Koi CBD Oil Review

Koi was established in 2015 with the aim of offering CBD oil users a high-quality product they can rely upon. Moreover, this company is slowly becoming an industry leader due to its transparency and professionalism.

Koi CBD BrandWith the many scammers and misleading product promotions that you are likely to encounter in the market, it is difficult to spot a CBD oil brand that is pure. Koi CBD Oil is formulated with 99 percent pure CBD and 0 percent THC. When you visit Koi’s website, you will find a complete lab report for all their CBD products. What’s more, the company displays a series of customer reviews for you to see. If this doesn’t reflect on their legit operations, I don’t know what will!

Koi as a company sells a wide range of CBD-based products that include oils, vape juices, gummies, dog treats, and more. The natural extract used in making these products is obtained through hemp pressing, which is the most commonly used cannabis sativa species for industrial purposes.

This article features a Koi CBD review, which means that you’ll get to learn what the product is and know some of the benefits that you can reap out of it.

What is Koi CBD Oil?

Koi CBD oils are naturally made using the purest ingredients, something attributable to the extraction method that involves hemp treatment. The cannabis is left under the sunny weather of San Luis Valley and processed with the clear headwaters of Rio Grande. This process results into premium CBD products that are a shoulder above the competitors. Koi takes pride in its uniquely developed products that have restored a sense of balance in the lifestyle of the users.

Each Koi CBD oil product has undergone tests for purity and safety to ensure that it keeps you healthier. Furthermore, these products are tested for consistency to establish their efficacy despite the type of use. You can visit Koi’s website to check out some of the products they offer as they attempt to promote wellness in your life.

buy koi cbd onlineKoi Naturals CBD Oil

Koi has created a wide range of full-spectrum CBD oils that vary in their flavors. The sweet flavors you have the opportunity of trying out are natural, lemon-lime, orange, and spearmint. All of these CBD oil flavors are vegan certified so you can comfortably use them despite your health status. Besides these amazing facts about Koi CBD Oil, it’s also worth knowing that it comes with a series of benefits that surpass all the other brands in the market.

Why You Should Buy Koi CBD Oil

Pros of Koi CBD Natural Oil

  • Proprietary CBD oil

One great thing with Koi is that they make proprietary CBD oils that have been found to reduce pain significantly. The company claims that the vape oils they create produce the best results when it comes to improving your life quality. According to numerous customer testimonials, the flavored vape oil is tastier in comparison to the natural type. Interestingly, you can use the vape oil in all kinds of oil vaporizers as long as you also have a cartridge. Some users also opt to take CBD vape oil orally, and the efficacy is still magnificent.

  • Pure THC-free CBD oil

You will be getting 100 percent THC free products with 99 percent pure CBD oil. The traces of THC are in the lows of <0.3 percent, which means that you can trust Koi CBD natural oils to provide the benefits you’ve been looking forward to. The oils have undergone intensive drug tests and passed all of them.

  • It can be consumed orally or inhaled

Koi CBD natural oils are sold as vape liquids that you can either consume orally or via a vape device as mentioned above. If you ingest the oil, you should place the specified quantity under your tongue. This is why Koi CBD natural oils are recommended to individuals who prefer both oral and vape therapeutic methods of healing. This saves you time and money because you won’t have to get two separate products, each for either therapeutic routines.

  • Koi promotes transparency through professionalism

As we indicated in the introduction, Koi is highly recognized for its transparency. You will find a report of all the lab results alongside the tests done in the product description category. Although some other CBD oil manufacturing companies have been trying to display their transparency by sharing lab reports, most of them have not always been truthful with the public. They may even post fake results and the report is not for individual products but for the entire brand. With Koi CBD, however, you can access the actual third party lab results of each product on its own page. Furthermore, Koi’s SC Labs are the most high-tech and widely credited for its analytics department across the West Coast. What’s more, the CBD oils in Koi are formulated by highly reputable scientists.

  • Full-spectrum cannabinoids

Did we mention that Koi CBD natural oils come with full-spectrum cannabinoids? The chemical compound extracted from cannabis has multiple health benefits, but it’s the therapeutic properties that have captured the attention of many. Besides the actual CBD compound contained in these oils, you will also find minimal contents of CBDV and CBG. These three compounds work alongside one another to offer strong therapeutic effects. This ultimately translates to the high standards that this brand meets for quality purposes.

  • Lifetime discount

Koi CBD natural oils are also working to promote wellness in the society by availing its product with a 25 percent lifetime discount to any U.S military veteran. Considering that Koi CBD natural oils meet top standard quality tests, this offer is very enticing.

  • Health benefits

We have dedicated a whole sub-heading on the numerous health benefits of Koi CBD natural oil thanks to its therapeutic properties.

koi gummiesCons of Koi CBD Natural Oil

  • Difficulties measuring the dosage using a cartridge

One of the drawbacks that most users have come to experience with Koi oils is that they are a bit viscous, which means that it is difficult to determine the actual amount you should put in the vaporizer. The worst part is that by the time you figure this out and fill the cartridge with the vape, the oil might lose its potency. This will significantly affect its efficacy and make it unsuitable for anyone who wants to make the most out of each drop.

  • It is expensive

Koi CBD natural oil is quite pricy when compared to the competitors. Nevertheless, this can be linked to its top quality.

  • Some retailers might be scammers

This is a problem associated with all online businesses. To be safe, therefore, it is always safer to buy Koi CBD natural oil from the manufacturer’s website and reliable retailers like Amazon. Moreover, do a thorough research on the product before paying for it.

  • It is not 100 percent pure CBD oil

Koi CBD natural oil contains traces of other cannabis content that affect its purity as well as potential efficacy.

koi balmAre There Health Benefits to CBD Oils?

There is no denying that the cannabis sativa plant itself is known to contain inflammatory and pain relief effect. Koi oils contain the highest amount of CBD and the purest ever seen in the market. If you are experiencing acute or chronic pain, therefore, you can use the Koi CBD natural oils to inhibit the transmission of pain senses through the neurons. This therapeutic effect has helped place Koi in the lime light for all the good reasons.

You can also use the Koi CBD oils if you have schizophrenia since it is known to have antipsychotic effects on the users. This should greatly improve the behavioral and neurochemical aspects of the user. You will find a series of clinical trials as well as case reports showing that CBD has psychotic conditions.

Are you experiencing any anxiety disorders that are keeping you stressed and affecting your daily activities? If you are, then you should get a Koi CBD oil since it works as if it has anxiolytic effects. This should help with social anxiety, post-traumatic stress, panic attacks etc. This will positively impact the comfort levels of the user as well as his or her cognitive abilities.

You can rely on Koi CBD oil to minimize the intoxicating effects associated with THC. You, therefore, can use it to efficiently reduce memory impairment alongside paranoia. It will also help in counteracting the sleep-inducing effects of consuming too much THC. It is a super reliable way of improving the quality of your lifestyle since your body will undergo a therapeutic effect while also staying healthier.

Studies have also proven that you can relieve nausea by using Koi CBD oils to ensure that you conduct your daily activities comfortably. It will also suppress any vomiting you may be experiencing. If you have seizures or any other neurological disorder, then you can also rely on CBD oil because it will treat these conditions and allow you to enjoy a better life.

Using Koi CBD oil on a prolonged basis will help in reducing the incidences of developing diabetes, a health condition attributed to leading a poor lifestyle. If you want to stay healthier than before, you might want to try out this product.

Let’s not forget that CBD oil is used to treat cardiovascular diseases and promote the health of the heart in general. Note that all of the above benefits of Koi CBD oil depend on the dosage you take. For instance, if ingested in small doses, Koi CBD oil will suppress vomiting and nausea induced by toxicity in the body. With some products, however, you might have increased nausea. Although this is a case most commonly associated with most CBD oil brands, Koi surpasses the standards by creating a product with anti-nausea and antiemetic effects.


I would recommend Koi CBD natural oils to anyone looking to live a healthier life. The therapeutic effects of these products indicate that it is reliable for treating a number of health conditions as you’ve seen in the review above. Besides reading this Koi CBD review, you should also make a point of visiting the company’s website to see and review some of the amazing CBD-based products that the company creates.