby in a healthy way. Sending prayers.

  • Thomas Jackson

    I haven’t smoke in two weeks have test coming up on the 15th will I be good

    • Shane Dwyer

      Thomas, there are many, many variables, but with two weeks clean, even as a heavy smoker, you should be okay. I wouldn’t take a chance however if you have a test that is going to affect employment. Get a detox kit.

  • Jason Farver

    I have not smoked in 6 weeks… I tested myself 4 times in the past week… Sunday passed (was a cheaper test) Monday failed (“firstcheck” test) Wednesday passed (seems barely, was a pale line, but that counts, but it took more than 5m) just a few hours ago I failed… I am thinking dietary things, maybe fat burning activities, could have effected my tests. I have known about false home testing… shit… well I gotta test on Tuesday coming for probation, I will do cranberry and water over the weekend and maybe mild exercise until Monday. But I don’t want to burn too much fat before the test… any other suggestions, avoid sweets? Vitamins yay or ney? It shouldn’t take much to pass this one but I dont want to over due it and fail for one reason or another…

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hi Jason,

      What’s with the “not wanting to lose fat?” I’d side with sweat and exercise to amplify the effort there. Water, water, water. It’s your best friend right about now. Avoid sodium as it’ll help your body retain water. That’s something I don’t stress enough. Don’t eat processed foods and don’t salt your meats.

  • I have a drug test in 10 days and i smoked a week ago, i way 125 and have a fast metabolism. What do i do

  • Shawn

    It works drinking cranberry juice especially hard drugs even baking soda helps but be prepared to be on the toilet 21 yrs experience get quick caps stop everything 48 _ 72 hrs take the herbal cleanse 2. Hours before test don’t eat 12 hrs before detox y’alls welcome

  • Joe

    I quit smoking meth 5 days ago and have a DOT drug screen tomorrow and have been drinking cranberry juice frequently will I be ok?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hi Joe,

      Meth stays in your system for about three days, but that will be longer if you are / were a chronic user. It’s going to be a crapshoot, so take every precaution laid out on this page very seriously. Good luck.

  • Latrise

    I have been clean for 14 days, I was a heavy marijuana user4-5 blunts a day. I have a DOT test on June 10th, I have drunk a gallon of cranberry juice and now push water daily, maybe 2-3 cups a day. Will I be clean by the 10th?

  • Chuck

    I quit for a week and had a rough weekend and smoked two small bowls. On monday i started drinking cranberry juice and taking water pills. How long before i can pass a test?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Chuck, there are a lot of variables. Would you consider yourself a chronic smoker? If so, you need to wait a week or so of being clean doing water, etc. If not, get a detox kit stat.

  • tony

    I have not smoked since may 6th, I usually hit my thc pen 2-4 times a night monday thru friday but not on the weekends, I also did not smoke for the first week of april and for 4 days about a week ago. I drink nearly a gallon of water every day and pee a lot, I also take adderall every day (Dont know if that helps, thought I’d mention it). I am 5’10 and weigh 165 lbs and have pretty fast metabolism. How long will it take for the Thc to not be detected from my urine?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Tony, drink double the water. Actually, drink 3 gallons to be sure. You should be fine with the time table you suggest.

  • heather

    hey i have a drug test for a job i dnt know when but it will be after monday im freaking out i have not smoked in atleast 2 days and been drinking water like a nut, i bought some test from the dollar tree and i am still positive i need this job my whole life depends on it please any suggestions are way beyond welcome!!!!!

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hi Heather,

      All of the suggestions are on this page. How much water have you consumed? If it’s not twice your body weight, daily, keep drinking.

  • Raygen

    ok so i have a drug test in 4 days. i haven’t smoked in 26 days. it’s a urine test. i don’t want to get fake pee though. i took a home drug test and the line was super faint for thc so i think i technically passed. but i just need some advice to be sure that i’ll pass.

  • Natasha

    Okay so here’s my
    Situation: on May 10 I took 2 hits from a bong and may 11 took to hits from a pen. Last night, the 18th, I took 2 hits from a pen and found out there was a possible drug test I was going to have on a trip I’m leaving for tomorrow morning. The test could be any day between this coming Monday the 20-Thursday. Ever since last night I have been chugging water and cranberry juice and am going running tonight and going to take a hot shower to sweat it out. I bought a drug test kit as well, but do you think I’ll be okay? I leave tomorrow morning for my trip so should I do the home drug test tonight or tomorrow morning before I leave? Also I hardly ever smoke, the last time I did was in August. Thanks for the help!!

    • Shane Dwyer

      Natasha, wait as long as humanly possible to take that test. You should be good, given you don’t smoke frequently. Good luck and come back and let us know how you make out please.

  • Mark

    Been a chronic user for a while now (smoking and vaping a couple times a day), just quit last week on Thursday (5 days since) and haven’t been using. Need to pass a urine screening to get this job. How long do I need to wait and what can I do to get this out of my system the most natural way possible? Not trying to attempt over the counter detox kits. Chugging water and exercise possibly?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hey Mark,

      If you are trying to avoid any kits or detoxes, drink double your body weight in water and do whatever you can to induce a sweat.

  • Alyssa

    Hey Shane,

    I have a drug test coming up on next Tuesday, May 28th, and I stopped smoking yesterday. What can I do to pass the urine test? I’ve been a heavy smoker for a while, and really want this job. Do I have enough time for it?

    • Shane Dwyer


      #1: Don’t smoke.

      #2: Drink twice your body weight in water daily.

      #3: Exercise. Do anything you can do to induce a sweat.

      #4: If you can, get the detox drink from test clear.

  • Petros Mekonnen

    Last time I smoked was June 5th. I smoked about Oz per week or so for 4 month. I have employment drug test coming up soonish.. I expect to get the offer this week (week of May 25th) and most likely push the drug test for the next week June 3rd.. which will be about month. I am 170 lbs and 5′ 7″. I crossfit about 4 times a week..weed used to be my pre workout :). I have been drinking lot of water and just started drinking cranberry juice ( not concentrate but from real cranberry). i did fail two home test

    My questions – what are the odds of passing within a month of not smoking? does cranberry juice work and how often should i drink it? if all fails do you recommend detox or quick fix.

  • Ano

    Hi There,
    Not a heavy smoker but a round 3-4 mixed bongs a day. Stopped smoking weed substituted with damania. Very nervous on weather m marijuana will come yo in my system as it’s force the army and I haven’t been given a due date! Stressing.
    I have been drinking cranberry juice.

  • Mo

    Hey I’m kind of a heavy smoker I have a drug test June 17th I stopped smoking may 25th I’m planning drinking a gallon of water and a bunch of cranberry juice lead to the day of my drug test I’m also gonna buy a detox but I hear the detox is a 50/50 chance do you think I’ll pass I’m 6’4 200 and I’ll be going to the gym and sitting in the Sauna

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hey Mo,

      Do the water and cranberry juice DAILY. I know you probably will, but just to be clear. You should have PLENTY of time to get that out of your system if it’s not until June 17, but you can never be too sure. Just make sure not to smoke, not even a toke. Keep doing what you are doing, you’ll be golden.

      • Corey Layne

        I have not smoked in 30 days i was a heavy smoker for the last 8 months i smoked dabs and the pens im still dirty not even a faint line im 5’8 155lbs i have a fast metabolism i have to be clean im a week or so will cranmberry work or am i time

        • Shane Dwyer

          Hey Corey, you won’t be “waisting” your time. It wouldn’t be “wasting” it either, lol.

          In all seriousness, with 30 days clean you should be good if you metabolize the way you say you do, just sweat a lot and drink the h20 like it’s going out of style.

    • Bo

      Cranberry juice and 4 b-12 pills every 3 hours and bunch of damn water

  • 1life

    Everyday super smoker (blunts and vapes), I’m male 5, 10′ and 185lbs. Didn’t smoke for 5 days. Drank plenty water and cranberry juice. The drug test was morning. To get prepared I combined 2 steps; drank 24oz of cranberry juice with certo 3 hours prior, and xxxtra clean (following instructions) 1.5 hour prior. I know most ppl used gatorade, but I used cranberry juice, I couldn’t get to the store. Plus I ate somewhat a light meal in the morning 4.5 prior, since i was really hungry. Worries me since I read here that I shouldn’t. >.< Do you think I would still have chance on passing?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Yes, you had five days, it’ll depend how much you got rid of and out of your system, but you have a good chance. PLEASE come back and report to us. Always curious and cheering for our readers.

  • Brandon

    **I had my last hit the 5th of May, Before I used to smoke almost daily but just 1-2 joints max ( average due to puff puff pass rotation) hadn’t smoke until yesterday (31st May) I took about 6 hits & drank 1/2ltr. Coconut water since then & now having cranberry juice, I may have a drug test in the next 2 weeks, I weigh an average of 135lbs & height at 5’7
    Would I be good for this upcoming test ( 2 weeks ) I have cranberry juice, herbal detox tea, coconut & regular water at hand.***

  • Brandon

    ** I took my last hit the 5th of May before that I used to smoke almost every day atleast 1-2 joints Max ( average on the puff puff pass rotation ) but I took a 6 hits yesterday (31st May) between then & now I’ve had 1/2 liter of coconut water & just had 2 cups cranberry juice, I weigh average 135lbs & height at 5’7
    I may have a drug test in the next 2 weeks
    Would I be good for it ? I have cranberry juice,herbal detox tea, coconut & regular water at hand.****

  • NOLAinCA

    Hey there! Love your page. I just took two of those Dollar Tree tests. One -faintly- looked like a pass, the other one not so much. I have an employment offer coming Wednesday continent on a background check (no problem) and a drug screen. I asked the HR guy if they check for opiods (fishing expedition) in case I got prescribed Vicodin or something for my upcoming dental work, and he said “I don’t actually know if we even test for opioids” so it doesn’t sound like a very detailed test, but I don’t know what company they use. This is non-DOT.

    I used to smoke heavily, (1/8th a week, if that’s heavy) for about 15 years, but I have stopped cold for at least a month each three times in the past year. 170 lbs, 5’8″, average health. I drink a pot of coffee or two a day (!) and smoked daily for about three months prior to going cold turkey on around April 6-April 10. My situation is pretty much like Petros above… (he may have meant April 5.)

    I just pounded a half-gallon of cran juice and will continue to do so, along with water, tea and coffee. As of spring 2019, do you know if the detox kits or synthetic urine are still reliable, just in case I don’t see two stripes on the strip five days or so from now?

    I will post my experience, testing company details and results here after I take the text. It’s a pretty kick-ass job opportunity that doesn’t do randoms, but if I’d have known the job was going to become available I’d have stop a month or so earlier. Sorry to be long-winded. Kinda freaked out. I’ve read all the comments but few people have replied to share their results.

    All my friends who are growers and dispensary owners claim that a user like me would pass in 2 weeks easily but none of them have taken a test in years. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks, man! -Laf

  • Jeremiah

    So im facing felony charges on a possesion and im out on bond and im going to get randomly drug tested and tbh i smoked 2 blunts last night and i have to urine test tomorrow at around 4 but ive been chugging water and have been urinating alot ..i dnt have to be absolutely clean but my levels gotta be as low as if i would have stopped smoking on sunday and today is wendsday …what should i do ?

  • Josh

    I smoke used to smoke weed everyday for about 9 months straight. I’m 14 and not allowed to buy detox kits. My mum is going to drug test me within the next couple of days but within the last month I’ve smoke only twice. I had a joint two days ago mixed with tobacco but no more since. I have been drinking 500ml of water day, 1 cup of cranberry juice for the past 2 days, excersing an hour a day and started recently drinking lemon & lime water. Will i be ok for a urine drug test within the next 4-7 days????

    • Shane Dwyer


      500 MIL of water is only about two cups. You need to consume much more than that daily just for healthy living practices. While you should be okay, I’d up your water intake greatly.

  • Powell

    I’ve eaten small amounts of edibles 6 days a week for the last year. Usually, I’m eating between 2.5 – 10 mg at a time. I’ve heard edibles stay in the system longer; is this true?

    I haven’t partaken in 48 hours. I exercise six days a week, and weight 185lbs at 6′ 0″. I fairly lean. I don’t have a test scheduled but I’m likely a week or two away from one. What’s my best course of action?

  • Will

    I took a drug test and stayed off weed for 30 days and only smoked twice before that time from the last month anf still failed. Now I dont smoke and dont plan to unless I get rich somehow 😆. Was a good job too I’m 239 ibs and the doctor told me thats why and that some people could fail even after 9 months if their overweight. I believe cranberry juice will help the process but I want to be sure for a fact. Just letting those bog smokers know that are trying to go cold turkey

  • I was a really heavy smoker and I smoked my last blunt may 31st 2019 , I’ve been clean for 2 weeks & I hit 2 blunts June 15th I have to take a random drug test any day now I’m drinking a gallon of water will I be clean if I drink at least 2 gallons a day?

    • Shane Dwyer

      The two blunts on June 15th weren’t a good idea, as you can probably guess. Get the 10 day detox if you absolutely must pass this. You are on dangerous ground right now.

  • Sean

    Been a heavy smoker for years .im on probation now and have a drug test maybe thus Thursday u dont need the weed out my system cayse he knows im dirty but how can i lower my tch levels. Uve been drinking water with lemon cucumbers and mint leaves and just started drinking cranberry juice tidsy

  • Jim

    I smoked a thc pen in the middle of May and had one hit from a thc pen on May 27th and I have a urine drug test tomorrow Thursday June 20th will I pass ? Or what should I do I need to pass for a job.

  • sam

    hi i was a heavy smoker i stopped for a week which was last sunday jun 16 i smoked today because i was stressing i have a drug test July 17 will i be fine? i been drinking alot of water..

  • Terrel

    Hello I use to be a heavy smoker, I was clean for 4 days (june 1st-4th) then from june 6th-june 12th I finished a half gram of my stiizy pen. Been clean since the 12th and took a couple more hits today (I know it was stupid) I have a drug test in 2 weeks, will I be okay?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hi Terrel,

      You have to exercise some restraint and just quit smoking. If I were you, I’d invest in a ten day detox kit just to be 100% safe.

      • Zion Johnson

        Hey Shane. So I last smoked on May 3rd and I have to go to MEPS and test on July 11th. They do labs and I’m wondering if I’m going to pass. I smoked 4 to 5 times a week every night for a few months. I’m 6’1 and weight 153 pounds. I’m very active and I’m wondering if you think I’m gonna pass

  • Miro

    Hey brother great page! My question is I’m a heavy guy I’m at 230 pounds I’m 6’1” and I’ve started working out two weeks ago around the 11 or 12th of June. I used to smoke a lot everyday. about 2-5 blunts.. I quit sometime a week before I started sweating and working out (11th or 12th of June), and chugging water and cranberry I noticed I’m losing weight which is great. I got my pre employment drug test on July 20th so about 44-45 days from actual smoke quitting day. before whiting I smoked maybe 2-4 days prior so I gradually came off of it till the 4th which was the very last time I was around weed or even smoked myself. I work out about 30-1 hour everyday either mornings or evenings. just started my CDK school and I found out it’s a piss test. how good of a chance do I got to be clean I used a trash bag every couple of days to induce even more sweat and I drink a lot and I mean a lot of water since about 2 weeks ago. any help is helpful mane!

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hey Miro,

      Thanks for stopping by. With that regimen, plus the water and cranberry, as well as the duration (about 3 weeks from now) you should be good. Just continue what you are doing and you should be all set. Good work!

  • I haven’t smoked in a month I haven’t taken any detox suppliments but I’ve been drinking alot of cranberry juice and water thru out the whole I have a urine drug test tomorrow what are chances of passing ??

    • Shane Dwyer

      Julio, lots of factors. Good luck today. It’s a little late to give advice, but come bak and let me know how it went please!

  • Jacob

    I hit a dab tank a few times about 24 days ago and I leave for basic in 3 days. I have been running, doing pushups, sit-ups and pulls up for the past month and sitting in the sauna and hot tub after every workout. I’m not a frequent user and made a dumb mistake with my cousin. I’m also about 6’ and 170lbs.. I also passed the first check drug test from HyVee, but the military tests much lower… Am I in the clear?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Jacob, you should be good. Like I tell everyone else, make sure to drink water religiously. Good luck in the military my man.

  • LJ

    Hi Shane, I’m 5’7 and weight 139 lbs. I have been smoked for 2 years, about 1 joint per day. Last time when I smoke, it was 24 HRS ago (6/27/2019). I will have a drug test for my new job, and I assume my test date is between July 5th-July 12th. I already order the 10days program which will arrive on Saturday and I will start the program. Will I pass the test? Is there any other recommend thing that I should do?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hi LJ, with the 10 day program, you should be golden. Make sure to consume a gallon of water or more daily, I can’t stress that enough.

  • Bill ray

    So I last smoked on May 3 and I have a drug test probably mid July. I’m wondering if I’m going to pass. It is a military drug test up at MEPS and they do labs. I’m 6’1 155 pounds very active just trying to ease my mind do you think I will pass ?

  • MOMO

    So I’m not a heavy smoker at all occasional smoker, I probably only smoked 3-4 times this year I smoked on June 8th only took about 6 pulls,I have a drug test on the 1st of July I been drinking water regularly until the last week when I found out about the test so I chugged lemon water for past 4 days and workout and sit in sauna, I’m 5,9 240 lbs, what r my chances?

  • Logan

    I’ve been clean for 5 months and I hit a bong about 5-6 throughout this week, I have 2 weeks till my drug test, what’s my likelihood of passing ?

  • Heather

    Im in a recovery program cause I was once on opiates really bad. This doctor has me on suboxone. I do get randomly drug test when I see him every 3 months. So usually right after I see him i smoke some green for about a month an then I quit so I have 2 months to clean out. My last appointment was back in April I failed my UA still has green in my system. My next appointment is here in one week. I’ve been drinking nothing but cranberry juice an water for the last 6 weeks I’m still failing home drug test what can I do differently? So I don’t fail another drug test.

  • Austin

    Hello Shane, I’d love some advice.

    I am a heavy smoker. Smoked about 4-5 times a day for the last five years. I am 6’2”, 270ish lbs. I have been completely THC free for 17 days. I have drank some liquor in that time but no pot, and I’ve been drinking a gallon or more of water every day. I also bought a Detoxify Mega Clean and the Precleanse you do a day before that. I believe my urine test will be in the next week. With what I’ve told you, do you think enough time has passed that I could use that drink and safely have a window of clean urine to pass my test? Thanks for any advice.

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hey Austin,

      I do think so. You’ve done everything perfectly from what you’ve said. If you can start adding some sweat (even a walk helps) it’ll help accelerate your progress even more. Good luck man.

  • Kelly

    My mom is nervous for a drug test as she really needs this job to pass. She smokes very occasionally with me over the weekends. She hasn’t smoked in almost a week and has a drug test in 7 more days. We bought fake urine but just in case that turns up inconclusive, about how long do you think it’ll take with the cranberry flush for THC to be out of her system?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hi Kelly, there is no set time, but she should couple that with drinking a gallon or much more of water each day. With that amount of time, she should be in the clear.Well done on buying the fake urine kit as well.

  • Garlen

    Hello Shane I was a heavy smoker I smoked like 2 to 3 blunt daily and if I wasnt smoking i was hitting my raw garden pen I’m getting this new job and they just told me that i have to take a drug test but didnt say when my start date Is the 29th I stoped smoking on the 5th been drinking water cranberry juice and sweat for hours at my job I’m working at now till I put in my 2 week notice witch is next week should I take the 10 day detox and if I do what’s the best detox I can take

  • Hey I stopped smoking two almost 3 weeks ago and I have a test coming up on August 3rd. If I drink water and cranberry juice along with apple cider vinegar with water (2 times a week), exercise daily will I be able to past a drug test by then? Or is there any other methods to use?

  • Diane

    I rarely smoke. I smoked a joint about 3 weeks ago, I smoked yesterday about 6 hits and I’m 112 pounds 5’1. I have a urine test in about 2 weeks. Need help!!!! Any advice?

  • Christian Lane

    I haven’t smoked since July 7 2019, and I might have a drug test coming up Monday July 15 2019. Or I might have to do it July 12 2019. What’s the best way to get clean. I was also a heavy user. Since March of 2019.

  • Steve

    Hey I smoked last weekend and Monday (it is now Thursday) and have a drug test on Saturday. I did not smoke a lot but I’m sure I can easily test positive. I have been chugging water, using the sauna, and just started drinking 100% cranberry juice. I am 5 ft 8, 140 lbs and lean. Am I still screwed?

  • V

    This is silly. Monday and Tuesday of this week I took 1-2 ml of cbd oil with 0.3% of thc. Wednesday took a test and it’s positive. Thursday morning it was still positive. Actual drug screen for new job is coming up this coming Monday. I obviously stopped cbd oil. I’ve been drinking water. Decided to take a rest from working out (bodybuilder here) just a few day until I take my test. I eat clean. No processed foods. Stressing out because I need that negative test. FYI last time I actually smoked was on June 2. I smoke maybe once every 2-3 months. I do not smoke frequently at all.

    • Shane Dwyer

      V, definitely lay off all CBD and crush that water like it’s going out of style. I have no idea why you’d test positive after another week living like that. If you stop working out that won’t matter, in fact the working out and sweat actually helps you eliminate waste through sweat, so I’d encourage you to do that assuming you aren’t battling an injury or anything. Let us know how it goes.

  • jen

    hey! so i smoked half a blunt yesterday and the roach this morning and this was the first time i’ve smoked since the 4th and 5th of july.. ive slowed down on smoking recently and only smoke a a few times every month. i have a drug test for a job coming up on July 25, what’s the best i can do to pass it and what are my chances?

  • Crizzy

    Hey Shane pls help

    I have a carbo 32 And Quickfix 6.2 I stopped smoking 2 days ago have a drug test in about 7-9 days I’m 5ft6 about 170 I’m trying to figure out which one to use. I’ve used q carbo in the past and passed with flying colors. I’m nervous about quick fix because I’ve read people fail and labs can derive fake piss etccc

    Side note: I once smoked 3-4 blunts the night before a DT took a q carbo 2 hours before the test and passed

    This would be my longest window of detox that I’ve used q carbo for pls let me know what should I go with quick fix or q carbo this is a huge job opportunity

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hey Crizzy,

      If Q Carbo worked for you in the past I don’t know why you’d change? I can vouch for both of them personally.

  • Kade

    So I passed a dip stick drug test from a rehab center as far as marijuana goes and I’m wondering if I would pass a lab test being that a passed a panel ?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hey Kade, there are a lot of variables involved. I can’t really suggest one way or another without knowing a lot more about your situation.

  • Chelsea Murdock

    Hi! I have a saliva drug test on Wednesday 7/15, I had one 10mg thc edible last night, before that smoked twice a week ago. I’m 120 lbs and average metabolism.
    Thanks! Chelsea

  • Riggs

    Shane, sup man. Do you know anything about the ”QUICKSCREEN at home drug test”? (Walgreens $20) They make a few, I got the weed only one. 5’10” 185 lbs, 2 bowls a day (10ish hits), since the 90’s. Test coming up next week and I’ll be 16 days clean. Drinking almost a gallon of water a day and about 20 oz of cranberry juice the last few days, real cranberry, cranberry only in the ingredients. Sour as shit. What do you think?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hey Riggs,

      I don’t, I’ve never tried that one or know anyone who has. It can’t hurt trying it though for only $20.

  • Bo

    Hi Shane, first of all, thank you for still being active on here. I have a drug test in 3 days. I have been smoking for 2 years everyday. I stopped on July 19th and test is on July 25th. I started taking B vitamins and drinking loads of water. Haven’t started cranberry juice religiously yet. I recently bought a 5 panel cup test kit. My concern is only THC. I see one line and a very very faint second line. I imagine that is prolly still considered positive since the second line is so faint. Do you think cranberry juice and loads of water will get me there? I got some fake urine but not sure if they can tell between real or synthetic urine. I think they only send the test to further review if they get a positive THC result otherwise I think they just decide on spot or send it to lab idk…Any advice would be appreciated bro!

    • Shane Dwyer

      Yeah, that line is a problem, Bo. I’d do loads of water since there isn’t time to get a detox kit. Maybe get some detox pills at a local GNC or Vitamin Shoppe.

  • Hi so I been doing the wax pen since may and stop in July 12 and I did a blunt in July 17 it was my first time haven’t smoked since then and I have a test in August 16 what can I do to clean my system and I’m 5”7 160 but I’m very lean but what can I do to clean my system I been drinking lots of water

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hey Bryan, all of these answers are answered in prior posts and in the content. If I’m you, to be extra sure, get the 10 day detox.

  • Gallo

    I stopped smoking for 7 months now , but yesterday took 1 hit of a bowl , got a urine test this Thursday , i run pretty much everyday and drink tons of water . Will I be ok for the test ?

  • Jesus Garcia

    Hey Shane , so I smoke only about twice a week from a wax pen and I have 2 weeks to get clean. I play soccer on the weekends and one week before my drug test I have a full week plus weekend of soccer. My metabolism is fast as well . Do you think I’ll be clean in time ?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hi Jesus,

      Make sure to consume ungodly amounts of water, as well as some cranberry juice (or pills) and you should be good. But don’t take those suggestions lightly.

      • Jesus Garcia

        So you think in those 2 weeks I should be fine ? If I drink a lot of water and plus the soccer sweat

      • Max

        Okay so I’m a pretty infrequent cannabis user (2-4 times a month) and last night I took like 5-6 hits of my vape pen. Just found out I have a test in 5 days. I am very lean (145 lbs and 6ft) and an endurance athlete who trains everyday for triathlons. I’ve been drinking water like crazy, along with some green tea and detox tea and have been training like i normally do (which is a lot). What do you think my chances are?

        • Shane Dwyer

          Hi Max,

          There isn’t an ideal formula I can plug in and tell you your odds. It’s a little late for a 10 day detox kit, but double your water and don’t you dare hit that vape pen again prior to your test!

  • Mal


    Not sure if this posted the first time, so I’ll try again. I took hits off a vape pen (Zkittles Indica) on Sunday/early midnight, first time having weed products in over 6 months. It helped my headache, but I didn’t feel any high (which sucks because I spent some $$ on that pen). So I got at call on Monday around 9am, I got a job, but I had to take an urine test by Wednesday, no exceptions. I work at 11am, so I had to choose a 9am morning test for Wednesduseay, the 24th. l. So I’ve drank so much water, and used like 6 home test (2 from walmart Equate, and 4 dollar tree tests) all throughout Monday and tonight. They have all come back negative. I am wondering if I will pass. I don’t have the option to use someone else’s stuff or get synthetic stuff/detox at this point. If I passed all of the home tests, do you think I can past the real test tomorrow?

  • Hey Shane, in 6’1 about 156 LBS and I last smoked about 82 days ago. I’m wondering if I will pass a drug test. I’m very active and just want to put my mind at ease a little. Plus it will be a few weeks till my drug test. It will be a lab test and I wanna know if you think I will pass !

  • chase echohawk

    i smoked everyday until about 3 weeks ago when i went on vacation and then yesterday i took a fat ass dab but i’m trying to pass a drug test tomorrow, is there anything that can mask it in your system for a few hours? i’ve heard certo does but never tried

  • Brooke Littlejohn

    Hey, I usually smoke every night before I go to bed. Since July 14th I’ve smoked once. I have a drug test coming up within the next week or so. What’s my chances of passing

    • Shane Dwyer

      Brooke, it’s getting out of your system slowly, but to improve your chances please read the comments. Water, water, water. Detox drink if you can.

  • Moe

    Hey, I used to be a heavy smoker. 2-6 blunts daily and if not daily then every other day or three days between, maximum. I stopped smoking July 20 but smoked 3 blunts on the 25th, after the 25 I’ve been drinking cranberry juice by the gallons and 2 bottles of water daily. My drug test can be done from anywhere between August 10- 21st. People tell me it takes months and some say a few days? What do you recommend?

    • Shane Dwyer


      It won’t be detectable after about 30-40 days UNLESS they do a hair follicle test. You are doing all the right things, but with your recent consumption I’d suggest you get the 10 day detox as well as kick back the date to the 21st.

  • i have a drug test i smoke almost 1year straight what should i do to pass my drugtest im from philippines and i can’t find any detox available in supermarket i only take cranberry and water.

  • Frank

    Okay I vaped thc pen for about 2 months, was clean for 35 days. I didn’t drink water like I should have, got drug tested and my levels were 80. Failed. I got drug tested 4 days later and day before testing the 2nd time, I smoked thc pen . my levels were 74. It was lower. I didnt drink water before the 2nd test. Im baffled about that. I smoked after the 2nd test for the last time, which was July 16, hours after testing. I haven’t smoked since, i got drug tested 3 days later and my levels were up to 79. Then I tested last friday and my levels jumped to 82. I don’t understand. How can my levels go up if I haven’t smoked since July 16, hours after my 2nd test. . And how do my levels go down, when the day before the 2nd test,I vaped thc and my levels was 74. I feel like the thc vape pens stay in your fat cells way longer and I don’t understand how my levels can go up if I haven’t smoked, yet they go down, yet I smoked the day before.Please give me some advice.

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hey Frank,

      Unfortunately I can’t really formulate any opinions on why your levels were / are at the levels tested. It’s not really my forte, I just help give advice to people who are looking to pass a test. I’d consult a Doctor if I were in your shoes.

  • Greg


    I smoke about half a joint every friday night and my company has started doing random drug tests on all employees, If I drink alot of water and cranberry juice, will I be ok if I have a random drug test the following week. I have been smoking this way for about 3 months and im scared that I will not pass the test

  • dom

    I have a probation drug test in 7 days and i’ve been clean since july 18th, my levels have to show i haven’t smoked at all, i’m skinny, fast metabolism , play basketball a lot and sweat , i just bought some cranberry juice . should i be okay?

  • Dillion Booth

    I haven’t smoked in 3 years but Saturday night I hit 2 little hits of resin and I’ve been drinking straight cranberry juice since then I have a drug test Wednsday or Thursday. Should i be clean by tomorrow?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Dillion, lots of factors involved, body weight, amount of water, metabolism. Should have avoided those two his of resin. What were you thinking?

  • Matt

    My name’s Matt I’m not a heavy user I have smoked cbd flower the last 4 days just to try it out and I’ll most likely have a drug test sometime this month I heard most cbd flower contains thc… if I stop now think ill pass?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Matt, lots of factors in play. Please read the post as well as the past comments as they are all relevant to your situation.

  • Paula

    Hey I stopped smoke it for about 2 months but before that was a frequent smoker,after the two months it smoked for about two weeks.i quit about 2 weeks ago and have. Drug test tomorrow I been drinking water sweating and cranberry juice will I pass.

  • Jason

    I am 5’7 and weigh 127, and have a fast metabolism. I’m a very heavy smoker, i smoked about 4-6 blunts a day for 3 months. I have a drug test in about a week, what should i do??? i already started working out and stopped smoking yesterday. I have been drinking lots of water too & cranberry juice, what else can help ??

  • Hi the last time I smoke weed was july 10th in I have a drug test coming up anytime in August sence, july 29th I been buying a drug test in taking it in my test still comes out positive, just like I just took another drug test today in it still came out positive I don’t know what to do any suggestion in I just started drinking cranberry juice today in plenty of water but the problem is I don’t pee often how is that anything please it been over a month shouldnt it be out my system by now

  • Corey

    Hey pal, I have a piss test coming up in the next 7 days, August 18, I’ve been smoking 15 years everyday, and I mean a heavy smoker, the last year I have been smoking shatter everyday sometimes a gram a day, with thc levels varying from 70% to 90% and before that I was smoking a 1/4 a day. I have quit smoking on July 16 so I will have about 30 days smoke free. I worked hard and sweated since I first stopped. I drink about 2 liters of water a day , and throw a bottle of cranberry juice about 450 ml here and there. Do you think I have a chance to pass my test and get the Job. I invested to much money in plane tickets and courses for this Job. What do you think let me know pal.

  • John

    So I stopped smoking on July 5th 2019, and I am 6’2 weigh approximately 270 Lbs. I’ve been clean since then, it was a 93% thc vape pen, I worked out about 3 miles of cardio a day for about 2 weeks, I stopped (sprained ankle) I’ve been chugging about a gallon of water more or less a day, I have what i would say an average metabolic rate but i intake a lot of calories, what do you think my chances are of passing a UA in the next few days or possibly a week, I’m quite nervous, just need a reassurance or possible advice.

    • Shane Dwyer

      John, I’d be nervous as well, it’s always a close call when you are a month out from smoking that much THC. I’d splurge on a detox kit if time allows.

  • Jacob Jasso

    I do not smoke often. 2 weeks & 2 days ago was the last time I smoked. It was about half a blunt. I have to pass a drug test on Thursday. Last night I took some detoxify pills. Today I started drinking detoxify drinks once a day for the next couple days including the day of my drug test. Today I also started drinking at least a gallon of water a day & have a 3 liter of cranberry juice I’m drinking. Do I need to stretch the 3 liter of cranberry juice out within the next couple days? & will I pass my drug test?

  • Nick

    Hey, so I have a random drug test coming up it’s for college sports, I stopped smoking about 5 days ago and smoked for 2 months pretty much everyday before that, you think I would be good if I had a test August 30th? But low key want to keep smoking

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hey Nick,

      First off, the “low key keeping on smoking” is a very bad idea. If you want to play college sports, you won’t have another hit any time before your test. Read the article above on what to do, as well as the other comments, and if you really are serious about passing, get a detox kit. You don’t want to be embarrassed by failing a test in front of your teammates, do you?

  • Drew

    Male 23 5’8” took 15 hits from a pen on the 3rd and 4th and about 4hits on the7th. Found out the next day that I have a drug test on the 19. If I drink a gallon of water and a half gallon of cranberry juice till the 19 will I be fine or should I drink more?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Drew, It depends how active you are. If you are active you should be okay, but to be sure, get a rapid detox kit. Being you only have a few days it’s imperative you sweat, drink water, and sweat more.

  • Kelly

    I smoked four weeks ago only took one hit been drinking water non stop will i pass tomorrow?

  • Danny

    Hey I weight 220. I quit smoking since last week Tuesday and I have my test this coming Wednesday. I drank a lot of water and drank a lot of Gatorade mix with certos, now I’m drinking 100% cranberry juice. I took a test from dollar tree and thc line is faded so I’m worry I might not pass… what can I do to speed the process?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Danny, your only option would have been a detox kit. I harp on that with everyone who waits until the last minute. It’s probably too late now, however.

  • Suzana

    Hey I stoped smoking for 3 months took a Hit or two three days in a row after my test but I need to come and retest. I’ve been clean for over a week now but I’ve been drinking a lot of water. 123 pounds 5’7 fast metabolism and not really active. I also took a detox pill that’s supposed to help but idk. I’m pushing my test back as much as possible but I only have until the end of this week or next week. Am I ok or do I need to take urine with me ?

  • Richard

    My first drug test was Monday 8/19/19 at 12pm I have another drug screening for preemployment. due to them telling me I must have drank too much water because it came back diluted. I never smoke or take any pills. But my friend had a thc pen and I took about 6 hits from it. And she also gave me a pill called ranitidine 300mg because I had horrible stomach pain. I took a cheap test for thc and it came back negative. What can I do to lower my chances. I don’t have money to get a detox kit, but I’ve been drinking a lot of water and I get tested again the 8/23/19 should I be fine or what would you recommend.please help.

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hey Richard,

      If you don’t smoke, what are you worried about? The 6 hits you took will depend on when you took them. I’m not sure what the pill (ranitidine) is, so I can’t comment on that or what it may do.

      To lower your chances, SWEAT. Exercise, even a walk will help you out. Sweat, sweat, sweat.

  • Juaaan

    I stoppped smoking 18 days ago been drinking water a lot and exercising, a drank a gal on cranberry juice , I might get testing sometimes next week should I be good ? I use to smoke at least 2 times ever day

  • Bill

    I’ve been using a vape pen every night before bed, 1-4 hits each night over the past 3 years now for sleep. I never smoke during the day or more than the 1-4 vape hits at bedtime.
    Should be getting some new job offers in the next week or so, but have no clue if they require testing. Stopped vaping two days ago. 5’11 205lbs, pretty active(vigorous work outs 3-4 days a week) and other days I’m sweating doing something. Drink about 90-150oz water a day. Any suggestions on what i should do or will i be ok with low daily intake? Thank you!

    • Shane Dwyer

      Bill, with 30 days to get that out of your system, you should be okay. How much time until you THINK you’ll have a test? If you don’t want to gamble, get a 10 day detox kit.

  • Ryan


    I have a drug test on Wednesday, I have not smoked for years but from August 19th-25th I smoked once each night just splitting a joint with 1-2 other people. Since the 25th, I have run in the Florida heat for just over an hour every day sweating profusely, drinking several spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar in water every morning, taking niacin daily and drinking a half-full gallon of water at least every other day. I am 5’10 190 lbs with a fairly quick metabolism. I am no more than about 12% body fat and exercise at least 6 days a week. What are my chances of passing?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hi Ryan,

      It’s impossible to tell you your chances, and while all of the things you’ve been doing are going to help your chances, keep in mind this timeframe of passing marijuana tests in the various forms:

      -30-45 days can fail a urine test
      -60-75 days can fail a blood test
      -Up to 90 days can fail a hair follicle test

      I don’t know which type of test you are taking, but I’d imagine a urine test. Hopefully the sweating and water combo will work, but to be honest it’ll be close.

  • tyler

    Shane, I have a drug test tomorrow, I smoked about a q of bud a week (smoked daily) I stopped on Aug 1st but got alittle drunk and smoked abit about 2 weeks ago. I weigh 135lbs and have gone through 6L of cranberry juice in the last 4 days, if I go through another 3L before tomorrow will I pass my test? (I’ve also started to have dreams again does that mean it’s no longer in my system?)

  • amber

    i smoked a blunt wrapped in fonto all by myself two weeks ago, and i have never smoked before or after that. it was my first time. How likely would it be that my drug test is positive tomoroow. and its a urine test

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hi Amber, it’s going to be highly unlikely that you pass that test. Best of luck, obviously, and it’s a little late but read the advice in other comments as far as sweating, cranberry, detox, etc.

  • Marie

    Hi, the last I smoked was half a joint (tobacco and weed mixed), was on July 23rd
    Before that I lit up maybe 2-3 times a month
    I’m Female, 5ft, 130lbs, in good health, I have a drug test Sept 9th for a new job, will I be clean? thanks

  • Greg

    I’ve been a heavy user for years, am 33, basically since I was 17, never had a drug test, most places I’ve worked I’ve never had an incident, am currently out job searching, stopped smoking about 3 weeks now, initially I was drinking cranberry, but realized it wasn’t sugar free, I then switched for sugar free Cran 🥤I feel it’s still not going to work, cause am so heavily saturated with it in my body or such, I don’t want to stop smoking but I know I must😓, when should I discontinue the cranberry so my urine isn’t too diluted 🤣

  • Eric

    I have a drug test sometime within the next 1-3 weeks, i stopped smoking yesterday. I’m about 255 lbs and 5’10” and so far I’ve drank a 60 fl oz cranberry juices and about 1 gallon of water in the past 24 hours, what are my chances of passing the test?

    • Shane Dwyer


      You need to do a lot more than just have some cranberry juice and a gallon of water. That needs to be a DAILY thing, as well as take the tips I suggested in this page. I suggest you re-read it.

      • Eric

        I’ve read the tips, but me being unemployed, i don’t have the money to purchase the toxin rid or mega clean or any of those products, I smoked heavily for a couple weeks, then stopped for about a week, then smoked heavily for 2 days, then started the cranberry juice cleanse. This job opportunity is a great opportunity, and I need to get an experts opinion on if i have a chance of beating this drug test by drinking a shit ton of cranberry juice and a shit ton of water.

        • Shane Dwyer

          Hi Eric,

          First off, there’s not a ton of information to go off of here. Next, I wouldn’t call myself an “expert” since I didn’t got to school for “passing drug tests” or anything like that. I’d say I’m more of a self taught guru than anything.

          Third, if you have this “great opportunity” and you are unemployed, why on Earth would you smoke heavily – or smoke at all- leading up to this? To me that’s just a bone headed move and extremely selfish man.

          Good luck to you, the odds are not in your favor based on the little info you provided.

          • Eric

            The job opportunity came up randomly, its been about a week since i stopped and i been slugging water and cranberry juice like crazy, i bought an easy@home pack of marijuana test kits on amazon, the first one i took came out positive, as expected, but ever since then they have all came out negative, I only would hit pens and id do somewhere betwee10-20 hits when i would smoke. The negatives started out faint as fuck but i took one today and it was a little darker than previous ones. All I’ve done for the past week was slug water and cranberry juice. I also walk about a mile daily, and i sweat my ass off also. What do you think?

      • kris

        hey last friday i accidentally took a hit of my friends vape that happened to be weed. i’ve never smoked in my life and i have a drug test tomorrow. i didn’t even inhale the “vape” was in my mouth for literally 2 seconds. i’ve been drinking a shit ton of water and cranberry juice. but i had surgery 3 weeks ago so i can’t exercise. i’m 5’5 about 210

        • Shane Dwyer

          Kris, I’m not sure how you “accidentally” take a hit?

          I think maybe you were trying to say you didn’t know it was weed in the vape, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and hope that’s the case. You are probably going to be just fine, given no prior history and no inhalation. Please come back and let us know how you made out.

  • CJ

    I smoke maybe 2-3 times a week max. Last time I smoked was 9/3. I drink 1-1.5 gallons of water a day. I drank a 32oz bottle of pure cranberry juice this past weekend. I also sat in the sauna for 15-20 minutes on 4 or 5 separate occasions. I also worked out a few times in that span of 14-15 days. My urine test is tomorrow. How do you like my chances?

  • Sabori

    I am 310 pounds, 6ft, I quit smoking 3 weeks ago,been going to the gym for 3 months now and I’ve lost 46 pounds since then, I go to the gym for 2 hours 1 hour being dedicated to cardio, I drink nothing but water and just started drinking cranberry juice, I took my weekly home drug test and it still says I’m positive for thc. How long will it take me to cleanse myself? Doing it so I can apply for a job I know I’m going to get but I just need to pass the drug test. Not applying until I know for sure I’m safe

    • Shane Dwyer

      Sabori, first off congrats on the weight loss. I know that’s never an easy thing to do. Kudos!

      Good move on not applying until you are safe. Very smart. What I would do is keep sweating, and keep drinking water. A detox kit will help of course, but with your weight, your metabolism isn’t optimal. (Mine’s not either, that’s not a knock on you, just the truth about us guys with extra pounds.) Keep doing what you are doing, and best of luck to you.

  • Terrell

    I weigh 92 pounds and I am a heavy smoker. I stopped on September 3rd and have been drinking lots of water and cranberry juice daily since I quit. I have to test probably the 1st of October. Will I be ok?

  • Jesus

    Hey im smoking until this friday and could get a drug test about maybe in the middle or beginning of next month ive been drinking about three water bottles a day am i good or am i screwed im 5’5 130 pounds

    • Shane Dwyer


      First off, I love your dedication to “keep smoking until Friday,” although that’s not the wisest move if you want to pass a drug test.

      You need to drink much more than three bottles of water per day. Try for a gallon, or more, and you may have a shot.

  • I have not smoked since July took a hit once a week three weeks three hits am l ok

  • Anonymous

    I stopped smoking a week ago. I want to be able to pass a hair follicle and I have long hair. What’s the best way to do so? I don’t have a time frame but I want to make sure They can’t trace it back. Best steps to take to make sure I can pass one if needed??

  • coco

    I haven’t smoked for 41 days just took my drug test on Saturday the 28th. I was a heavy smoker before stopping do you think I will pass this drug test? I drunk a lot of cranberry juice and water but I’m still worried

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hi Coco,

      41 days is a long time, which helps you…but it depends on many other factors like metabolism, water consumption, and more.

  • Dylan

    So it’s been 2 weeks since I last smoked I was smoking about 9 grams a week and had a stizzy for on the go. I’ve been drinking almost nothing but water. I haven’t applied for the job yet cause I already have it I’m just waiting on cleaning out my system. It’s a urine test. I do a lot of physical work at my current job and play softball once A week and have changed my eating habits. How long do you think until I pass ?

  • Keith

    I’ve been using a dab pen for two weeks straight(didn’t smoke often before that) and I quit Monday and I have a urine test for a job I’m applying in three weeks. If I drink a lot of water and cranberry juice in the mean time would I be clean by then?

  • Bob

    I haven’t smoked in a couple years but did on sept 28. I typically drink a lot of water. Have a test on oct 17. I’m 210 lbs. will I be ok?

  • K'Juan Wheeler

    I have a drug test in 2 weeks but in the past 2 weeks I smoked an oz. I’ve been losing an average of 3 lbs a week but I haven’t been drinking alot of water besides a detox what will help

  • KJuan Wheeler

    Would cranberry pills work.

  • LC

    Hi Everyone! I have a incredibly huge job offer coming up (My current employer is recommending me personally for this position!!) i already ordered the 3 day detox. I rather be safe than sorry. Am not a heavy user but the last five months i smoked almost daily after work specially if am on my period (I have to note that i don’t smoke a whole joint because i bought a very little pipe call the one hit wonder because your weed is burned in literally two hits, but THC is THC i know that the amount is not important) i might have my test next week or so. I also donate plasma twice a week, and have been doing it almost weekly since the beginning of the year. I stay very hydrated, I like drinking water but for the donations I must be highly hydrated (You see where i’m going with all the water drinking right?) Now that I gave you all the important details i will make my question. Does anybody know if the plasma donation affects or help the detox works? should i stop my plasma donations while i detox and before i take the detox too?

  • Christine

    Hi, I’m doing a pre-employment test some time in the next few weeks, not sure when. Im waiting for them to call me and schedule it. I’m 5’9 217 lbs, and 22. I stopped smoking bud 16 days ago. I’ve had been smoking 3 to 4 small bowls 5 or 6 days a week for about a month. Before that I had been clean for around three months. I’m would say I have am average metabolism, but it used to be faster. Im hoping to give my self at least 1 week before I schedule my test. I took a at home urine test today and tested positive after 16 days clean, without diluting. Should I be exercising, if so what kind. Do you recommend a detox drink? Thoughts on diuretics and cranberry juice? What do you think my chances are?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hi Christine,

      Cardio, or anything that induces a heavy sweat, will always be best. I DEFINITELY suggest a detox drink, I discuss many on this site.

  • Adrian

    So I smoked 2 weeks ago and it was just half a blunt. And I have a drug test tommorow I’ve been drinking plenty of water will it show up on the test?

  • Mark jones

    Last time I smiled was 4th of July 2017 and yesterday I took one big bong hit what should I do and how long would it stay in my system

  • Abdiel

    I haven’t smoked since september 14th and for 2 weeks from the 14th I drank about 5-6 gallons of cranberry juice, I have a guaranteed job, am I clean for a piss test in 2 days?

  • Anon

    Hi! Do you have any recommendations for 3-10 day detoxes, that don’t cost almost $200? I understand the whole “what’s it worth to you”, but if you literally don’t have that kind of spare change, that retort is a bit of moot! I loved this website and I read through the entire thread. All solid advice! Just curious if you have more applicable advice for those who can’t afford the detox you suggested (and of course it’s possible to smoke without spending your own money, so let’s not do the “you had money for marijuana” bit, because that’s also not always the case lol).

    I don’t think I personally need one, because I have time to naturally detox. But I’d like to find one anyways, and I feel like this would be valuable information for other readers. Thanks in advance!

  • Joey F

    What are the detox drinks that you most recommend? I’m just trying to get clean within a week or so.

  • Riley

    I have been clean for just a little more than 80 days. I am 6’2 and weigh about 245, and have a drug test for a nursing program at my college. I was wondering if this is enough time to pass? I just started to drink a tons of water and looking at getting cranberry juice to help. stopped smoking august 23rd and have not touched it since.

  • Martha

    Hey I smoked the third of this month I am not a heavy smoker and i have a drug test the 17th of this month What do I do

    • Shane Dwyer

      Martha, follow all the directions give above to prior people in your spot. Lots of water, sweat, and cranberry. A detox kit, although you don’t have time for it now, would have been money well spent.

  • JJ

    2 weeks ago I smoked for 5 to 6 days prior, going back to work off of vacation. Taking niacin, cranberry juice, water, and exercising. What do you think

  • LG

    Hi I’m a 39 year old female, 5’3 200 pounds and an average metabolism. I have a test coming up most likely within the next two weeks… I smoked about once a week in October and once on November 15 where I only took about 2-3 hits off a bowl each time. I have been drinking a gallon of water a day along with cranberry juice and cranberry pills. I also have been doing about an hour of cardio a few days in last week. I have been taking multiple at home tests which all came out negative so far… am I going to be good for a test within two weeks?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hi LG,

      Thankfully time is on your side here. You are doing all the right things to get this out of your system, and all signs point to a negative result for you. Keep doing what you are doing.

  • Ryan

    I weigh 250 havent smoked for 2 weeks.. Been drinking tons of water adding golden seal.. Apple cider vinegar and Lemon juice and i attened native american sweats.. Been trying to cleanse.. But still tested positive today…what now..

    • Shane Dwyer

      Ryan, well done. However you probably didn’t get it all out of your system. Being a big guy you probably have a lower metabolism, like me. I’d definitely invest in the detox cleanse, a 5-10 day one.

  • Katie

    So, literally I NEVER smoke marijuana I stopped for 2 years, however i smoked 2 blunts Tuesday night and I have a test this thursday so within a 2 day span ! I have been continuously drinking water and some shots of vinegar and a couple of glasses of cranberry juice as well..I weigh 170 and am 5’7 do I have a chance at passing?

  • Kim

    Hi I’m 27 weeks pregnant and I quit smoking around November 15 or 16. I took a urine test for my doctor around December 3 and it came back still positive. I’m due on march 3rd. Do you think it will be out of my system way before then or what should I do. Can’t really excersize because I’m almost do.

    • Shane Dwyer

      Kim, you smoked weed while pregnant? Talk to your Doctor about THAT, and the dangers involved.

      Also, a detox kit would be a novel idea, like NOW.

  • Troi

    I smoke CBD with a THC level of .3 the night before & I have a urine test today will I pass the drug test?

  • Tony

    I stopped smoking on the on the 15th. I’m 6 ft and weigh 140. I have a high metabolism and I drink plenty of water and started drinking cranberry juice today. I excercise regularly. I have the opportunity for a job on the 3rd of February that requires a urine test. But I can skip out of it and try for the March hiring. Should I go for the 3rd or wait it out?

  • Stephanie Reddicks

    Hi I dont have a mandatory weed test but was told it would help make me look like I’m trying more in a court case. So say I got a drug test in a month would cranberry pills help at all? I’m not looking for a quick fix or a cheat method just and honest easier and healthier way with time.

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hey Stephanie, I’m not sure what you are implying when you say “trying more”? What are you “trying” to accomplish here? Your post is pretty vague. Happy to help but I need to know what you are looking to do.

  • Brent

    Hey Shane, I smoked half an ounce in two and a half weeks and have a drug test in 30 days. What are my odds of passing? I’m 21 years old, 5’8” 150lbs, workout 4-5 days a week, have a good metabolism, and will be drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice until the test. (The test is for a hospital job if that makes a difference).

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hey Brent, it’s impossible to tell you your “odds of passing,” but what I can tell you is that being young and having the workout ethic, metabolism, and water and cranberry is a great start. If this is ultra important to you, I wouldn’t risk not passing it and get a detox kit as well. You don’t want to take any chances if this job is important, which it sounds like it is.

  • Greg

    Is 2 weeks enough time to get clean? I’ve been drinking 2 glasses of cranberry juice every day, 2 glasses of water everyday, and I’ve also done a 7 day detox. I should be good right? I’m only about 130 lbs. and my metabolism is in the stratosphere.

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hey Greg, with that metabolism and weight you should be good. Always a crapshoot, but you have done everything perfectly leading up to the test. I was going to recommend a detox but you already did it. Bravo! Good luck man.

  • Toni

    I don’t know if this posted the first time but I have a DOT urine drug screen test to do on March 5.
    I am a frequent smoker for many years I mostly smoke joints before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning and nothing throughout the rest of the day. I am 5’7 and weigh 200 pounds I do not have a fast metabolism and I don’t exercise regularly just by walking at my current job. On February 23 I smoked and have not smoked since my test is on March 5 just wondering if I would be able to pass the test by drinking cranberry juice starting today and the Q carbo the night before the drug test and in the morning of a drug test without eating anything that morning. Please let me know I need to pass this test.

    • Shane Dwyer

      Toni, with your lifestyle habits you are going to need a lot more than cranbeery juice and Q Carbo. Don’t risk it, get a detox kit STAT.

  • Allen

    So i have been a chronic smoker for about 3 years now and i was informed 3 days ago for an upcoming drug test. Since then i have been taking about 500 mg of niacin every 4-5 hours. and drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice to the point i pee every 15 mins. What are the odds of me passing my test?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Allen, being a chronic smoker for that long of a time period is NOT going to do you any favors. I feel your pain here, but your odds are very slim on that short notice.

  • C

    The last time i smoked (marijuana) was on the 4th of this month. I have a drug test tomorrow (the 10th) at 10am. I’m somewhat of a heavy smoker. I weigh around 120 & i have fast metabolism. I’ve been drinking water/cranberry juice & today im going to run around a track field (basically exercise) & try the certo + Gatorade detox & do it again in the morning before i leave. What are my chances for passing a urine test :((

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hi C, it’s impossible to know with the limited data given. It sounds like you were only drinking fluids for one day, and that simply isn’t enough. However, I don’t know how often you smoked prior, but if it was just that one time, you will have a decent chance if your metabolism is good.

  • J

    The last day I smoked was the 12th of this month and I have a test on the second of April. I took a detox and over diluted on my last test around a week ago. I was very active before this current situation, and have a pretty fast metabolism, and a low amount of body fat. I did however take a drug test around a week ago and only say a very faint passing line after checking the test a day later (was not there after 5 minutes). I have been drinking a large amount of water over the last few weeks and started drinking cranberry juice today. I never exceeded 2gs a month while smoking for 2 months (although it was very strong). What are my odds of passing?

    • Shane Dwyer

      J, you should be okay based on the fact that you will be almost a month and you are doing all the right things. (The drug detox being the most important.)

  • Jazzy

    I was a daily marijuana smoker, I haven’t smoked since March 14th, & I’m supposed to have a test Friday. I’ve been drinking about 85 oz of water a day at minimum and I’ve been working up a sweat at least within the last week. What do you think my chances are? I just started drinking cranberry juice today. I thought about buying the detox drink as well but not sure if it would be here in time?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Jazzy, you would want to add the detox to be certain you’ll pass.

      • Tito

        I have a test coming up in 2 weeks and I smoked 2 days ago. I used to smoke, stopped for 2 months and only took 4 hits on this blunt. I’m 5-11 185 lbs. and my body fat % is 14.5% and I’m 15. I already drink about a gallon of water per day and I just started chugging bottles of oceanspray cranberry juice. Will I be good??

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