CBD Beard Oils

It’s no secret that you can get just about anything with CBD these days, so it shouldn’t alarm you that there are now CBD Beard oils!  If you are a man with a beard, and you are into the beard oils, today I’ll dive into the benefits of grooming your beard with an oil that contains CBD.

Which Beard Oil With CBD is the Best?

The first brand that I saw advertising this type of product is one of my favorite brand in the entire industry, and that’s Hemp Bombs.  Read my full brand review to see why I hold them in such a high regard.

The reason someone would use one of these products is to unlock the potential benefits of CBD to your skin and hair.  I’ve listed some of the major benefits below.

  • Get rid of redness
  • Stop itching
  • Treat discomfort

This is all due to the fact that natural CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties.

#1:  Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs Beard Oil

As you can assume, I liked the hemp bombs CBD beard oil better than the rest.  There are so many reasons to like this product, but let’s start with it’s masculine scent.  It’s formula includes bourbon sandalwood oil, and men with beards are pretty much guys who are lumberjacks who drink bourbon for breakfast.  Moisturizing your facial hair helps it be groom-able and provides you with a polished look.  To use this oil, simply massage it into your facial hair after taking a shower or cleansing your face.  It’ll work immediately.

Other ingredients you’ll find in this premium formula include argan oil, which is an ingredient used in many high end skin care formulas, jojoba oil, and vitamin e oil.  All of these ingredients are sourced from the best Industrial Hemp – organic of course.

Product Specs: 

  • 25 mg of certified pure CBD
  • No THC, NOT a marijuana product
  • Third Party Lab tested
  • Each bottle is 15 ML

What are the Benefits of CBD Beard Oil?

If you are looking to enhance your beard, using an oil with CBD makes a lot of sense.  Here are a few of the many known benefits:

  • Reduction in redness
  • Minimize inflammation
  • Get rid of itchiness
  • Make a softer feel on your beard
  • Sculpt and hold loose hairs
  • The bourbon sandalwood scent is amazing
  • Your beard won’t lose shape during movement
  • Compliments, compliments, compliments!

I’ll also add that when someone compliments a beard, it’s a natural conversation piece.  If I could grow a manly beard, I’d use an oil with CBD just to explain the benefits and stand out from the crowd.

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.


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