Does Home Depot Drug Test? (2023 Polices Explained)

Are you considering a job at Home Depot? It’s a great place to work, but you might worry about drug testing.

As of 2022, Home Depot does drug test its potential and existing employees if anyone suspects the use of illegal substances. This retail chain operates a drug-free workplace, so you can’t use alcohol or drugs on site. If you test positive, you could be instantly terminated.

In this article, I will dive deep into Home Depot’s rules for drug testing. You need to know what’s in store for you if you decide to apply for a job here. Let’s get started!

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Does Home Depot Drug Test? What Is Its Drug Policy?

Home Depot’s employee handbook states that it’s committed to giving workers a healthy and safe workplace. It does that by providing a drug-free policy. Therefore, it’s against company procedure to have drugs or alcohol on the premises or be at work under their influence.

Employees at Home Depot have to sign a contract stating that they agree to this drug-free policy before they’re employed. There’s no room for error, so if you violate this clause, the manager can fire you.

Here’s the process for the drug test:

• Apply for a job and receive an invitation for an interview.
• Have the interview with HR or a manager.
• The HR department determines if you should get asked for a second interview.
• If that happens, you get a call-back and must agree to a drug test.
• You get the information needed on where to go and when to be at the lab.
• Take your drug test and wait for the results.
• Get the call-back for the second interview if you pass the drug test.
• Complete this interview and receive your job offer.

You’re not drug tested at the interview itself and must go to an approved lab to get the test. Therefore, you have time to get clean beforehand.

Types of Drug Tests Home Depot Uses

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Typically, Home Depot uses the saliva test to see if drugs are present in your system. A nurse or practitioner takes a mouth swab, sending the test for analysis. The company is then sent the results.

Home Depot also uses urine tests. However, it’s typically used for random drug tests and testing after workplace accidents or incidents. Many people use synthetic urine kits to pass the drug test if they are not confident about their test results.

Substances Tested For

Generally, Home Depot does the 10-pound drug test, so it focuses on various illegal substances that could affect your ability to work efficiently and safely. Everyone wants you to provide a great customer experience, and you can’t do that if you’re high or stoned.

The common substances tested for include:

• Narcotics
• Cocaine
• Amphetamines
Cannabis (weed)
• Heroin

A doctor can prescribe some substances, and you’re legally allowed to take them and go to work. However, you have to tell the HR department this beforehand. Otherwise, they could think you do drugs when you don’t.

The Background Check

Home Depot does a background check on all of its employees to determine eligibility. The managers want to make sure you aren’t violent and care about the job. Often, a drug test is part of this process.

Random Drug Tests

Most people only have to take one drug test (before being hired). However, the handbook says that the store can conduct future drug tests after workplace accidents or if someone suspects you of using drugs.

You can be subjected to multiple drug tests during the year because of that rule. The company wants to be sure you’re not using harmful substances that could cause damage to yourself or its property. Generally, if you get your work done, there’s no problem.

If there’s an accident at work, Home Depot can require a urine drug test. You can’t go back to work until the results come back and are negative. Testing positive means that the manager will likely fire you.

Is It Possible to Refuse a Drug Test?

It’s possible to refuse a Home Depot drug test, but the manager is likely to withdraw the offer of employment or terminate you if you’re already working there. Since the company has a drug-free policy, you’re failing to comply.

Likewise, the company can revoke your employment offer or fire you immediately if you don’t arrive at the lab to get the drug test on the appointed day. Generally, you can tell your manager you can’t make it that day and request another appointment, but that looks bad on you! Most people automatically think the worst, and that could tarnish your character.

Generally, if you don’t do drugs, there’s no reason to refuse a drug test. When you receive an employment offer, you automatically agree to the company’s terms, and one of them is drug testing.

Could You Be Fired after Failing a Drug Test at Home Depot?

If you fail a drug test at Home Depot during the interview process, the manager will withdraw the offer of employment or not give you the job. In most states, they don’t have to provide you with a reason. You just don’t get a call-back or receive a rejection email.

It’s possible to call the store you wanted to work at and ask why you weren’t hired. However, they don’t have to tell you or could say it was for something else. Therefore, you really don’t know if it was because of drugs.

Employees at Home Depot who fail a drug test are immediately terminated because they violated the company’s drug-free policy. It’s part of your contract of employment, and it’s taken seriously.

That said, you can contest any drug test you’ve taken if you feel it gave a false-positive result. If that happens, you should request an alternate one, such as the GC-MS test, to verify everything. This puts you slightly at risk because you’re demanding to know the results and question them, but it’s in your best interest.

Reapplying at Home Depot after a Failed Drug Test

Failing a Home Depot drug test means you don’t get the employment offer, but you can reapply after one year. However, to get hired or re-hired, you must pass the drug test. Typically, managers flag applicants who have failed in the past, so you might be subjected to multiple drug tests during the first year of employment.

How to Pass Your Drug Test

Now that you know Home Depot drug tests applicants and employees, it’s important to learn how to pass. The easiest way to do that is to stop using the substance about two weeks before the interview.

You can take special detox pills to flush substances out of the body faster such as Toxin Rid. However, they might not be effective. Generally, they are considered safe, so you’re not harming yourself. Still, you’ve got to make sure you follow the directions completely and might still have issues.

Sometimes, people purchase synthetic urine to help them pass drug tests. They come in powdered and liquid forms and are often effective. However, you may have to buy multiple kits to test them to determine how long they last and more. Since they come with a money-back guarantee, you aren’t out the cost, but you also have no job if the test results are positive. You can buy all of these products at Testclear.


Home Depot does drug test potential and current employees to make sure they comply with the drug-free policy. New employees have to get one before they start working at the company, and it’s generally a mouth swab test.

Though Home Depot doesn’t do random testing, managers often require one if they suspect you of using drugs or after a workplace accident.

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If you’re curious about the drug test policies of Home Depot, then you’re in luck. We’re going to discuss the drug testing policies at Home Depot according to the people who have undergone the drug test and how to pass them.

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