Best Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2019

​With the legalization of Cannabis taking place in more and more states, dry herb vaporizing is becoming more and more popular. 

​And if you love cannabis – like so many people do – you’ll be happy to know that there are many more ways to enjoy this experience. In fact, new technology has sprung up that is stylish, quite affordable, and really easy to use as well.

The best vaporizers for dry herbs work best for loose leaf material like marijuana or other herbs, but certain concentrates go with them as well.

Recent studies have discovered that marijuana smoke contains toxic chemicals. So, more and more people have begun vaping weed for a cleaner, healthier experience.

​Top Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers




​Our #1 Pick

MigVapor Dray

  • ​1800mAh battery​ ​(lasts longe​r)
  • ​Adjustable heat settings
  • ​Digital OLED Display
Pax 3 vaporizer

Pax 3 Vaporizer

  • ​Takes Dry Herb + Concentrate
  • ​60+ Temperature Settings
  • ​Bluetooth Enabled

​Davinci IQ

  • ​Precision Temperature Control
  • ​Boost & Standby Mode
  • ​Up to 1.5 hrs usage time
Herb-e micro vaporizer


  • ​Smallest (good for concealing)
  • ​One-button control
  • ​Two Temperature Settings

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Moving on…

There are currently four vaporizer categories. And in those four categories, we have seven dry herb vaporizers that we really love. We are going to review those vaporizers, tell you all about them, and share even more information with you below.

Let’s get to it.

The top brand in the entire vaping space is VaporFI.

You’ll see an incredible selection of products from e-juices, to devices, to weed vaporizers.  They have it all. If you vape at all, that’s the top brand you’ll want to make an account with if you want the best quality devices and accessories all in one single shop.

Next on the list is Direct Vapor. They carry just about everything!  I’ll do my best to link you to the products we review, but know that their entire store is like a Mega Mall of products.

If you are looking for the Grand Daddy of them all, check out the FireFly2.

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Firefly2 for Dry Herbs

Top 2019 Dry Herb Vaporizers

The PAX 3

A High Quality, Dual Use Smart Weed Vaporizer

Have you ever wondered why the PAX 3 is so smart? More than anything else, this vaporizer is interesting because it vibrates to let you know that it’s ready. This is called haptic feedback. The device also has Bluetooth capabilities. These capabilities make it easier than ever to discover the perfect heat setting while vaping right from your smart phone.

Better yet, the PAX 3 is a great looking vaporizer. When compared to other portable dryer vaporizers, it looks nothing like the rest which is a nice change of pace.

The top of the device is hidden by the mouthpiece and all features are controlled by a single button. Since it is a dual use device, you can vape extracts using the wax canister.

With the Bluetooth and the app, it’s easy to make heat adjustments but the vaporizer also has a direct heat style. It’s also relatively large with a 3500 mAh battery, which is great because it can heat it up within a matter of seconds.

What we like: it is a dual use vaporizer and has customizable Bluetooth capabilities, it’s discrete, it’s portable, it heats quickly, and material is conserved during one person sessions because of the half pack lid.

What we don’t like: it’s a bit expensive and the finish is easily chipped.

  1. The Plenty Vaporizer

Our Favorite Desktop Vaporizer for the Ultimate Vaping Experience

This vaporizer model is very unique as far as desktop devices are concerned. It’s quite distinctive because out of all of the high-end devices of its kind, it can vape dry herb and thick oils, whereas many other devices of its type cannot.

Not only is this desktop vaporizer of the highest quality, it’s also quite versatile as well which is why we put it on our top rated list. Oils and concentrates are becoming more popular than ever these days.

As far as desktop vaporizers go, the Plenty is actually on the smaller side. Some people might even look at it as a large portable, but it still has the same power of a desktop device, which is pretty great.

You inhale the vapor through the metal coil and then the vapor is cooled before it hits the mouthpiece. It has accurate temperature control – better than most products of its kind – which is great because it’s very easy to adjust the vapor so you get as much as you want based on your personal taste.

The length of the cord is one potential drawback. You really need to use this device with an extension cord, and this is especially true if you’re using it in a group and passing it around.

Storz& Bickel, creators of the Volcano vaporizer, have also created the Plenty, and as we all know, they are one of the top companies in the industry. So you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth no matter what.

What we like: itcan be used with oils, concentrates, and dry herbs. It has adjustable temperature settings, durable build materials like aluminum and stainless steel, it has a lightweight, ergonomic, and unique design, and the vapor quality is unmatched by any device of its kind.

What we don’t like: it’s a high-priced device and its high maintenance.


  1. Herb-E fromMig Vapor

Our Favorite Low-Cost Portable Vaporizer. It takes our top spot for the best dry herb vaporizer under $100.

The Herb-E is another one of the many great devices from MIG Vapor. This device is perfect because it’s small and it’s easy to use with medical marijuana and other herbs and it’s really powerful to boot.

It is made with a carbon fiber wrap that goes around its construction, which is made of all metal. It’s lightweight and sturdy, it has aluminum chambers, and it even has two heat settings.

The heat settings are known as relaxed mode and angry mode. You can switch back and forth through them by holding and pushing the power button. The yellow light indicates the relaxed mode and the angry mode is indicated by the red light, which will tell you which one is in use.

Even though it is small in size, it has a 1200 mAh battery nonetheless. The battery life is excellent, the battery capacity is strong, and with only two heat settings, you can expect the battery to last a long time.

What we like: it’s small and portable, has two preset temperature settings, a long-lasting battery, and a 90 day warranty.

What we dislike: the settings aren’t adjustable and the magnetic cap has a tendency to come loose.

  1. The Mig Vapor Pro 50 Combustor

A High Wattage and Powerful Dry Air Vaporizer for Less Than $100

This device is powerful and it can definitely vape at levels of 50 W. You can burn marijuana in this device and it also combines two other Mig vapor products. It has an all ceramic porcelain heating element and it has a 1600 mAh battery, which makes this a very powerful and desirable device.

When you look at the battery section, it appears to look like a tube. But really it has an LED display at its base to help you control wattage and heating. The sides have two selector buttons, the battery can hit 50 W, although the recommended wattage is 29 W. 50 W is for those who are smoking, not vaping.

What we like: it has a1600 mAh battery; it has a bottom LED display, the battery and tank are compatible with other devices, the settings are adjustable, and it combines a 50 W mod with a sub- ohm herb tank.

What we don’t like: it takes a long time to heat up and it’s easy to break the glass parts on the device.

  1. Mig Vapor DRAY

Our Favorite Compact and Adjustable Entry-Level Vaporizer

The Dray is an excellent device for those just getting into vaping. But experienced vapers will certainly appreciate the adjustable settings, the all quartz large heating chamber, and the large digital OLED display that shows temperature and battery life.

It has three buttons for control on the side of the device which is used to apply the heat. It has a great range of 385°F to 430°F, it’s compact, has a rubber exterior, and it’s really easy to use and makes an excellent we vaporizer. You can only use dry herb materials since it cannot burn concentrates, so definitely keep that in mind.

What we like: it’s made with quartz heating technology, delivers high-end performance at a fair price, it has a smooth draw, and it has a large 1800 mAh battery.

What we dislike: the warm-up time is a little bit longer than we prefer.

Reviewing the Top Dry Herb Vaporizers

Unfortunately, this is a very saturated market so there are many dry herb vaporizers to choose from. Some are going to be better than others, but for the most part many will not impress you very much. So spend time looking over the devices that we’ve recommended because we weeded them out for you already. These are our top picks in. 2018, so they are unquestionably worth considering since we do consider them the top-of-the-line devices.

The Best Qualities to Consider for Weed Vaporizers

If you’re looking to try something different, then dry herb vaporizers are going to be right up your alley. People certainly still love smoking weed, but vaping materials takes things to a whole new level and it’s kind of awesome. So discovering the top weed vaporizer is important because it must have enough heat to extract all of the active ingredients so you get the effect that you desire.

These devices create a purity that does not come in the form of smoke. This vapor is clean and clear and it does not have any harmful chemicals within it. That’s why it’s crucial to find dry herb vaporizers that can reach the right temperatures. If the heat is too strong burning will ensue. If the heat is too little there will be no vaping at all.

The main things to look for in the best weed vaporizers include the following:

  • settings controlled by the user
  • preset settings

If a vaporizer has both of these features, you’ve definitely got a good device on hand. Many of the top midrange vaporizers have one-button controls with preset settings. For the most part, the settings are between 220°F and 420°F, although some can go even higher than 420°F.

It’s easy to use a vaporizer that has preset settings already built-in. But some people like to control the heat themselves, so they obviously want a vaporizer that also has user controlled settings. Because as we’ve discussed, temperature will have a major effect on the vapor, so temp control is crucial and seriously one of the most important features available.

As far as vaping weed is concerned, you need to keep in mind that temperatures between 350°F and 420°F aren’t strong enough to reach the combustion process to kill the toxins present in marijuana. But when you do reach the combustion process, there will be no benzene and no carbon dioxide, just a clean hit of THC, which is exactly what you’re hoping for. Plus, this clean hit tastes better than smoking pot so it’s a win-win all around.

A top-of-the-line portable vaporizer is made up of one of two materials in the heating chamber:

  • stainless steel
  • ceramic

These materials are both important because they don’t react to heat. They aren’t going to burn, melt, or fall apart under high temperatures. It’s also important to know that you aren’t going to be inhaling any unhealthy toxins or chemicals either, which is crucial to your health.

On the other hand, when the chamber is made of steel, it may cost more, but it will heat up quicker and it’s really easy to clean. Ceramic on the other hand is lighter, not as expensive, but it’s harder to clean and it will take longer to heat up.

At first, loose leaf vaporizing devices began as a desktop unit. These large machines cost a lot, so it’s good that portable units are available today.

Portable vaporizers are efficient because they’re using many of the same elements and materials as their desktop counterparts. They have temperature control, clear vapor paths, and convection/conduction heating. If someone wanted to vape marijuana in the past, they needed to have a special rig using butane torches and fire. The rigs weren’t portable and they definitely weren’t convenient. Today’s vaporizers are discrete, small, and very portable.

The Top Brands of Portable Vaporizers

First up is V2. We told you about two of their portable units. The first was the Series 7 and the second was the Series 3X. Both of these devices are awesome for their own reasons and they are versatile, have separate cartridges, and they are very easy to use as well.

We also mentioned the PAX 3. As far as weed vaporizers go, this is currently the most advanced option. The PAX 3 is a dual device which means it can vape concentrates and herbs.

Lastly, we shared information about three Mig vapor products. Each one is easy to use, strong, durable, and they have high quality performance and affordable prices.

Purchasing a New Vaporizer

It’s possible to find an inexpensive vaporizer very quickly online. Online vendors have an incredible selection, have new deals for their users every day, and often sell them at the lowest available prices. The local vapor shops on the other hand typically focus on box mods and e- cigs. They may have some gear for herbs, but you’ll probably pay a much higher amount than you’d pay buying directly from the manufacturer.

As you can imagine, head shops are still very old school. They have lots of pipes and bonds and other accessories, but very little along the lines of vaping.

FAQ for Dry Herb Vaporizers

What’s the Significance of Using Vaporizers for Weed?

There are many harmful byproducts when you burn something, including burning marijuana. On the other hand, when you vaporize weed you are getting a great high, but you aren’t inhaling the nasty toxins and chemicals.

Why Do Vaporizers Cost so Much?

It’s no secret that vaporizers are expensive. It’s also no secret that they do a lot, have LED screens, use batteries and heating elements, and produce vapor instead of smoke. This creates a high quality and safe experience. Instead of using cheap plastic and glue that’s filled with chemicals and other toxins, they use glass, quartz, and ceramic, which make them very safe and effective.

By using a better product, you are also using a safer product. Now that the quality of these devices has improved tremendously, there are fewer explosions, which is certainly a good thing. Plus, they are now being tested rigorously and the mechanical mods are no longer causing as many problems as they once did. So, if you want a high-quality product, you have to be willing to pay the piper in order to get one.

Still, there are also a number of great affordable portable options. In fact, some even cost less than $50, which really isn’t all that expensive in the long run. Desktop vaporizers should be considered more like a home appliance including your stove or refrigerator. The investment is high initially, but it will last a long time, continue performing well, and you won’t have to replace it for many years.

What Are the Most Important Qualities of the Best Vaporizers?

After reading our reviews, you can probably tell that the three most important qualities are the price, the adjustable heat settings, and the quality build materials. Plus, as an additional bonus having preset heat levels is also fairly awesome.

What Makes a Particular Vaporizer the Best?

The best of the best in vaporizers is really hard to pinpoint. Having different shapes and sizes is certainly a bonus. Having different settings and excellent features will make a certain vaporizer unique. Their performance must be absolutely amazing and the user must be completely satisfied with the experience. The best vaporizer has to produce great vapor, it should be portable for the most part unless you’re talking about a desktop one, and it should be easy to use, light, innovative, and it should ultimately be the vaporizer you have a hard time living without.

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