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There are many places you can obtain CBD oils and related products online, but very few provide a marketplace coupled with a reputation for solid customer service like the website I’m going to tell you about today.  That website is DirectCBD, and it’s an offshoot of a vendor I’ve worked with for many years, the International Vapor Group.  (You may known them from their popular VaporFI product line, like the Atom.)

DirectCBD ReviewWhy Buy at Direct CBD Versus Other Marketplaces?

The major advantage of shopping here is the variety of products you can buy online.  Consider this “the Amazon of CBD products.”

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While that may sound like a lofty statement, the sheer number of brands they were able to partner with is off the charts.  There are many brands that I’ve talked about on this site, and at the time of this DirectCBD review, they are currently offering the following brands.  (Follow the link to read a more detailed history of the company as well as a respective review.)

Fresh Leaf CBD
Entourage Hemp
Green Roads
Dinner Lady Oils
ANML ALchemy
C&C Apothecary
Lazarus Naturals
Savage CBD
Stanley Brothers
Cannatera CBD
Blue Moon Hemp
Naked 100
Veritas Farms
Direct CBD
Funky Farms

As far as my own shopping experiences, I enjoy shopping at Amazon because I can get many brands all at one place.  One place that I know will be accountable, dependable, and on-time.  For this exact reason, I have chosen to shop at Direct CBD, as I enjoy many niche products in the CBD industry that are made by various brands.  You can essentially buy a pain rub from one brand, oils from other brands, edibles from others, vapes, and so on, and so forth.  There isn’t another place on the web that offers the selection of quality brands of CBD oils and products that are offered here, and I can tell you I’ve been waiting for a superstore of sorts to open for about two years.  Finally, it’s here!

They also sell their own brand, aptly called “Direct CBD,” so if you want to see what they bring to the table, you can do that as well.  While I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet, I can speak highly of their other brands, (Direct Vapor and VaporFI) and tell you that every product they have put out are of the highest quality and they earn high remarks with me, as well as other bloggers who cover the industry in vaping and electronic cigarette devices. 

The store also has a HUGE FAQ and glossary section, so if anything is confusing to you, they have you covered.  Honestly, this is the library of information that I aspire to be here at The 420 Times with all of my CBD coverage.  Their wealth of information is THAT GOOD.  They even go as far as to tell you exactly how to read a certification of analysis (COA).  These are becoming the gold standard in the industry, and many brands are starting to publish them as a sign of credibility, but they fail to tell you what all the scientific jargon means.  True to form, Direct CBD goes the extra mile to show you exactly how to read this form, even going as far as basically translating all the scientific data for you and telling you what to look for as you peruse the certificate.  Talk about being transparent!

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Look at the Wide Variety of Products Sold at Direct CBD!

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