Does Pizza Hut Drug Test?

Pizza Hut is an iconic American fast-food chain that was founded in 1958. It has over 16,000 locations worldwide. It is one of the most well-known pizza brands in the world, making it a great place to work. The fast-food chain employs staff to fill positions such as delivery driver, pizza chef, and server.

Those looking for a position in fast food restaurants such as Pizza Hut are often young people looking to supplement their income or gain work experience for future opportunities.

One of the primary worries for a recreational drug user applying for a job at a fast-food restaurant like Pizza Hut is the possibility of being surprised with a pre-employment Pizza Hut drug test during the application process. Being unprepared for, and then failing, a Pizza Hut drug test almost certainly results in the applicant not being hired.

This article explains everything you need to know about the Pizza Hut drug testing programs.

About Pizza Hut

Frank and Dan Carney founded Pizza Hut in 1958. The restaurant chain is famous for its adapted Italian cuisine, which includes an assortment of pizzas, pasta, and other delectable dishes. There are more than 15,000 Pizza Hut eateries worldwide, that employ tens of thousands of people.

At Pizza Hut, you can apply for a variety of positions. You can seek employment as a Pizza Hut team member, which involves interacting directly with customers in person, or telephonically. If you have more experience, you could even apply to be a Pizza Hut shift leader or store manager.

What to Expect When Applying for a Job at Pizza Hut

Landing a job at Pizza Hut is not a difficult task. To begin, inquire at your local Pizza Hut restaurant, or check their online website to see if they are hiring. If you do find that they are hiring staff, you can complete an application at the Pizza Hut restaurant.

Thereafter, you should receive a call from the company to schedule an interview. Should you perform well in the interview, there is a good chance that Pizza Hut hires you right away. If you have not been contacted by Pizza Hut a few days after submitting your job application, you should contact them again to inquire about the status of your application.

Pizza Hut, like most fast-food restaurants, has a relatively lax drug policy. This is because of their high employee turnover rate. People are constantly coming and going, so restaurants like Pizza Hut do not have enough time to screen everyone for drugs.

Reasons Why Management Requests a Pizza Hut Drug Test

Pizza Hut drug testing can be used by employers to determine whether employees are drug users. When we talk about drug users, we mean people who use illegal drugs. Marijuana has been legalized in several states for both recreational and medicinal purposes. However, under federal law, it is still classified as a Schedule I narcotic.

Drugs can have a wide range of effects. They can slow brain function and have a calming effect on the brain. While this may not appear to be a problem for potential candidates, it is a source of concern for an employer committed to providing the best customer service possible.

It is important to remember that drugs can impair employees’ judgment, which is a quality that no boss needs on their team.

An employee under the influence of drugs may be a danger to others, themselves, or company property if their judgment is impaired, which can result in damage to company property, and irrevocable damage to the company’s reputation.

pizza hut pizzaDo You Have to Pass a Pre Employment Pizza Hut Drug Test?

The short answer to this is simply no. As mentioned before, the pizzeria has a high turnover of employees, so cannot afford the time to have every new employee take a Pizza Hut drug test.

However, it may be in your best interest to refrain from the use of drugs while working at Pizza Hut, to ensure that you make a good impression on your employer.

Pizza Hut, one of America’s most successful franchises, expects employees to uphold high standards of service. The company strives to deliver high-quality fast food, and it relies on its staff to provide the best pizza possible to its customers.

There are a variety of job opportunities available at Pizza Hut, ranging from Pizza Hut delivery drivers to management. The company follows a standardized food preparation, but pre-employment drug testing policies vary depending on the store.

The truth is that Pizza Hut does not have a formal pre-employment drug testing policy in place. However, a few Pizza Hut branches may decide to implement drug testing if they believe it is necessary for hiring new employees. Some Pizza Hut locations are well-known for enforcing drug-testing policies.

If you absolutely have to be sure about passing a pizza hut drug test, make sure to get some Test Clear.

Employee Pizza Hut Drug Tests

Every month, Pizza Hut employees at the Schertz branch in Texas are subjected to random Pizza Hut drug testing. The Pizza Hut branches in Granite City, Illinois, on the other hand, only conduct random drug tests on employees once every six months.

Regional Pizza Hut branches may also implement random drug testing if management believes it could help improve customer service. Pizza Hut management has the right to test any employee they suspect of being under the influence of drugs.

The screening takes place after a candidate has completed their job application. A Pizza Hut drug test is usually the final stage of the recruitment process. Management selects the facility for conducting the drug test, which uses accredited labs for screening.

What Does the Pizza Hut Drug Test Involve?

Prospective Pizza Hut employees who are subjected to drug testing do so at random, or regularly, depending on their role within the company. When Pizza Hut uses an approved lab to conduct drug tests, they use the basic 5-panel urine drug test.

This urine testing kit is the more affordable option, and it is highly effective at determining whether the candidate does have a drug problem. These testing kits can detect a broad range of drugs.

It detects the presence of drug metabolites such as:

• Opiates

• Marijuana

• Amphetamines, or methamphetamines

• Phencyclidine

• Cocaine

Pizza Hut Drug Delivery Drivers Are Subjected to Drug Testing

Some Pizza Hut locations test their delivery drivers, while others do not. However, the consensus appears to be that Pizza Hut tends to test delivery drivers over restaurant staff. The fast-food chain also has drivers take a Pizza Hut drug test if they are involved in an accident while on the job.

How to Can Pass a Pizza Hut Drug Test

Because you may be subjected to a random urine drug test for a work-related incident at any time, you should know the time that drug traces take to leave your system.

If you are a light drug user, you may test positive for THC for up to five days from your last use. If you are a modest user, you may test positive on a drug test for up to 12 days, and if you are a habitual user, you may test positive for up to 90 days. Light to moderate drug users can benefit from a detox drink, that can help to remove traces of drugs from your system.

Habitual users are most likely to fail their drug test. If the urine test is unsupervised, there is a chance that the result is incorrect, because some heavy users have been known to dilute their urine or use synthetic urine. However, there is always the possibility of Pizza Hut management finding out about your drug use later.

Is It Possible to Fail a Pizza Hut Drug Test While on Prescription Drugs?

No, you cannot fail a Pizza Hut drug test simply because you are only taking prescription medications. If you are involved in a workplace accident, or are up for a promotion, inform your employer that you are taking prescription drugs that may impact your Pizza Hut drug test.

Pizza Hut employees can also give management their doctor’s contact information, so they can confirm that you are on a prescription. They are not permitted to inquire as to why you are taking prescription medications, or why you require them.

Pizza Hut Employee Pay Rates and Benefits

If you are successfully employed by Pizza Hut, you can expect to receive remuneration once every two weeks. Here are the Pizza Hut pay rates per hour:

• Delivery driver – $6 – $12

• Pizza chef – $7 – $10

• Server – $3 – $12

• Customer service representative – $7 – $12

• Pizza Hut Manager – $9 – $14

• Assistant Manager – $9 – $14

If you accept a position at Pizza Hut, you can expect to receive the following benefits:

• Overtime pay

• Paid vacation

• Contribution towards tuition

• Medical insurance

• Short-term disability, and sick pay

• Workers’ compensation

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Final Thoughts

Working a job at Pizza Hut is a great way to gain work experience and make some extra money. However, those who use drugs for recreational purposes may be curious as to whether Pizza Hut does pre-employment drug tests on potential employees.

The short answer is that Pizza Hut does not currently have a formal Pizza Hut drug policy but may conduct a Pizza Hut drug test as they see necessary. The consensus among workers is that delivery drivers are subjected to drug tests more frequently than restaurant staff if they are prone to accidents while delivering pizzas.

There is currently no evidence online that Pizza Hut employees are drug tested. Pre-employment tests are highly unlikely, but anyone willing to accept a job at Pizza Hut should familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of their contract.

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