Does UPS Drug Test Its Employees?


United Parcel Service (UPS) is a multinational package distribution and supply chain management company headquartered in the United States. UPS is often recognized as one of the most successful corporations in which to work.

UPS is Very Serious About Drug Testing

If you wish to interview or apply for a job with this organization, you must first read about the recruiting process. One of the most important stages of the hiring process is a drug test.

When it comes to drug testing, UPS is extremely strict. The UPS Code of Business Conduct’s Drug and Alcohol policy outlines the company’s substance-testing policy.


How Long Does It Take for UPS to Administer a Drug Test?

The results of workplace drug testing are usually available within a few days. An employer may also ask that the test be conducted with a fast test that produces results the same day.

Negative screens are normally available within 24 hours; however, positive screens require additional testing, which can take anywhere from a few days to a week. The lab provides a copy of the results to job seekers, regardless of whether or not you passed the test. Your findings should almost certainly be emailed to you when applying for a job at UPS.

Pre-Employment Testing

UPS has a thorough interview process that includes numerous steps that assess various areas of a candidate’s eligibility for a certain job.

Due to a large number of applicants, the early stages of interviews do not require you to get drug tested. If it is discovered early on in the interview process for employment that you are a suitable candidate, you may need to take a drug test in order to be hired for a job at UPS

During this stage, you are reviewed to see if you’re a suitable fit for the job, and if employed, the company may conduct a UPS drug test. The test, which is part of a background screening, assures that all recruits are drug-free.

You must pass the UPS drug test if you are a recruit or seeking to return to the firm for employment.

Can UPS Drug Test Package Handlers?

Aside from doing a pre-employment UPS drug test, the company may conduct a test at any time throughout your career with them. Employees in manufacturing or the warehouse are subjected to random drug testing.

So, yes, the company does drug test package handlers This is designed to ensure that all package handlers are sober while working.

Can UPS Drug Test Package Handlers Who are Returning?

If you leave UPS and come back as an employee, you also get these tests. Because package handlers must control a forklift in the warehouse, they are subjected to more inspection than other employees.

This is big equipment, and failing to manage it properly could harm the individual operating it as well as the safety of the other warehouse employees. Therefore, UPS should drug test package handlers and any other employee operating this machinery.

UPS May Also Conduct a Drug Test:

  • If there were any red flags throughout the candidate’s work, but management still intended to hire them, the individual would be exposed to a random drug test.
  • If an employee misbehaves at work or exhibits a significant behavior change, a drug test may be administered.
  • When an employee arrives at work while under the influence of alcohol, they should be drug tested

What Is the Drug Testing Policy of UPS?

UPS has a drug and alcohol policy that is part of the firm’s code of conduct. Although precise procedures may vary depending on the location, the following is a general structure:

Pre-Hire Testing

The company’s interview process is separated into sections, each of which is designed to assess an individual’s eligibility for specific positions.

Due to a large number of candidates, the first steps of the process do not necessitate a drug test. A UPS drug test, however, can be conducted to conclude the screening procedure.

Random Testing

When working for UPS, you must be cautious because you may be subjected to a random drug test. The goal is to ensure that no one is under the influence of anything that could impair judgment and cause an accident.

Random testing can occur at any time and without notice. This makes planning difficult, and the only way to stay clean while working at UPS is to stay sober.

A random UPS drug test package can be used if there is a reasonable assumption that you are using a prohibited substance. If you do not pass the exam, you are fired.

Post-Accident Testing

If you are operating any of UPS’s tools and machinery, you must be aware at all times. Any mishap, no matter how insignificant, may demand a drug test to establish that you were not under the influence of any illicit substance.

The results of the test determine whether you are kept in that position or whether your employment is terminated.

Types of Drug Tests Conducted at UPS

UPS is known to perform random urine drug tests on package handlers. This is because they want to ensure that the staff who handle the goods are always clean and in a pleasant mood.

Random drug tests while on the job might occur at any moment and without notice.

If you fail the exam, your services may be immediately terminated. UPS is on the lookout for the following popular drugs:

  • Barbiturates
  • Cocaine
  • Steroids
  • Opioids
  • Marijuana

How Long to Reapply after Failing a Drug Test?

There is no verified information. You most probably have to wait at least six months until reapplying.

Final Thoughts

When a random drug test occurs for the first time during your job with UPS, it may frighten you. There is nothing to be concerned about if you avoid using drugs.

The company may conduct a random UPS drug test to notify employees that they are being monitored.

UPS is a well-known company, and the last thing it wants is an employee, particularly a package handler, abusing illegal narcotics.

There is nothing to be concerned about as long as you are sober. If you fail the exam, your activities can be terminated, and the failure is recorded on your file.