Best CBD Vape Oils 2019

At the time of this writing, 31 states in the US have frameworks in place giving residents the right to apply for medical marijuana. This means 19 states are still on the fence and debating the topic. Plus, out of the 31 states mentioned, 10 of them including Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington – along with Washington DC – have even legalized marijuana for recreational purposes.

Although we’ve witnessed miraculous improvements, these restrictions are still strong in many places. So CBD vape oil – a perfectly legal substance – has taken the world by storm. In fact, it’s the dominant player in the cannabis market over the last few years.

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Need more perspective? Forbes – the magazine
strictly focused on business and money – believes the CBD industry will
generate $2.1 billion by the year 2020. Even more exciting, they expect CBD
derived from hemp to account for $450 million in and of itself.

It’s time to face facts. CBD oils have reached
a major saturation point. Hundreds of companies are currently selling products
in this space, and it’s getting difficult
to keep track of them all. Dispensaries are even leaving shelf space available
for CBD E liquids and other products just like them because they are flying off
the shelves so fast that they can’t keep up.

And rightfully so, because many of us feel that CBD oil is the miracle cure we’ve been looking for. On the other hand, this market isn’t regulated so companies can put out subpar products and cut too many corners. This obviously produces low-quality products that nobody wants to buy. So consumers need to be educated on this topic. They need to know the difference between the best CBD Vape juice and low-quality options.

As you can imagine, we know so much about this
topic that we’ve decided to share the benefits of our wisdom with you. We’ll
explain the various products and the differences between them to the best of
our ability. We’ll tell you precisely what to look for when buying various CBD
products. And you’ll benefit from our experience and have great results in choosing the right products to meet
your needs.

Cannabidiol Oil vs. Hemp Oil: What’s the Difference?

Mainly, we intend to tackle which CBD oils we
feel are the best, and will certainly share our favorite E liquids as well for
2019. But we also need to tell you a thing or two about the difference between
CBD hemp oil and cannabis oil just in case you don’t already know.On the surface, this topic seems pretty
straightforward, yet people are often confused by the different variations of
options. And with so many different choices on the market, it’s easy to have a
tough time figuring out the differences between one another.

Some products contain CBD oils with cannabis,
while others are derived strictly from hemp. On the other hand, certain oils
claim to be CBD oil yet they definitely
do not live up to the hype.

Individually, CBD hemp oil and CBD cannabis oil
both have their own benefits, and they definitely help with treatments for medical
conditions, but they are different, so
the differences need to be pointed out.

Right now seems like the proper time to talk
about pure CBD oil too. Another name for pure CBD is CBD isolate oil, which is derived from hemp or marijuana cannabis sativa plants. It’s extracted directly from the
leaves, flowers, and stalks and turned into a highly potent vapor liquid that’s nearly 99% or purer.

Another simple way to put it while discussing E-liquid, E juice, and CBD vape oils is they
fall under two major categories that include: full-spectrum CBD vapor oil and
CBD isolate vapor oil.

Oils that fall under the full-spectrum umbrella
have two additional categories including hemp CBD oils and cannabis CBD oils.
The cannabis oils – meaning the ones containing illegal substances – are
typically only found within marijuana dispensaries, at least legally. Because cannabis oil does contain THC, often in very
high amounts. On the other hand, cannabis breeding habits have changed, and they have now bred the THC out of certain
strains entirely yet left plenty of CBD within them. These strains are exciting
because they make excellent CBD vape oils of the highest quality.

Some current popular cannabis CBD oil options
include Harlequin, AC/DC, and Charlotte’s Web. For the most part, you’ll
typically find these products in fully licensed marijuana dispensaries, whether
sold in states for medical marijuana use or recreational purposes depends on
the location.

No matter what, if you plan to choose higher
levels of THC in your CBD oil, you must understand the laws of your state
specifically regarding this substance. In many cases, the oil might only be used for treatments for medical problems
like epilepsy as an example.

Medical marijuana cardholders can legally buy CBD products with varying ratios of CBD
to THC. If laws and rules restrict your state,
you’ll only be able to buy hemp oil containing CBD, which is what we will
mainly focus on in the rest of this article.

CBD E Liquid Containing Hemp

CBD hemp oil is extracted directly from the
leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, but definitely
not the seeds. This takes place through
an extraction process – CO2 extraction is
preferred – and the majority of these oils are directly extracted from hemp of an industrial variety. This
hemp is bred specifically to generate nutritious seeds, tougher fibers, and
flowers that are rich in CBD.

From a legal standpoint, the amount of THC in
industrial hemp is much less than the cannabis plant. This is a good thing since all 50 states in the US can legally sell
CBD vapor juice derived from hemp plants.

In one corner, you have naysayers saying
hemp-based CBD is not really effective,
or at least much less effective than CBD derived from cannabis. On the other
hand, this clearly isn’t true and certain
studies have proven CBD hemp oil is not only an excellent source of minerals
and vitamins, it also provides a wide
range of health benefits like relief from pain, anxiety, and depression.

As a reminder, CBD hemp oil is legal and you can purchase it in the US in all 50
states without a prescription. So, patients who otherwise can’t get access to
cannabis CBD oil can experience the benefits of hemp-based CBD and begin
feeling lasting relief.

At this stage, you should understand the
difference between hemp and cannabis CBD as well as pure CBD isolates. Now
we’ll learn more about hemp and how it’s used to make top-quality CBD products
including vape juice.

Do They Grow Hemp? Is It Still Being Imported into the US?

About a month ago President Donald Trump signed
an updated version of the US Farm Bill and turned it into a law. One of the biggest areas in the updated
version has a huge impact on hemp and its legalities in the US. In the end, the
commercial production and farming of hemp is
now legal in the United States, but it must be
grown under certain regulations and
it must meet with USDA approval.

As far as domestic hemp production is concerned,
this is a giant leap in the right direction. In fact
since the 1930s the US has been forced to import all of its hemp from different
countries including China, Eastern Europe, India, and Canada.

Finally, the US government recognizes the true
market value of products derived from hemp. And a man like President Trump
recognizes that American companies can benefit from this boon financially and
take advantage of the incredible benefits. Why continue to outsource growing
hemp to foreign countries when it can be grown
in the United States?

Undoubtedly the FDA will have to come up with
regulations regarding the production and also the sale of CBD products made
from hemp. But once this happens, it will be 100% legal in the US – even though
products have been sold in the United States for about five years now
containing CBD hemp oil.

No matter what, regulating this market is definitely going to be a great thing for those
looking for top-quality products. This is
going to weed out the low quality, substandard junk flooding the current
market. The CBD boom is about to come to an end and
only the best products will rise from the ashes.

Biggest Differences between CBD E Liquids and CBD Vape Juice

Now that you understand the basics, we will dig
deeper and look at the difference between CBD E liquids and CBD vape juice.

It was a simpler time not that long ago.
Recently, you’d buy a CBD extract and put a couple of drops of it under your
tongue, and that’s all it took. But this
product has advanced by leaps and bounds and
now there are nearly countless ways to
consume CBD, and many people find it

CBD E liquids go by a couple of names. Some
people call them CBD vape juice and others call them CBD vape oil. In general,
these terms are used interchangeably to describe the oils used in a vaporizer.
So whether you call them vape juice, E juice, or E-liquid, know that you’re talking about CBD oil cartridges
prefilled, and they contain cannabis.

These cartridges are very different than the
pure CBD oil typically found in a bottle. More than likely they are made with
thinning agents including vegetable glycol or propylene glycol to create a
viscous juice to interact with heater coils located in vape pens. Typically the
cartridges are designed using CO2 extraction methods, which can be replaced on numerous occasions with large
amounts of CBD infused liquid.

Certain states have passed laws regarding
recreational marijuana use. In these states,
the CBD oil or juice will contain cannabis. Or if you prefer, you can buy pure
CBD isolates which is the purest form without any other cannabinoids in the

On the flipside – and this might blow your mind
– the 100% pure CBD isolate is supposedly less effective than full-spectrum CBD

Why? A recent discovery determined that whole
plant cannabis compounds work better with cannabinoids like phytocannabinoids,
flavonoids, or terpenes.

After extraction, you can mix these oils with
other additives and isolates. This helps
produce thousands of potential different
products. You can even add nicotine to CBD E juice if you prefer, but typically
companies selling CBD oil mix it with vegetable glycerin because of its
compatibility with vapor devices.

Besides vegetable glycerin, manufacturers
occasionally use propylene glycol and add it to CBD oil in an effort to thin it out. Combining this substance with the oil
makes a much thinner mixture which is easier to vape. But unlike its
counterpart, people are concerned about potential health problems caused by
propylene glycol. In fact, if burned
above 230°, it will turn into formaldehyde vapor which isn’t very healthy for
anyone. That’s why so many companies are using vegetable glycerin instead of
propylene glycol as a thinning agent.

Vape Juice the Same As Vape Oil?

Staying on top of all of the cannabis terms is hard
to do, and it isn’t exactly fun anymore
either. But to answer the question… Yes,
vape juice and vape oil are absolutely
one in the same.

For the most part, vape oil is specifically used when describing products made for a vape pen. And you should definitely understand that the best CBD vape juices and CBD oils are different from one another. One is ingested orally by either swallowing it or putting it under your tongue and the other is inhaled.

The moral of the story is simple: never vape
oral CBD products. And vice versa, you should never ingest vape juice because
the results aren’t going to be pretty.

Precautions Should I Take When Buying CBD E-Liquid?

When shopping around for the vape products
containing CBD, you need to consider safety. It’s probably not the hottest
topic on your mind, yet it’s important to consider safety anyway.

For the most part, people suffering from medical
conditions aren’t thinking about the safety of their CBD. They just want relief from their difficult troubles,
so it’s doubtful that safety is on their mind.

But you must take precautions regardless of how
you feel when choosing products. This market is completely unregulated as of this
moment and there are companies producing
products that are very questionable at best.

Take this into consideration: the facts about
the dangers of tobacco are well known and
people have been learning about them for many decades. This industry is
regulated and they tell you about the
potential hazards of smoking. It says it causes cancer right on the warning

Pretty scary, right? Yet they are totally
transparent about their product.

The cannabis industry is quite different at
this time. Many companies are creating top-quality products manufactured
professionally and certainly safe to consume. But too many other companies that
are too numerous to count are creating possibly dangerous and certainly fake
products that are not only not worth your time; they
could be harmful to your health.

The CBD extraction method is a prime example.
Some companies are using propylene glycol to thin their vapor pen E liquids.
But the God’s truth is you do not want to
inhale this substance from a vape pen because if it’s heated too hot, you’ll be
inhaling formaldehyde which certainly isn’t good for anyone.

Some of the latest distillation methods can
completely purify CBD and remove dangerous chemicals and residue from the concentrate
material. But the companies using these methods are sophisticated, reputable,
and knowledgeable, which is certainly a good thing. You can’t say the same
thing about every company though, which is part of the current problem.

When selecting E-liquid,
you should take precautions because as we’ve mentioned, the industry is
unregulated, and some companies are a bit
on the sketchy side and shouldn’t be selling products at all.

Remember, you always get what you pay for. So if you’re looking to buy cheaply made
and manufactured products, you’re going to get something that could be
potentially harmful to your health and dangerous.

to Keep in Mind When Buying CBD Oil

It doesn’t matter which CBD product you happen
to be looking for. Just know that you can
use techniques and tips to make sure you buy well-made, safe and effective CBD
oil instead of purchasing some bogus poorly made product. So instead of getting
burned by some unscrupulous company, you should pay close attention to the five
things we’re about to mention below and keep them in mind when buying CBD vape
juice. They include the following:

“Milligram Catch” & CBD Oil

When buying CBD oil, one major area to look out
for is known as the “milligram catch.” This tactic is very confusing to consumers
because companies are not being truthful and forthright about the amount of CBD
contained in their product.

To give you an example, if a bottle claims to
have 350 mg of liquid, you aren’t necessarily getting that amount of CBD. So
instead of purchasing this amount of CBD, you’re actually just getting 350 mg of oil, all told, and the CBD count
will vary which is a huge miscarriage of justice.

Remember, CBD oil has numerous ingredients
within it, and pure CBD is one of them.
So when you buy this oil or hemp oil, pay close attention to the true amount of
CBD contained within the bottle. It should be labeled clearly on the package,
but you have to pay close attention to find it.

If you have any doubts whatsoever, you could
always contact the company to ask about the amount of CBD in a particular
product. If they do not answer you clearly,
precisely, or truthfully – and you’ll know – then you should hang up the phone
and immediately look for another company instead.


Guess what? Have you ever wondered why every
company claims to have the hottest and best CBD product on the market? Yet when you look for proof of their claims,
there’s nothing to be found anywhere.

As mentioned, this market isn’t being monitored all that well and regulations
are few and far between, although that may change with the new hemp laws in the
US. So it’s often difficult to determine which oils are good and which ones do
not pass muster.

The well-established brands understand the
value of delivering a high-quality product with proof of its effectiveness. So
they use independent laboratories to test their products and provide a review.
So, if you are going to buy CBD oil online or from a retailer, always make sure
a third-party laboratory has tested the product and look over the review of
their results to see what they discovered.

Selling Tactics with Pop-Ups

Next, many of the big CBD oil brands are
marketing a great deal and touting the virtues of their company through advertisements.
But like most people, we really do not
like too many pop-ups and invasive promotions filling up our phone and computer
screens. And when you do sign up for their mailing lists or give them your
phone number, you’ll be constantly spammed about one CBD promotion after
another and you can imagine just how
annoying it is.

Companies that are trustworthy and
well-established don’t need to cram their
products down our throats constantly. They should realize that you want
to shop around, look at their products and decide whether or not they are right based on personal judgment. Maybe
you’ll even call and talk to them about their products and ask specific
questions, but being harassed by them is the last thing you or anyone else

a Credit Card for Free Samples

Everyone looks forward to getting free samples,
right? But sometimes free samples aren’t exactly what they seem.

At times, companies can ask you for a credit
card when sending you a free sample and then overcharge you or rope you into a
deal that you weren’t expecting to be part of.
So be wary of free samples, because you may end up getting charged for
something at a later date – or even worse, you could end up in a monthly
subscription that you didn’t even know you were signing up for.

Some companies selling CBD oil will claim that
you’ll get a free sample and ask you to pay for the shipping costs. This is certainly okay to do if you’re dealing
with a company that you know is reputable and has a trustworthy reputation. You
shouldn’t worry at all about giving them your credit card information because
you know they are a company you can trust.

On the other hand, if the company isn’t well
known and you cannot necessarily verify if they are good or not, you should
reconsider giving them your credit card information for free CBD oil products.

Process to Extract CBD Oil

At the end of the day,
the specific extraction process used will make it possible to determine the
purity and quality of the CBD vape oil. As mentioned a couple of times already,
there are different extraction processes. But the best one is the one named CO2

This method of extraction is sophisticated,
refined, and extracts CBD using supercritical CO2 to pull all of this amazing
substance and active cannabinoids directly from the plant. This process uses
temperatures and pressures of a specific nature and the CO2 works like a solvent with liquid and gas properties.
The overall process makes it possible to pull CBD from plant cells with the
utmost in accuracy and efficiency.

Do I Really Need to Consume CBD in E-Liquid Form?

For one reason or another, you might not be
particularly partial to vaping CBD. And that’s okay
because more popular than E-liquid is the
CBD tinctures. They are sold in a number of different flavors, and all you have to do is place a couple of
drops underneath your tongue to begin experiencing the full effects.

Dosages vary as you can imagine, but typically
they range from 5mg to 30 mg.

As you can tell, we prefer vaping CBD as our
favorite delivery method of choice. So if you want CBD oil to be added to a vape pen, you should inquire with
the manufacturer to find out if it’s safe and suitable to do so. As mentioned
earlier, some CBD products aren’t necessarily the best for vaping.

The wide majority of CBD oils are perfect for
consuming them orally, but you can use certain oils for vaping and otherwise.
But remember, if you are going to use CBD oil while vaping, make sure it’s
mixed with vegetable glycerin and not propylene glycol, because the propylene
version could be very harmful to your health.

Cannabis oil is heated very slowly and at a low
temperature when using vaping pens. So instead of getting harsh smoke, you’ll
experience a very soothing and smooth vapor. The version of CBD oil designed to
go under your tongue usually isn’t that great for vaping, because it’s very
thick and it doesn’t mesh well with vapor pen coils. As a matter of fact, using oral CBD oil inside of a vapor pen could
cause you to inhale chemical residues and cuticle wax, which isn’t very good
for you to say the least.

Gummies are another great way to consume CBD.
Typically, each piece will have anywhere between 5mg to 30 mg of cannabidiol, and it’s a great way to consume this product.

you want high-quality gummies from
companies you can trust. A company based out of Florida named Green Roads has
an excellent product, so consider using them as your manufacturer of choice.
Even better, their products contain no artificial colors or preservatives. So
if you’re suffering from pain, stress, or anxiety, this is a great option.

How to
Start CBD Vaping

How do you take your CBD? Do you prefer an
edible form? Or would vaping E liquid be
more of your speed? Millions of people are using this product all around the
world. It isn’t some kind of cure-all for
everything that ails you, but it does help many people feel better when other
treatments fail.

If you’re interested, many excellent companies are selling CBD products with
transparency, purity, and of the highest quality. But always double check to
make sure the manufacturer is reputable and well known.

Research is critical before purchasing CBD oils
or vape juice. So if you are uncertain about something or need your questions
answered, you can always leave us a note in the comments, and we’ll get back to you.

this article was informative, helpful, and quite useful. Remember to keep
vaping CBD and continue to live a healthy and happy life.