Best THC Detox Kit For Marijuana

If you want to know what THC detox kit works and what doesn’t, then you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll try to make a few recommendations and GNC isn’t one of them. From what we have observed, the highest quality marijuana detox products are sold online.

There are many THC detox kits that don’t work and a couple of them you want to avoid. We won’t focus on those products here but we’ll recommend the best one.

Our Top Recommendation: Toxin Rid Detox

Toxin Rid Detox is highly recommended because it contains many different ingredients that work together to remove THC from your body quickly. It offers two types of detox kits: 5-day detox kit and 10-day detox kit.

The 5-day detox kit is suitable for those first-time users or those who have only taken weed a few times. Removing THC from your body is simpler at this stage because the THC isn’t deeply rooted in the fatty tissues.

The 10-day detox kit is recommended if you’re a heavy consumer or smoker of weed and have done it for years. You need more days to detox because the THC has already resided inside your body’s fat cells. Like any other plans, follow the instructions to see results.

The Toxin Rid detox kits mentioned above include detox pills and a detox drink to remove marijuana and all other toxins from the body. The secret of its effectiveness lies in its many ingredients that work together to produce desirable results.


How To Use Toxin Rid

The marijuana detox combo kit uses a mix of body cleansers. To be more precise, it uses three ingredients: pre-rid polls, detox drink, and dietary fiber. These three ingredients work together to create an effective treatment that offers results.

One of the best detox kits on the market today is Toxin Rid. This detox kit offers two plans: 5-day detox and 10-day detox. The 5-day detox contains 75-pre-rid pills while the 10-day detox offers 150 pre-rid pills. Both plans offer a detox liquid and dietary fibers, which have to be consumed at a certain time during the treatment period.

To give you an idea on how Toxin Rid detox kit has to be taken, here are the instructions.

  1. Take three pills every hour for five successive hours daily. Depending on your choice of a detox plan, do this for five or 10 days.
  1. On the last day of the detox program, create a mixture of 4 oz. of water and 1/2 detox liquid. Drink the mixture and wait for two hours. During this time, don’t consume any food and beverages. Once two hours have passed, combine the remaining half of the detox liquid with 4 oz. water and drink.
  1. If you want to pass a drug test, take the dietary fiber one hour prior to the test. There are certain preparations for this procedure.
  • First, mix 8 ounces of water with 1 ounce of dietary fiber. Consume the dietary mixture within two minutes or it’ll lose its efficacy.
  • Next, drink 16 oz of plain water after 15 minutes have passed. Don’t drink water after this.
  • Finally, urinate 2-3 times to flush away the THC before you take the drug test.

If you’re nervous about the drug test results, you can conduct a preliminary test at home to give you peace of mind. Use any home drug test from TestClear, like Saliva Home Drug Test, Urine Home Drug Test, and Hair Home Drug Test.

Tips In Using A Drug Test Detox Kit

The detox kit works by ejecting the THC from the fatty tissue and speeding up its elimination from the bloodstream. You’ll be amazed that your body will remove the equivalent of a week’s worth of marijuana deposits in your body in a single day. It may also work by hiding any traces of THC in the bloodstream such that they stay invisible in a drug test.

So how do you make sure that the detox kit is effective? Here are 4 simple tips:

  1. Follow the instructions. Take the pills as recommended and never skip a dosage. It’s only a maximum of 10 days and you’ll earn the benefits.
  1. Stop smoking marijuana instantly. As soon as you began the detox plan, stop smoking marijuana to clean your system from all substances. Now, this is easier said than done for those heavy smokers. Ten days without weed might seem like years. Again, think of your goal so you can work hard for it.

A good way to keep your mind away from the temptation is to meditate. Practice the techniques of keeping your mind calm and help banish your anxiety. Meditation might give you the mental strength to live without weed. If meditation can’t help, try hypnosis.

  1. Drink lots of water. Water helps flush away the toxins from your system.
  1. Any physical activity will help improve your circulation and lymph system to eliminate toxins from your body. Exercise is also a good method to forget about THC effects.


Are THC Detox Kits Safe?

There are many products that claim to do one thing and while they may deliver what they promise, they cause more harm than good on the body. The THC detox combo kit is an exception. All the ingredients are safe to digest and don’t cause any negative effects to the body.

The kit’s detox products can be broken down in the body and eventually discharged through urine. You won’t have to feel anxious about any traces of the products that will reside in the body or fail to metabolize. Also, they don’t react to the chemicals inside the body.

However, you need to seek the advice of your doctor if you’re currently taking any medications. Some medications might interfere with the effectiveness of the detox kit or vice versa. The last thing you need is to stop taking medications to treat your disease for the sake of being clean.


Are Detox Drinks Effective?

Detox drinks don’t actually remove the THC from your system. They’re designed to conceal the THC for a certain amount of time so you can pass a drug test. If your purpose is to only pass a drug test, then a detox drink can be a good option.

One good detox drink we recommend is the Mega Clean Detox Drink. Mega Clean offers a great solution to hide THC during a urine drug test.

The Take-Away

Indeed, the Toxin Rid detox kit offers guaranteed results like no other product on the market today. The product works because it follows a series of detox regimen. It takes 10 days the most, but it offers the best results in removing THC out from your body.

If you like to try other detox product, avoid those that claim to produce instant results. Any detox combos that promise less than 10 days might be a scam.

Also, avoid those that contain ineffective herbs or supplements or a negligible amount of active ingredients. Most of these products promise to clean your colon or help you lose weight. Remember, your goal is to clean your system from weed not to clean your color or lose weight.