The Best Approach to Clean Vape oil and Tanks- Simplest Guide

How to Clean a Vape?

There is nothing worse than your vape not working when you need it the most, especially if you are reliant on it for medical reasons. You can maintain your vape pen and avoid these frustrating moments by cleaning it regularly. In fact, here’s an infographic  that will tell you exactly how often you should clean your vape. But of course, the best approach to clean vape oil and tanks is to follow that simple rule- do it as soon as possible after use! What follows now is a brief explanation of the two ways in which vapes can be cleaned: through manual cleaning and through automatic cleaning.

Automatic Cleaning of Vapes

If you want an easy way out when it comes to cleaning your vape, the best approach is to go for a model that automatically takes care of maintenance. For example, some models come with a self-cleaning function and only need you to press the button after 3 or more consecutive uses. Others have an indicator light which changes color when it’s time for cleaning, and still others come with special brushes designed specifically for their cleaning needs. Whatever model you go for, if it has any one of these features, you’ll find that automatic cleaning is as easy as pushing a button- literally! You can check out the how to vape

Manual Cleaning of Vapes

If none of your vapes offer any more than just plain vaporization without some form of self-maintenance included in its design (which many models do), then you’ll need to take a more active role in the cleaning process. The simplest way of doing this is ‘dry’ cleaning. To do this, simply hold your vape upside down and gently tap it on a hard surface to let out the leftover residue. If you’re really keen on maintaining your investment (and who isn’t?), then there are some additional steps that you can take to get rid of any stubborn build-up:

Soaking Your Vape in Alcohol

This is one of the best approaches for removing buildup from material like plastic and rubber which may be used in constructing vapes. All you need is some high proof vodka or rubbing alcohol! Simply half fill a small glass container with vodka or alcohol, place your vape inside, seal the container and let your vape soak for a few hours. The alcohol will break down the residue, allowing you to simply wipe it away after you remove your vape from its glass jar. If there are any stubborn particles that don’t come off during this process, try soaking the affected area again with some fresh vodka or alcohol before wiping them gently with a cotton pad or ball.

Chemical Cleaning of Vapes

A slightly more extreme version of chemical cleaning involves vinegar which should be diluted 1:1 in water before use. This is an especially good approach for getting rid of buildup that is left behind by flavored oils since vinegar can help break up oil residue as well as being known for its antibacterial properties . However, remember not to expose your vape or any other vaping accessory to vinegar for too long as this can cause lasting damage which may be difficult to remedy. You can check out the clean coils

A few other options that you have at your disposal when it comes to chemical cleaning include lemon juice and orange oil . Even household detergents are not forbidden from the world of vaping! But of course, if in doubt, always err on the side of caution and don’t leave your vapes unattended while you experiment with new cleaning solutions. These simple steps should help you keep your vape working perfectly all day every day- but what about those times when maintenance just isn’t enough? Here’s a quick rundown on how to clear up some common issues-

Vape Won’t Turn On

If despite turning the battery on, your vape simply won’t heat up, it’s most likely a battery issue- and especially so if the LED light on your vape remains off. This is because built up debris in the charging port may have caused some damage to your battery which will need to be replaced as soon as possible .

Vapes Hard To Draw When Inhaling

This type of problem can also occur if you’ve managed to clog the mouthpiece from too much use without giving it time for maintenance. The best way to deal with this problem is to remove the rubber or plastic mouthpiece and wash it under running water.

Another approach that you can take involves splitting open a ballpoint pen (the ink isn’t important) and using the empty tube to clear out any debris that might be stuck in your mouthpiece. These different approaches should help you get back to vaping in no time at all!

Vape Shuts Off Randomly

If you have any more than a passing interest in vaping, chances are that you’ve been reading about vape batteries catching fire and exploding . As scary as these headlines may seem, it’s important to remember that these occurrences are massively overblown and most of the time not caused by poor maintenance or even faulty design- but rather user error. 

Even so, if your battery is one of those susceptible to overheating when pushed too hard (i.e. being used while low on charge) then always remember that taking care of your vape is your responsibility. Using a battery while it’s dying or using a clone charger are also two things that you need to try avoid at all costs- and if you get in the habit of maintaining your vape, you’ll be able to do just that!

If your vape has started overheating even after everything you’ve tried, then there’s no need for despair since this seems to have less to do with faulty design than other issues . Generally speaking, this problem is caused by excessive airflow which can be remedied by making adjustments to the airflow vents on your vape. As long as you’ve spent enough time familiarizing yourself with how your specific set up works, then getting it back up and running should be no trouble at all.


Keeping your vape clean and well maintained can seem like a chore. But if you’re going to invest in a vaporizer, then there are lots of benefits to using it over smoking traditional cigarettes. And since the main benefit associated with vaping is that it’s purportedly better for your health, making sure that you take care of your vape is all part of being a responsible vaper! Just remember- cleaning your vape is just as important as maintaining everything else that makes up its build quality  and function.


Author: Shane Dwyer
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