Does Target Conduct Drug Tests?

If you want to work at Target, then you should be aware that they conduct drug tests before hiring you. You can also be asked to take a random drug test while working there. So basically, you need to be always on your toes if you want to keep your job at Target.

How Target Handles Company Drug Testing

Target Corp LogoTarget is a very large company that belongs to the same class as Amazon, Home Depot, and WalMart. They’re regulated and observed closely by the U.S. government because they earn too much money. The government wants to make sure that Target conducts its business with dignity.

Having a good workplace environment makes it easier for the US government to manage Target. To make sure that the company maintains a good workplace environment, they conduct drug tests. They do it before employment and while working with them.

The pre-employment drug test occurs right after the last phase of the interviews. The people who’ll hire you usually ask this test if they want to hire you. At this point, you can use anything to pass the test.

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Target also conducts random drug testing on their employees while at work. Oftentimes, they’ll just call a group of people and do a drug test on them. They’ll either direct them to a clinic or conduct the tests themselves.

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You’ll never when it’s going to be your turn since this is random. To prepare for this event, always keep synthetic urine in handy. You can hide it in your desk, bag, or anywhere in the office.

Target usually conducts a five-panel drug test. This test checks for drug substances, like marijuana, ecstasy, amphetamines, cocaine, and the like. Take note that the company will always test you for drugs if you create a commotion in the workplace.

If you test positive on the test, then you’re immediately fired. There are no second chances. So it pays to be always prepared.