Muscle Relaxers and Drug Testing

Today I am going to answer a very particular question that I’ve been asked many times. Will muscle relaxers show on a drug test? We’re going to cover this topic and see what kind of drug tests can actually detect muscle relaxers and how you can avoid being tested positive.

Will Muscle Relaxers Appear on Drug Tests?

To start off, its very simple. Muscle relaxors will only show up on a drug test if they are being tested for. So for example, the most popular five-panel drug test that most companies conduct on employees will fail to detect the muscle relaxers simply because the test does not include testing for these relaxers.

A lot of companies don’t really test for muscle relaxers because it does not fall in the five-panel drug test. But you need to be aware that if the company is conducting an advanced urine test or any other advanced drug test, the muscle relaxers can be detected. These tests are usually conducted to see if you are on prescription medications.

So if you were to ask my recommendation, I would say that you should be prepared for the worst. Go and buy a complete 10-day detox product or synthetic urine and you should never have to worry about it. And if you know that the company you are working in only conducts a simple test or a simple five-panel test, I wouldn’t really worry about it.

But in a scenario where you have no idea what kind of drug test a company takes, it could be an advanced test. This is when you need to prepare yourself to do whatever it takes to stay negative on the test. I highly recommend getting Toxin Rid 10-day detox which is designed to help you pass an advanced drug test. What this product basically does is that it speeds up the body’s natural process to detoxify any drug content you have, muscle relaxers included.

A lot of the times you may not even have to use the product for a full 10 days to see the results. I believe for muscle relaxers even five days of this product should do the magic. It is a solution that works great for people who fear muscle relaxers may be detected in a drug test.  

I would also recommend getting a pair of synthetic urine from a reputable company. TestClear is the one we have recommended for years.

What this product does is that it acts as a replacement for your urine. When you are asked to provide a urine sample, just use the synthetic urine instead. It is very easy to use and most of the instructions on how to use it can be found on the box the product comes in.  

Read our full expose on using these types of urines to beat tests:

Synthetic urine is the easiest and most common ways to beat an annoying drug test. And best of all, it can be bought from anywhere on the internet. But keep your eyes open for fakes and buy only from a trusted vendor.