Lamar Odom Admits to Using Prosthetic Penis to Pass Olympic Drug Test

Lamar Odom has had one heck of a life, and it’s all being documented in his new book, Darkness to Light, a memoir where he comes clean about many topics that made the media rounds in his storied career on and off of the basketball courts.  In one section, he admits to using a prosthetic penis to pass a drug test in advance of making the United States Olympic team.

Lamar Odom Beats Drug Test to Play for Team USA in the Greece Olympics

Should this surprise you?  It definitely doesn’t surprise me, as drug tests have always been something that people of all walks of life have been able to get around for many decades.  In fact, I’ve dedicated an entire portion of this site to educating people about devices and products used to pass marijuana drug tests, and due to the popularity of the content, I’ve expanded on that over time to include other types of drug testing such as how to use fake urine to pass a piss test, as well as how you can even beat a hair follicle drug test.  Look, if there is something worth gaining by passing a test, people will go to large measure to try to beat them.

Lamar Odom said it was a dream to play for Team USA, and he mentioned that he smoked weed “every day” that summer leading up to the Olympics, so he had to pass a test and was worried about it.  In specific, he detailed how he used a prosthetic penis and used his trainers pee to pass the test.  When the supervisor checked the temperature of the urine sample and was satisfied with it, he said “welcome to team USA.”

And that was it.  Odom made the team and was on his way to playing in the Olympics with LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and others.

I recently wrote about companies and why they are backing off on drug testing (which is a great read and shows you how many people smoke and how it limits the talent pool if people are going to continue to drug test) but in situations like the Olympic Games, we’ll never see any backing off on testing for drugs, doping, and anything else to keep a level playing field.

I’ve been smoking for as long as I can remember, and I’ve done a lot of homework on passing drug tests.  If you really need to pass a test, for any type of situation, the place to visit is Test Clear.  Read my review and you’ll see their entire line of products that can help you pass any test.  I even have a 10% off coupon code which you can use on any product of your choice.

While I only read the story on Fox News about Lamar Odom, I think I’m going to have to get his book.  Any man who has married a Kardashian, cheated on her like heck and lived to tell about it, and almost died in a brothel in Nevada is a guy I want to learn more about.  Viva Lamar!

Author: Shane Dwyer
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