Does Amazon Require A Drug Test?

If you want to work at Amazon, you might be wondering whether they require a drug test. The answer is yes. There are two instances wherein Amazon takes drug tests: (1) pre-employment test and (2) random drug test.

The Amazon Drug Testing Policy

AmazonBefore you get employed, Amazon will let you sign a document stating that you’re obliged to follow random drug tests and that sort of thing. No one knows exactly what the drug testing policy states because the company won’t give you a copy of the document. But one thing’s for sure: Amazon does random drug tests on people and will keep doing it in the future.

Amazon is a publicly traded company so it’s only important that they protect their credibility. While other normal companies conduct urine drug tests occasionally, Amazon conducts mouth swab drug tests randomly. You’ll never know when you’ll get tested so it pays to be prepared.

What actually happens is they’ll call your name on the intercom or get a hold of you in some way. They usually say “Hey, please come to our office in 30 minutes. We’re going to conduct a mouth swab to ensure that you’re not taking drugs.”

So at that moment, you have exactly about a minute or so to get to the office. There’s nothing else you can do at this point than to surrender yourself to the drug test. But if you’re clean, then there’s nothing to worry.

The obvious way to prepare for this moment is to stop using weed. Try using detox kits to flush away the weed substances from your body. For urine tests, always prepare a bottle of synthetic urine.

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