How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test

Hair Testing

Are you hoping to learn how to quickly pass a hair follicle drug test? You’re definitely in the right place if this is the case.

We have focused on teaching people the tricks of the trade to show them how to pass a hair drug test and we’ve been doing it for many years. You can count upon our expertise because we understand what you’re going through, we care, and we want you to know you are in good hands.

You need to have the right knowledge and strategy if you are ever going to pass a hair drug test when you’d normally fail. Learning this process takes time and you may feel like things are out of control because sometimes things might not go the way you’ve planned. But that’s where our advice comes in to help because you’ll know exactly how to pass a hair follicle drug test easily, quickly, and effectively with our guidance.

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Can You Really Pass a Hair Drug Test in 2019?

This may seem impossible at the moment, but it’s definitely something that you can learn. We are starting you off in the right direction today, so read along to learn the truth of the matter.

What You’ll Learn about Passing a Hair Drug Test in This Article

  • You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of passing a hair drug test
  • You’ll discover explanations about the weaknesses and strengths of a hair drug test
  • You’ll uncover urban legends and effective tricks that claim to make it possible to overcome the odds and beat a hair drug test – they don’t work
  • You’ll learn the least riskiest way to pass a hair drug test

The Honest Facts about a Hair Drug Test

    This test is ultimately used as a way to detect if a person has taken a wide range of drugs that can be found within their hair follicles. Healthcare professionals typically administer the test and the results are analyzed in a laboratory setting.

    The Truth about Hair Follicle Drug Test Detection Times

    Typically speaking, drugs can be detected in your hair follicles for around 90 days, which is a long time if you know anything about typical drug testing. As an example, a urine test will typically detect drugs for about a week or possibly less. Saliva tests and blood tests are even less effective because they only work for a few days after taking drugs.

    Who Typically Asks for a Hair Drug Test?

    More often than not, the only people that will want a hair drug test are the court or a potential or current employer. Certain business models like piloting, mass transit, safety, and driving will typically require a hair follicle test. Schools and universities, media companies, and hospitals might ask for a hair follicle test as well. It’s also possible that local, state, and federal agencies will require this type of testing too.

    Passing a Hair Drug Test

    We’ve accumulated much information about this topic throughout the years. Some of it you may know and some may be brand-new to you. Regardless, you should read this entire article because the information could be invaluable and you do not want to accidentally miss something by skimming.

    What Is a Hair Drug Test Anyway?

    For the most part, this test requires the hair shaft instead of blood, saliva, or urine. When compared to other tests of this kind, it’s very difficult to fake or beat the results of a hair test since drugs can stay in your hair follicles for as long as 90 days.

    What Can a Hair Follicle Drug Test Tell?

    This test is very accurate and it can tell whether or not a person uses a specific drug. It can tell how long the drug was being used. It can tell when a person stopped using the drug. It can even tell the tester the amount of the drug that was being used.

    The good thing is that companies rarely require this test because it’s quite expensive. So, just know that your odds of being asked to take this test are very slim, although you’ve probably been asked about it already if you’re reading this information.

    Why Would an Employer or Anyone Else Want You to Take a Hair Follicle Test?

    At the end of the day, this test is as much as 5 or 10 times more accurate than a urine test. In fact, 85% of the people taking urine tests can often beat the screening without the tester even knowing it.

    So certain jobs require this type of testing because they want the most accurate results. As mentioned, it’s a lot harder to cheat a hair follicle test and it can provide the most accurate results in a number of different categories.

    It’s hard to cheat this test for the following reasons:

    • The person collecting the sample is going to pluck the hair follicle from your head themselves.
    • It will be nearly impossible to swap your hair with a clean sample.
    • Nothing you eat or drink can alter the results of a hair follicle test.

    The Types of Drugs Detected by a Hair Drug Test

    In all honesty, hair tests can basically detect any drug they might want to test for. In fact, you’ll have no idea what the tester is going to test for ahead of time so you should prepare for anything.

    The drugs being tested typically include the following: cocaine, heroin, prescription opiates like hydrocodone, hydromorphone, and morphine, OxyContin, Percocet, oxycodone, Vicodin and more. They could test for amphetamines including Dexedrine, phentermine, Ritalin, and Adderall including MDA and MDMA.

    The tester may look for benzodiazepines including Valium, Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax, Restoril, Serax and others. Or they may look for barbiturates including amobarbital, butabarbital, phenobarbital, Nembutal, and other options. Or the testing center may look for Suboxone and Subutex as well as other types of buprenorphine.

    Let’s not forget about crystal meth, methadone, ecstasy, hydrochloride, Darvocet, and other drugs of this type.

    Additional Drugs That Can Be Requested on the Test

    These drugs can also be requested if the tester is willing to pay an additional cost. But they are not typically on the basic test. The drugs in question include ketamine, synthetic marijuana, fentanyl, and Flexeril.

    What Drugs Are Typically Not Screened for in a Hair Drug Test?

    As you can imagine, a hair drug test is not going to screen for every specific type of drugs. Drugs typically left off of this test include anabolic steroids, inhalants, peyote, mescaline, mushrooms, and LSD.

    Is It Possible to Experience a False Positive with a Hair Test?

    Unfortunately, nothing is perfect in this life and false positives are possible even with a hair drug test. You may have eaten something that is triggering the test and making it show up positively that you are using the drug even though it isn’t true.

    As an example, poppy seeds can show up as a false positive for opiates. Some prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications can also skew the results of a hair drug test and make it appear like a false positive.

    Another example is decongestants. They contain ephedrine which could trigger a false positive and make it seem like you are taking amphetamines even if you aren’t. Nasal sprays and products containing hemp can also trigger a false positive for marijuana usage and other drugs. And let’s not forget about Sudafed, ibuprofen, and Midol as well since they can trigger a false positive too.

    If you’re taking a hair follicle test, this can obviously be very worrying. But there’s no reason to worry because this doesn’t happen all that frequently, so keep that in mind and try not to get too stressed out over potential results that probably won’t happen.

    If you’re taking a hair follicle test, this can obviously be very worrying. But there’s no reason to worry because this doesn’t happen all that frequently, so keep that in mind and try not to get too stressed out over potential results that probably won’t happen.

    4 Ways to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test

    Simplicity is the key to passing a hair follicle drug test. If this test is imminent in your life, you can use one of the four strategies we’ve listed below. No other choice can help you but these.

    • Let the drugs clear from your system naturally – if time is on your side, it’s certainly possible to pass a test if you use no other drugs for 110 days. After that, get a haircut and they will be out of your hair 100%.
    • Try urban legends and pray for success – there are lots of tricks and urban legends out there that swear you’ll be able to pass a hair drug test. But the truth is these tricks aren’t going to work and they never will so forget this stupid idea and move on.
    • Avoid using drugs altogether – nobody’s reading this if they’ve avoided drugs, so I guess this is already out of the question. But if you don’t take drugs in the first place, you’ll never have to worry about failing a hair follicle test.
    • Use a product to detox your hair – many of the detox products on the market aren’t very effective. Their aim is to eliminate drugs from your hair follicles. But these drugs are embedded deeply within the follicle, so the only way to get rid of it is to actually destroy the follicle in most cases.

    Ultra Clean Shampoo is the only option that actually works and works successfully. You use this the DAY OF YOUR TEST.

    Instead of attempting to remove the hair follicle by destroying it, it seals the hair follicles so they don’t show up on a drug test, which is pretty ingenious if I do say so myself.

    What you’ll want to do prior to that, is use the Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo on a daily basis leading up to your test.
    It looks like this….

    Toxin Rid Shampoo

    Using Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid on a daily basis prior to your test and Ultra Clean Shampoo on your testing day gives you the best possibility of flushing toxins out completely.

    Washing Hair

    If you use the right shampoo (Scroll down) you can essentially help yourself beat a
    drug test.

    For those of you who want to invest in a kit that will show you if this is successful, you can also buy a kit to tell you if your hair follicle will pass!

    This kit (linked below) is a method used by law enforcement officials and testing organizations. It’s very trusted and provides extreme accuracy that will give a drug history for up to 90 days. It’s more sensitive than saliva and urine tests.

    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about a Hair Follicle Test

    How Do Hair Follicles Get Contaminated?

    Simply put, contamination happens from prescription drugs and other medications as well as injecting, smoking, or snorting illegal narcotics. Your body will then metabolize these drugs, they will move through your bloodstream, and during this process they become trapped in your hair.

    The amount in your hair is based on the amount of the drug you ingested. You cannot remove this from your hair follicle because it will have to be destroyed. As your hair grows out, you could eventually cut it to eliminate the contaminated hair follicle or you can use a masking shampoo.

    Hair Follicle Structure

    Hair follicles are made up of three particular layers. There is an inner layer known as the medulla. There is a second layer known as the cortex. And the cuticle is the outer layer. Contaminated metabolites will end up in the cortex.

    How Does a Hair Follicle Test Work?

    During the test, a trained hair collector will perform the extraction in a clinical setting. Then the hair will be sent to a lab to analyze it and retrieve the data.

    During the collection process, a sample of your hair will be obtained from anywhere on your body because it doesn’t really matter. But most likely it will come from the top of your head.

    Usually, the collection expert will grab the hair from your scalp and get as close to it as possible to get the best results. Many try to shave their head to beat the test, but the tester can grab samples from anywhere including your pubic hairs, leg hairs, and hair under your arms. In fact, some testers will take samples from numerous locations on your body and compare the results.

    The hair testing process is very simple. They will cut hair into small pieces, put it in a solvent, and put the solution into a centrifugal to separate the particles. Then the hair analysis portion of the test takes place and the testing center will be able to identify if you’ve taken any drugs, for how long, and what types based on the results.

    What Happens When a Hair Sample Is Taken?

    The person collecting the hair will get a sample that is about 1 ½ inches long and they will grab it from the scalp as close as they possibly can. Typically, the width consists of the size you normally find on the eraser of a pencil.

    The collection process is very unobtrusive and they will get the hair from a part of the scalp that will not create any potential cosmetic issues. The testing center doesn’t want you to look stupid, they just want a bit of your hair so they could test it directly.

    If the person objects, they can ask to have hair taken from a different part of their body. Remember, it doesn’t have to come from the top of your head. The hair can come from your underarms, pubic region, and legs or other parts of your body with large patches of hair.

    Men can expect to get their hair taken from their legs or underarms more often than not if they refuse the top of the head. Women can easily have hair removed from the top of their head without anybody noticing. If you refuse to give them a sample, you will automatically fail the test and if court is involved this can create a major problem.

    What If You Have a Buzz Cut?

    If you typically like to shave your head, it’s possible for the testing center to use less than 1 ½ inches. They could take shorter hair and just take more of it to give them additional quantity. Or on the other hand, they’ll try to use other areas of your body where the hair might be longer.

    The 3 Part Ultra Clean Shampoo Program

    • Packet #1 – the first part of the program will wash away finishing, styling, and hairspray products and other external barriers. It will also wash away grime and dirt because the shampoo is really great.
    • Packet #2 – this is the most important part of the process because the second packet is going to make it possible for you to pass a hair test. This packet is going to prepare and clean the surface of your hair follicle and during this process, the second packet also contains a sealer that won’t be removed by solvent and it will remain very pliable so the drug test will not work correctly. The sealer is going to seal all ends of your hair no matter what lengths the tester cuts them, so they will never get to your metabolites and they will never know which drugs you’re on if you don’t want them to.
    • Packet #3 – the third packet is made up of a conditioner. This conditioner is important because it gives your hair a natural look and feel. Otherwise it may not look right and the tester will think that you are attempting to alter the results of the drug test. The detox products tend to leave a chemical dullness that lets testers know that you are attempting to deter the results. So this conditioner is going to make your hair look normal and natural and nothing will seem like it is out of sorts.

    Why Is Ultra Clean Shampoo so Unique?

    This product is very unique for a few different reasons. But for the most part, it’s unique because it’s effective and it will help you pass a hair follicle test.

    To quickly review, when you undergo a hair drug test the tester will be able to tell that there are drugs in your hair in your system by taking tiny samples of your hair, running them through a centrifugal device, and then testing them by pulling the drugs out of the hair follicle through metabolites.

    You Really Can Put Your Faith in Ultra Clean Shampoo

    It might seem scary putting your faith in the shampoo, but you honestly have nothing to worry about. This is the only hair detox product that comes at this problem from a totally different direction. In fact, it really isn’t a detox product at all because it’s just attempting to mask the metabolites in the hair follicle by hiding them. It isn’t trying to clean the drugs out of your hair whatsoever and that’s the reason why it works.

    The sealer is the most important part of the Ultra Clean Shampoo program and the reason why it is so effective. The sealer is unique because it’s pliable and resistant to solvent, which makes it the perfect substance to put on your hair follicles to prevent the tester from getting accurate results.

    • No matter where your hair gets cut, the sealer will close your follicles and entirely seal them off into tiny capsules.
    • When the capsules are put into solvent the drug metabolites will not be removed from your hair because they are protected. That’s why this product helps you test clean.
    • The Ultra Clean Shampoo product isn’t perfect and it cannot seal off every one of your hair follicles on both ends. Sometimes metabolites are going to get through, but it will be in such small concentrations that it will appear that you test clean on your results.
    • This product does not have an unlimited shelf life so to speak. After applying it to your hair, it’s only going to last for about eight hours. So you have to use the sealer and the shampoo right before you go into your drug test to achieve the best results. So as an example, do not start the process 24 hours before you take the test. Only start the process less than eight hours before you have to give a hair sample.
    • The sealant on the Ultra Clean Shampoo will protect your hair sample and you will test negative instead of positive, which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

    Detection Times for Hair Follicle Drug Tests

    As mentioned a few times, the hair sample for this test should be about 1 ½ inches. Since most people’s hair grows at different rates, this one and a half inch sample is a sample that makes up about 90 days, give or take a few days here and there. Hair under the arms grows slower and could actually add a week to the detection time.

    Again, if you want to have the piece of mind knowing what your test will say, buy the Hair Confirm Drug Testing Kit.

    The Detection Time Lasts 90 Days, Right? Maybe Not.

    If the collector takes 2 inches instead of an inch and a half, they will be testing 120 days instead of 90. So that’s going to add another month onto your detection time.

    Remember, they aren’t actually measuring your hair, so you better keep that in mind because they may end up snipping off more than you bargained for. So if you’re trying to beat this test the natural way by not doing any drugs, you should definitely quit at least four months in advance, and more if possible.

    The Truth about Hair Follicle Detection Times.

    Typically the test might go from 120 days at the far end to 1 to 2 weeks on the lower end. So keep that in mind as you prepare for your upcoming hair follicle test.

    The long and short of it.

    If the situation warrants it, testers can go back really far and test for years in the past if you have really long hair. In fact, if the hair is like 24 inches or longer, they can test four years in the past. The metabolites will degrade over time, so the test might not be as effective. Plus, it’s rare for a test to warrant this type of scrutinization and so it’s not going to happen too often.

    Learning to Pass a Hair Drug Test: the Do’s and Don’ts

    As you have learned, there aren’t too many things that you can do to alter the outcome of this test. Ultra Clean Shampoo is honestly your best bet besides waiting it out and then cutting your hair to get rid of all of the metabolites – a.k.a. the evidence. But there are definitely a few ways to prepare to pass this drug test as well and there are certain things you’ll want to do to make the whole situation much better on yourself.

    So please consider the following:

    • Try not to make a spectacle of yourself – by that we mean do whatever the tester asks you to do and don’t do anything to stand out. Try not to be overly friendly. Try not to be overly angry or standoffish. Act like yourself, show up organized, and do whatever they need to do to get the test done. It’s going to be better on you the less attention you happen to draw to yourself, so keep that in mind.
    • Spend time learning about hair drug tests – knowledge is power, or so they say. So if you are taking a hair follicle test in the future, it makes sense to alleviate your anxiety and nervousness by learning about the test and the ways to beat it. This information will help you stay calm, cool, and collected instead of uptight, anxious, and nervous, which could tip off the tester and set off alarm bells that you don’t want going off.
    • Show up to your test with the right paperwork – in many cases you’ll need to show up with certain material and documentation before taking the test. Bring this paperwork with you to prevent any unfortunate mishaps from taking place. The more prepared you are, the better off you’re going to be, and this includes bringing the right paperwork with you.
    • Spend time preparing and getting ready for the test – again, make sure you have all the information gathered and with you before taking the test. If you are on prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications, or even vitamins for that matter, write them down and keep them on a list so the tester knows about them. Bring copies of all your prescription medications with you to prove that you are taking these meds prescribed by a doctor. For the most part, the testers are going to want to know which medications you’ve been taking for the last 30 days. If they forget to ask for some reason, remember to volunteer this information ahead of time. You do not want them to detect these things and think you’re taking them without a prescription because that’ll create another problem in and of itself that you’d rather avoid.
    • Know anyone who’s taken a hair follicle test? – If you’ve known someone who has taken this test, talk to them about it and see if they can tell you about what you can expect. You don’t want to draw any attention to yourself, so only ask the right people that you know will not talk too much or draw attention to your issue.
    • Remember to bring ID with you – more likely than not, you’ll have to provide identification when you go in for the test. So bring your driver’s license or passport book or card to prove who you are at the testing facility.
    • The testing facility – you want to show up to the testing facility on time or early. So know the location, look at it on a map or plug it into your GPS and remember not to get lost because you don’t want to get there late.
    • Keep personal items at home or in your car – showing up with too many personal items to your appointment is going to become annoying because you’ll have to place them off to the side. To make it easier for the technician and everyone else, only bring items that are essential and leave everything at home or in your vehicle.
    • Take care of your child care issues ahead of time – if childcare is going to be a problem, make sure you find a babysitter or drop your kid off at daycare, and remember to schedule your appointment with them well in advance. Children cannot attend this test so do not bring them with you because you’re going to create more of a problem than it’s worth it if you do.

    Warning: Hair Follicle Drug Test Tricks and Deceptions Do Not Work so Don’t Even Bother Trying Them Because You’ll Fail Your Test

    Shaving your head works, right? Not exactly even though it seems like a good idea. You’ll have to shave your entire body including your eyebrows, and it would honestly make you look very suspicious so don’t even waste your time getting a buzz cut unless you happen to like it.

    How Testing Centers Can Handle Buzz Cuts Differently

    In some situations, the testing center will turn you away because it will seem like you are trying to avoid the drug test. In other situations, if your hair is too short to test, you’ll have to take a blood test or urine test as well as a hair sample test.

    Besides that, you may be required to give a sample of your body hair if necessary. Or the testing center is going to take hair from different parts of your body including your head, armpits, underarms, and pubic region. So if any of that seems embarrassing to you, do not show up with a bald head because the tester is going to get your hair one way or another, so you might as well make it as easy on yourself and them as possible.

    How to Think like a Hair Follicle Drug Tester

    1. it’s pretty easy to tell if you’ve just shaved your head for the first time. This is going to put you under a tremendous amount of suspicion with the tester and they are going to question you about it. Or even worse, if they think something suspicious is happening because you have a shaved head, they may tell you to turn around and go home and just fail you outright for trying to manipulate the results.
    2. Collectors aren’t stupid and they know when you are trying to alter the results of the test. If you have a shaved head, they are going to ask you to give them longer hair from your body if the hair on your head is too short. In fact, the hair on your body might be longer than the hair on your head would’ve been, and the detection time could potentially be longer because of your error.
    3. Never, never shave your whole body because it’s going to look ridiculous and it’s going to prove that you are trying to beat the test. They will not be able to get a hair sample so you’re going to fail the test completely because the tester will not be able to do his or her job. And if you fail, you could end up going back to jail, losing your job, or not getting the job you were trying to get, which doesn’t solve your problem in the least. It just makes matters worse.

    Using Home Remedies to Pass a Hair Drug Test

    Unfortunately, no home remedies available have been successful up until this point. The only thing that has ever worked is Ultra Clean Shampoo that we know about. Most of the success stories online haven’t been verified and they are usually fake because people make them up to sell your products that do not work.

    All about Hair Drug Test Urban Legends

    Most people have heard many of the hair follicle drug test urban legends at this point. By urban legends, we mean phony success stories that people write about using crazy tricks and B.S. hocus-pocus. These stories are designed to convince you to pull out your wallet and buy products that do not work. This is a risky proposition and it’s something you should definitely avoid at all costs.

    Here are some urban legends to avoid:

    • Detox drinks – these drinks do not work for hair drug tests so don’t even bother with them because you’ll waste your money.
    • DIY hair follicle shampoos – using remedies at home to create hair follicle shampoos will not work. These shampoos do not detoxify your hair follicle; they only destroy them, and tip the testing center off to your manipulation.
    • Bleaching a.k.a. the Jerry G Method – this method tells you to use a detox toxin shampoo, which we know doesn’t work. Then they tell you to use peroxide bleach to bleach your hair. Then they want you to dye your hair again with this method. Don’t waste your time because it doesn’t work anyway.
    • Additional DIY methods – washing your hair with vinegar, acne treatment, rosemary shampoo, baking soda and dying your hair. None of these methods work either, so forget about them altogether and stick with the Ultra Clean Shampoo.

    Hair Follicle Drug Test FAQ

    You have questions undoubtedly and we have answers for you. Some of the most common questions are included below:

    Q: Will I automatically have a criminal record if I test positive on a hair follicle test?
    A: You will not automatically wind up with a criminal record since this test is confidential and the results will not be shared with anyone besides your employer, potential employer, or the person who ordered the test.

    Q: Can the tester detect drugs in a hair follicle test past 90 days?
    A: Yes, depending on the length of the hair, the tester can determine if you’ve taken drugs as long as four years in the past if the hair is long enough.

    Q: Will I fail a hair follicle drug test through second hand exposure to drugs?
    A: Many people are worried that they will fail a hair drug test due to secondhand exposure. But this is not going to happen, because the hair might carry small traces of the substances, but the only way they’ll reach the hair follicle completely is through the bloodstream.

    Q: Can I use hair samples from my hairbrush or something similar?
    A: A tester is not going to take a hair sample that you hand them. They are physically going to remove the hair from your body – most likely your head – themselves and then perform the test. So don’t even bother bringing in old hair from a hairbrush and think the tester is going to use it because he or she will not.

    Q: How long does it take for hair to grow on your head?
    A: For the most part, a person’s hair will grow about a half an inch per month, but this rate can vary from person to person. That’s why one and a half inches of hair is about a 90 day sample.

    Q: How long does it take for drugs to show up in your hair follicles?
    A: Oddly enough, the drugs aren’t going to immediately show up in your hair follicles the very next day. In fact, it will take about 5 to 7 days after using drugs before it shows up in your hair because the hair has to grow above the scalp for this to happen. Since hair collectors have a hard time getting it very close to the scalp, you can bet your bottom dollar that it won’t show up for at least a week.

    Q: Are there any chemicals to skew the results of a hair follicle test?
    A: The short answer is no. We’ve told you many times throughout this article that chemicals like sprays and conditioners cannot skew the results of the test so don’t even bother trying.

    Q: Can they use an older hair sample for this test?
    A: Yes an older hair sample can be used. But the odds of that happening are very slim because the testing center is going to want to remove the hair from you directly instead of having you hand them a clump of your old hair.

    Q: Will the results of hair follicle tests hold up in court?
    A: Yes, these results are going to hold up in court because this is one of the most accurate tests out there.

    Q: Can ecstasy show up in a hair follicle drug test?
    A: Again, the short answer is yes. It will show up as an amphetamine in a hair follicle drug test.

    Q: Can this procedure test for opiates of the semi synthetic variety such as oxycodone?
    A: Yes it can determine if somebody has taken semi synthetic opium like hydromorphone, oxycodone, oxymorphone, and hydrocodone.

    Q: If you only do drugs one time will it show up in a hair follicle test?
    A: Yes it is going to show up in this test even if you only use drugs one time and never again.

    Q: How long will marijuana stay in my hair?
    A: If you use marijuana heavily, you could expect it to stay in your hair sample for 90 days at a minimum.

    Q: Is it possible to get weed out of your hair faster?
    A: No it’s not. But you can mask it by covering it up with Ultra Clean Shampoo.