Hemp Bombs Coupon

Hemp Bombs is global brand with a diverse product line, and it’s one of our favorite CBD oil brands for many reasons.  Today we’re simply helping customers find this iconic brand by offering you a Hemp Bombs promo code you can use on all of your orders.  Buy Hemp Bombs with confidence knowing that they are one of the leading companies in the space.  Apart from a brief description here about their company, you’ll always get the latest coupon code you can use at checkout, so if you are a customer, bookmark this page for safe keeping.

If you are ready to buy HempBombs, use this coupon:

Hemp Bombs Coupon Code 2019

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Quick Facts About HempBombs Products

  • Their website has a plethora of information that will educate consumers of all levels.  It really gives you an inside look at at how CBD can become part of your health regimen.


  • Their Non-GMO industrial hemp is hand-selected in Europe and processed in the U.S.A. under what they call a “plant to product” business model. You’ll see that they exemplify amazing quality control and full transparency.


  • You will not find a larger product line when you compare any other brand to Hemp Bombs.  They cover a huge variety of CBD products, including:
  1. Beard Oils (which we rate very high on this page.)
  2. Gummies (also rated on our gummy brands page.)
  3. Tinctures
  4. E Liquid for Vaping
  5. Soothing Syrup
  6. Pet Products
  7. Bio-Coolant Topical
  8. Capsules
  • It’s worth noting that Veterans, active military duty staff, and their spouses and dependents get 15% off, for LIFE.

Again, this is just some cliff notes about this brand.  To learn everything about it, read our full brand review, which gets into the nitty gritty details about every product they offer.

Bottom line:

Hemp Bombs offers more than most brands, and they are creating a global movement towards creating awareness for the space, which obviously we’re big fans of.  If you are into beard oils, definitely give that a close look, as it’s super innovative.