Pure CBD Vapors Review

Pure CBD Vapors is a one of a kind CBD oil company in a swarm of mediocre CBD vendors. This company is a welcoming change from all the typical ‘xyz’ CBD companies out there because they are doing things a bit differently.

Intended for vapers, the Pure CBD vapors company has a very solid line of vape oils that can be used with any e-cig mod or vaporizers. Unlike many other companies out there. The brand has an exclusive range of specialized vape oils instead of focusing on other health and beauty products.

The reason why we fell in love with Pure CBD Vapors is because we are avid vapers ourselves. Other companies out there only have a single variety of CBD vape oil while this brand has more than 30 CBD vape oil products. There are literally so many flavors to try with added health benefits of CBD.

Pure CBD vapors have been offering some of the most flavorful and quality eccentric products in the United States since 2014. The company became popular for its rich variety of vape oils as well as its excellent customer support and satisfaction. In an industry plagued with sub-standard CBD oil products, Pure CBD gives you the opportunity to try out the highest quality product that will keep you coming back for more. Every single product of the company is lab tested for purity and meets the gold standard set by expert users of CBD oil.

Pure CBD Vapors Is More Than Just An E-cig Flavor Store

The name of the company implies as if it only sells vape oils infused with CBD. But once you visit the site of the brand, you’ll be surprised to see that there is a wide variety of products listed on their site.

The site shop offers CBD products such as

  • Vape oils
  • CBD oil tinctures
  • CBD Pain relief
  • CBD Capsules and drinkable
  • CBD health and beauty
  • CBD for pets
  • Juul compatible CBD vape pods
  • CBD Vape starter kits and cartridges
  • CBD Dabs, Waxes, and shatter
  • CBD pens and empty cartridges
  • CBD edibles
  • CBD Vape drips and concentrates

Although CBD Vapors has exclusive products made by the brand itself, most of the products other than e-cig flavors are listed by other brands. The shop actually serves as a general store for CBD products and there are more than 30 brands listed on their store. Here are the most popular brands that sell their products through the site.

  • American uncut
  • Hempzilla
  • Vape bright
  • Entourage hemp
  • Pure CBD vapors
  • Blue moon hemp
  • Swiss relief
  • Donkey pops
  • Jolly green oil
  • Hempmetics
  • For the people
  • Hemp bombs – get a special coupon here.
  • Hemplucid
  • Ihemp CBD
  • Neuro XPF
  • CBD drip
  • Juju royal
  • Koi CBD
  • Pure spectrum
  • The kind pen
  • Cbd for life
  • Garden green gold
  • Dank labs
  • Natures script

So why buy from Pure CBD Vapors when there are so many other brands listed on the site? It is simple, Pure CBD Vapors has strict standards and will only accept products from manufacturers that meet their gold standard. All products listed on the site, regardless of what brand it is from, are tested in the lab for purity.

So if you are searching for the best CBD oil product out there, this is the shop where you should be looking at them for. Every single product is meant to provide you fast relief through perfect formulation.

Why Buy CBD Vape-Oil From Pure CBD Vapors?

When it comes to E-juice infused with CBD, there is a whole lot of things you need to come in mind. The biggest distinction between the good, bad, and the ugly CBD vape oils actually lies in the ingredients of the vape oil.

If you’ve ever vaped before, you may be familiar with PG and VG ratios in e-cig flavors. When it comes to CBD, a company has to make sure that they strike the right balance of PG and VG because CBD is added to them and this may change how they react with mods and vaporizers. Many companies producing CBD vape oils are unable to strike this perfect balance at all. For you as a user, this means a dry hit and burnt coils. With Pure CBD Vapors, you get the perfect e-juice that is intended to be vaped through any mod or device. They will never give you a dry hit and they will never burn your coils.

Available CBD Vape-Oil Flavors

What’s good a vape oil company that doesn’t at least have a few flavors to try? Unlike many other CBD companies out there that have only one standard CBD vape oil flavor, Pure CBD Vapors has 4 excellent flavors to try out. These flavors include.

  • Peach Kush
  • Strawberry Bliss
  • Wowi Muai
  • Purple Haze

The e-juices are available in bottles of 10ml containing 25mg CBD and 10ml bottles containing 50mg CBD. The stronger the CBD content, the better you’ll feel. But for beginners, it is recommended to start with 25mg bottles.

As an added benefit, Pure CBD vapors also list e-juices from other notable CBD vape oil companies. This means that you can try more than 4 flavors since the shop is filled with many other CBD vape oil products.

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Should You Try Pure CBD Vapors?

Absolutely yes! If you’re a vaper and you still haven’t tried out e-juice infused with CBD, you are missing on a lot. And before you start wondering if this thing will get you high, it won’t. All CBD vape oil products listed on the brand have 0.001% THC in them. THC is the cannabinoid that is responsible for giving you a high like feeling and psychoactive effects.

So vaping on these juices will not get you high nor addicted. They are meant to provide you with CBD oil that is currently a trending ingredient meant to give you many health benefits. If you don’t like swallowing pills infused with CBD, vapes are the best way to get the benefits fast.