How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test

In this drug test, essentially the test administrators will take a sample of your saliva during the mouth swab drug test or a cotton swab drug test. (Just like they would take a hair sample in a hair follicle drug test.)  There are many home remedies to pass a mouth swab test. You don’t have to spend much but do they really work?

Guide to Passing Mouth Swab Drug Tests

Here are the different home remedies commonly used to pass a mouth swab drug test:

  • Listerine: Some people rinse their mouth with Listerine for about 10 minutes before the test. They’ll try to hold the mouthwash in for as long as they can endure to kill all the bacteria. Killing the bacteria is a bad idea because it makes the test administrators might suspect that you’re trying to fake the test.
  • Gasoline: Some brave individuals also use gasoline to rinse their mouth. This isn’t only dangerous but it also doesn’t help you pass the test.

There are some rare cases wherein people pass the test with the use of gasoline or Listerine. However, these people have attempted to detox before they undergo the drug test. So you can’t really tell whether the Listerine or gasoline is the reason for passing the test. If you want to take the risk, try them in your own discretion.

​Top Mouth Swab Drug Test Kit

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If you know that you’re scheduled to take a mouth swab drug test, always keep the mouthwash ready. The bottle is about 1 fl oz small so you can keep it in your pocket. You can also keep it in your table or hide it somewhere in the office.

It’s also easy to use. Just like a typical mouthwash, put some in your mouth and swish it around. Hold the mouthwash for about a minute or two, and you’re ready for anything.

If you are looking to pass drug tests for marijuana, or anything else, we have many guides written on these topics.