Does UPS Test You For Drugs?

If you want to work at UPS, then you need to know that you have to undergo a certain type of drug test before employment. UPS also conducts random drug testing to their current employees. We ask some of our friends who worked in the company and this is the information that we gathered so far.

How Drug Testing at UPS Works

UPSUPS doesn’t necessarily conduct a drug test on the first interview. At the first phase of the interview, UPS is just going to ask about yourself. If they like to hire you, then they’re going to conduct a drug test on you which usually happens in the last stage of the interview. You need to make sure that you’re clean from any substances or else you lose the job.

On a regular basis, UPS conducts a random drug test for their warehouse employees, forklift operators, and drivers. These workers serve a critical part in the service of the company so it’s only important that they’re working with a sound mind. If you fail the test, then you’ll get fired.

The solution? Use synthetic urine like ones we talk about on this page.

It’s nice to keep a stash of this product nearby just in case you’ll go under a random drug test. To use, simply follow the directions listed on the box. Mix it up, put a heater on it, and you’re done. Keep the temperature between 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another good product that you can use is the Toxin Rid 10-Day Detox which is perfect for heavy users of weed looking to pass a test.  (And other substances.)  This detox product removes all the drug substances from your body within 10 days. After the detox program, your urine will be clean enough to test negative for drugs.

So, prepare yourself before taking an interview with UPS. Stop smoking weed or taking any drug substance completely. If you can’t stop, use a detox product or synthetic urine.