Does UPS Drug Test?

United Parcel Service (UPS) is a United States-based global package distribution and supply chain management company. Furthermore, UPS is one of the most financially rewarding corporations to work for. If someone wishes to apply for a job with this organization or go in for an interview, they need to first understand their hiring process. One of the most important stages of the hiring process is drug testing.

When it comes to drug testing, UPS is extremely strict. The UPS Code of Business Conduct’s Drug and Alcohol policy outlines a substance-testing program.

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How Long Does UPS Take to Administer a Drug Test?

The results of a workplace drug test are usually available within a few days. An employer could also demand that the drug test be conducted with a rapid test that provides results on the same day.

Negative tests are normally available within 24 hours; nevertheless, positive tests require additional testing, which could take anywhere from several days to a week. The employer receives a copy of the test results from the lab. The results will almost certainly be sent to the candidate, while it will almost certainly be delivered to the company through fax or courier.

If the person can’t stand to want to wait for the e-mail, they can contact the HR department within two to three days to discover if they passed the drug test. One won’t be considered for the position if they fail the pre-employment drug test. Furthermore, if someone fails a random drug test for a job they’re currently working, they will almost certainly be fired. Before they can apply again, they’ll probably have to wait a minimum of six months.

Does UPS Conduct Pre-employment Drug Tests?

Yes, UPS uses a five-panel urine drug test to screen possible new employees.

Pre-employment Drug Test

UPS has a thorough interview process with numerous steps that examine various factors of a candidate’s suitability for a certain job. The initial phases of interviews don’t necessitate a drug test due to the large number of applicants. If someone is deemed a suitable candidate during the early stages, they are asked to take a drug test in order to be hired.

The candidate is examined to see if they’re a good fit for the position at this step, and if they’re employed, they have to pass a drug test. Furthermore, the test assures that all recruits are clear of any illicit drugs as part of their background checks.

Before signing a contract, one must pass the test if they are a recruit or applying to return to the company.

Five-panel Urine Drug Test

Basic five-panel urine drug tests are the most common drug test used by government organizations, private businesses, and UPS. A five-panel drug urine test searches for opiates, THC, cocaine, PCP, and amphetamines, among other commonly misused drugs.

Does UPS Drug Test Package Handlers?

UPS has the choice of conducting a drug test at any time throughout one’s employment with them, in addition to administering a pre-employment drug testing. Workers at factories and warehouses are subjected to random drug testing. This is to verify that all package handlers on-site are sober.

Package handlers are subjected to more scrutiny than other employees in the warehouse since they have to use a forklift. This is a large piece of equipment, and failing to operate it properly could threaten the life of the individual using it as well as the lives of other warehouse employees.

Do UPS drivers get drug tested as well? Yes, they do.

When Would UPS Conduct Drug Tests?

  • The candidate would be subject to a random drug test if there were red flags at the time of the applicant’s employment, but management wanted to hire them nevertheless.
  • If an employee misbehaves at work or exhibits a significant change in behavior.
  • A worker is subjected to a drug test if they come to work while inebriated.

What Drug Tests Do UPS Use?

The most common methods of substance testing at UPS are urine samples and oral swabs.

Random drug testing is conducted in the workplace at any time and without notice. The person’s services will be canceled instantly if they fail the test. Employees are generally drug tested for the following substances at UPS:

  • Cocaine
  • MMJ
  • Barbiturates
  • Opiates
  • Phencyclidine
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Amphetamines
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Hydrocodone as well as any other narcotics in one’s system

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What Is UPS’s Drug Testing Policy?

UPS has an alcohol and drug policy that is spelled out in their code of conduct. Although precise procedures may vary based on the location, the following is a general outline for the UPS drug test policy:

Pre-hire Testing

The UPS interview process is broken down into various stages, each of which is designed to assess an applicant’s fitness for specific positions.

Due to the large number of candidates, the early steps of the process don’t require a drug test. A drug test, on the other hand, can be used to complete the screening procedure.

Random Drug Tests

When working for UPS, one must be cautious because they will be subject to random drug testing. Workers handle packages, operate numerous equipment and types, and drive. The goal is to guarantee that no one is under the influence of something that could impair judgment and cause an accident.

Random testing can occur at any time and without warning. This makes planning impossible, and the only way to get a clear test result at UPS is to stay clean. A random test can be conducted if there is a reasonable suspicion that an employee is using a controlled substance. If they do not pass the test, their job will most likely be terminated.

Post-accident Tests

If an employee is using any of UPS’s machinery or equipment, they must remain vigilant at all times. Any mishap, no matter how trivial, may require a drug test to prove the person was not under the influence of any illegal substances.

The results of the drug test will determine whether the individual is retained in their current position or if their contract will be terminated.

How Do You Apply for a Job at UPS?

On any given day, UPS is a major employer, one of the largest and most famous companies in worldwide package shipping. Candidates should expect a diverse choice of career options because the firm has operations in over 300 countries.

UPS also employs criminals. There are various vacancies to apply for when applying for a job with UPS. Package handlers, drivers, and management leaders are just a few examples.

The majority of the employees here began their careers as package handlers or drivers. One might be relieved to learn that throughout the holiday season, the package shipping behemoth employs over 120,000 part-time package handlers.

When evaluating applicants with a criminal history, managers consider the number and type of felonies, prior credentials or training, and the period of time since the release.

Felons might be able to find a job as entry-level workers; however, they are unqualified for client-facing or supervisory positions.

UPS offers ongoing training and substantial compensation and benefits packages in return for commitment and success.

Moreover, UPS jobs are frequently found in the receiving, sorting, and distribution sectors by job seekers.

When it comes to physically demanding situations, applicants need to be in good health and be able to lift 70 pounds or more. Physical examinations required by the Department of Transportation are a requirement for entry-level occupations.

Since UPS is a deadline-driven organization, it hires employees who can meet the rigors of working for a package shipping company. Apart from physical aptitude and age, the distribution organization searches for people with motivated mentalities and centered mindsets. To ensure that shipments arrive safely and on time at the intended destinations, cooperation, dedication, and consistency are required. Throughout the application and interview phases, people can attract recruitment staff by demonstrating strengths through relatable stories and work experience presented via resumes and cover letters.

The entire UPS job application procedure is completed fully online. Additionally, the most common questions that a potential applicant needs to answer at this stage are for personal details such as e-mail address, phone number, and SSN. USP then approaches any candidates they are interested in.

Does UPS Drug Test Package Handlers?

If you are looking for a job as a package handler at UPS and are wondering if they test for weed in specific, here’s the answer:

UPS is not testing package handlers at this time.  UPS doesn’t even drug test package handlers for marijuana, so you won’t have to learn how to pass a marijuana drug test and take all the actions before your interview if you are applying to be a package handler.  However, if you are operating a motor vehicle or are applying for a position in management, you will get the UPS drug test, so expect to have that happen.

The Bottom Line: UPS Drug Tests

One has to agree to a drug test if they want to keep their job at UPS. When the company asks for this, it’s checking to see if the potential employee is under the influence of any drugs while working. As long as the person is clean, there is nothing to worry about. If one fails the test, their services are terminated, and it will be noted on their record. UPS employees are subjected to random drug tests to ensure that they are aware that they are being watched.

If one keeps track of such mishaps, there’s a good chance they won’t be hired by another delivery service company in the future. UPS has a positive reputation for treating all employees with respect; therefore, they expect the same in return!

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