My Test Clear Review for 2022 (How it Helped Me Pass a Drug Test)

Let the testing begin!

After 6 months of lighting up and testing each method and passing on all drug tests while doing it through self-funding, I’m ready to reveal my findings in this TestClear Review.


testclear powdered urine

When you have to take a drug test, and you know it won’t come out clean for whatever reason and your life and livelihood are at stake, there’s no room for gambling. This is why I’ve gone the extra mile, so you know which the best product is if it’s crunch time.

Here’s what you need to know. I’m a big-time advocate for marijuana use and more than the average smoker, although I’m far away from Snoop Dogg’s level.

During all these months, I’ve created my own protocol for testing these products out. For a full week, I smoked some high-quality stuff, and then I’ve picked one of the methods and followed the instructions to the T and then went for testing.

Whether you have to face a supervised or unsupervised test or it’s a blood, urine, hair or saliva test, there’s something here for your needs. Picking any of these below will get you a pass.

Show me those negative results!

Best for Oral
10 day detox

Toxin Rid

For Casual and Above Average Users Who Have a Few Days to Spare

The Last Resort – when all else has failed, and your life and livelihood is on the line; this will help

It’s Super-Fast – forget about 60-90 days of painstaking waiting. You can get clean in a few days

Unbeatable Support – they are fast and knowledgeable, and they will find a solution even if you’re a chronic user with the most potent stuff

Best for Urine Test
testclear powdered urine

Urine Powder

For 100% Negative Urine Test You Will Pass all the Time

You Will Pass – it doesn’t matter if it’s a 5,9, or even a 10-panel drug test. You will pass it with ease

Customers for Life – this powder is simple and effective, and it’s so good that most people are repeat customers

Stupid Simple to Use – the process is effortless. All you have to do is mix and keep it at the right temperature

Best Short Notice

Mega Clean

For Heavy Users or Who Need Results ASAP

Not a Gamble – following the instructions to the T will give you a negative result

Most Recommended – most people hear about the Mega Clean from raving friends because it works

Worth the Overnight Shipping – when the job is on the line, there are no cutting corners


The Secret! You don’t have to be 100% clean to pass the drug test. All you need is to have your levels below 50 ng/ml.

Best for Hair Test
Toxin Rid Shampoo

Aloe Rid Shampoo

For Passing a Hair Drug Tests on a Short Notice

They Said It’s Impossible – I beg to differ, and so are hundreds of satisfied stress-free customers

Worth the Buy – Some people almost lost their kids, and this shampoo helped to keep them

It’s like rubbing a lamp, and the genie comes out to grant you that all too important wish

Best for Oral

Toxin Rid Rescue Mouthwash

For Passing Oral Drug Tests With Ease

100% Confidence – it’s fast and works every time if you get the timing right

The Go-To Cure – just a few rinses, and the test comes out negative

Didn’t Stop Smoking It – it still works, though I have my reservations

Powdered Urine Kit – The Best Way to Beat the Unsupervised Urine Test

OMG, this is the best invention since sliced bread.

Warning! This powdered urine kit works best with unsupervised tests. If it’s supervised, you will need a lot of practice, nerves of steel and a hell of acting skill.

testclear powdered urine

This powdered urine kit is as simple as it can get. All you have to do is add water and keep it in the right temperature range. To succeed, you need to practice a bit, and I don’t mean the mixing of the powder and the water.

The temperature is the key factor here. You have to heat it and keep it between 90-100 degrees. For women, it’s ideal for keeping this mixture under the bra, and for guys, the crotch is perfect for it. Now I’ve heard some people going to the extreme like getting a urine bag and strapping the mixture on their thighs and then going on the supervised drug test.

What I’ve noticed is that this mixture will cool 1-2 degrees every 10 minutes, so make sure you are in the right range.

This stuff works like a charm. No wonder there are so many repeat customers.

Food for thought: Make sure you have an extra one of these powders at hand just if you have to do a test at a moment’s notice.

So far, so good. But what are actual users experiencing with the Test Clear kits? Are people having success with this company? Let’s find out. Here are some reports from real Test Clear customers below:

testclear urine

My Take

The fact they are using real human urine is a massive plus and it makes sense why this kit has such a high success rate compared to synthetic urine. The customer reviews are all very positive seem to back up the claim. I would feel very confident using this product for drug tests. It’s probably the best solution that I have found on the market right now.


One thing to note is that this will only work for unsupervised drug testing. If you are being supervised you can’t really mix up a batch of this stuff. Which leads us to our next products….

Supervised Test Offerings:

Toxin Rid – The Best Detox Solution for Urine, Saliva and Blood Drug Test


This is the weapon of last resort.

In most cases, this detox product will get you a negative result in a matter of days. Also, keep in mind this depends on the person. I know for a fact that it has helped a friend of mine who is a chronic smoker and only uses the most potent stuff, and he has passed the test; meanwhile, herbal detox teas didn’t even make a dent.

The Toxin Rid product works amazingly well on supervised drug tests. Plus, you can get a pass even if they are testing saliva, blood and even urine. For this to work, you will need a few days, plus you have to follow everything to the T.

To naturally detox, it takes from 60-90 days, and in most cases, probation officers, job pre-screening, and other things don’t have that type of patience. On the other hand, Toxin, Rid works in a matter of days, and typically it takes 6-8 days to get a pass.

Here’s something you need to know about customer support. They are top-notch. If you have any questions, turn towards them because they can guide you through.

For a supervised test this is your best bet and it works fast.

Toxin Rid Reviews:

Toxin Rid results

My take on Toxin Rid: This is a very solid option for a supervised test. It is all-natural and completely safe with overall good results from customers. Just make sure you also buy at-home test kits to make sure you are passing before your drug test. Also, give yourself plenty of time so you can take further steps if you fail the home drug test.


Mega Clean Drink

Site Value

This is a cleansing drink that seems to be a good option if you have a quick turnaround time before your drug test. It has a lot of very positive online user reviews and is the ‘maximum formula’ which basically means it will work like gang-busters to detox your system very quickly.

Mega Clean comes with six Toxin Rid pills. The idea is you take the pills the day before your test then takes the drink on the day of. The recommended time to take the drink for maximum impact is about 3 hours before.

Be warned though – one side effect of this drink is some frequent and seriously liquid bowel movements. Read the instructions carefully before you try the product!

Mega Clean Drink Reviews

Mega Clean Cleansing Drink results

My recommendation: I would stick with the Toxin Rid if you have a good couple of weeks' notice before your test. Then take a home test and if you fail that, buy the Mega Clean. I believe the shipping time is only 2 days on the Mega Clean so make sure you buy it a few days out. Basically, the Mega Clean is a drink of last resort – if Toxin Rid doesn’t get you low enough or you only have a few days’ notices before the test.

Hair Drug Test Products:

Urine tests are more common than hair follicle tests, mostly because of the cost. However, hair tests happen more often than people realize and it's important to have some reliable solutions on hand.

Test Clear has two main hair testing offerings. Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo is an everyday shampoo that you should begin using around 10 days before your test. You should use it at least 15 times over those 10 days – and preferably more. I recommend twice per day for 10 days to be safe.

Then on the day of the test, you should use Zydot Ultra Clean – this is to be used once only and must be used on the day of the test.

So essentially, using these two products in combination is supposed to get your hair toxin-free for the big day. So let's find out more about these two offerings and how effective they really are.

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo


This looks pretty straightforward, you use it as normal shampoo except leave it in for 10-15 minutes between lather and rinse.

You are supposed to use the shampoo at least 15 times before your test so if you only get a few days’ notices, you will be taking a lot of showers for those few days. It seems like the important thing is how many times you use it, not how many days you use it over.

Online customer reviews and results are very positive. In fact, every person I found had passed their test thanks to the shampoo. Here are some interesting reviews:

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo results

Zydot Ultra Clean


I kind of get the feeling this thing is ultra heavy duty. The kind of product that will really finish off any toxins that are still lingering after the old-style shampoo. To be honest, it's probably overkill but then again it's better to be safe than take any risks with your test.

This shampoo comes with a Shampoo, Purifier, and Conditioner. I think the conditioner is just to get your hair looking nice and natural again and not like you have been blasting it with chemicals in preparation for your test.

People have a lot of good things to say about Ultra Clean, again I couldn’t find a bad review.

Ultra Clean Shampoo results

My Take: If I was getting a hair follicle test I would definitely use both the Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo and the Zydot Ultra Clean. You should not take any risks with your drug test. Better to be safe and do too much than risk not passing. I was very happy to see all the great reviews for products from these two brands and feel comfortable recommending them as a solution for drug tests.

If you have time I would definitely also buy a hair follicle drug testing kit if you could - to make sure that you are passing. If that comes up negative, do another round of the two shampoos – try to get as many washes with the Old Style Toxin Rid as you can before test day.

Overall Verdict and Thoughts on Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit

I am very happy with the Test Clear powdered urine kit with a temperature strip. They are an older established company with a good reputation and no reports of ripoffs or dodgy products. Their products have very good reviews from customers and they seem to have an incredible success rate. On top of that, all the products appear safe to use.

Here’s a recap of the strategies I would take using Test Clear products for various types of tests:

If you are doing an unsupervised urine test I would purchase the powdered urine kit for sample. The main reason being that you don’t have to worry about flushing your own body in the days leading up to the test to pass, and it’s made of a real urine sample and not synthetic urine so it is a 100% reliable sample, and it comes with a temperature strip so you can check if the sample in the container is warm enough to pass.

I recommend starting with Toxin rid for a supervised urine test – do the 10-day one if possible. Make sure to buy a home urine test kit and pass that after finishing the toxin rid cycle. If you are still not passing then follow it up with a Mega Clean drink, that should completely flush out your system. If you don’t have much warning – say only a few days, I would go directly with the Mega Clean drink.

For a hair test – Use the Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo in the days leading up to the test. Be sure to use it at least 15 times for maximum results, as per the instructions. The on the day of the test, use the Zydot Ultra Clean to finish things off.

TestClear Coupon Code

To get 10% off your TestClear purchase, first click here, then use the code “TestClear10” at checkout on the website.

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.


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