Does Bank of America Drug Test? (Bank of America’s Drug Testing Policies in 2022)

Many people like the idea of working at a bank because it gives them a sense of pride and responsibility. However, you probably wonder if the brand drug tests employees.

Bank of America is a federal contractor, so it must comply with the drug-free workplace program on that level. It only conducts pre-employment drug screening for people going into security-sensitive positions. However, it can perform drug testing for current workers.

There are many confusing rules in place at Bank of America (BoA). Therefore, I’m here to dive deep into the subject and help you understand when it drug tests, what for, and why. Keep reading to learn more!

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Does Bank of America Drug Test? Its Drug Policy

Bank of America is insured through the federal government, so it’s got to abide by the federal laws in place. The law states that it must have a clear drug-testing policy, make it enforceable, and explain the specific consequences of violating the procedures.

The company itself claims that it only requires pre-employment drug testing for people in “security positions,” but that could be anything and everything. Those who work with money, such as tellers, and security personnel, may all be included in this scenario.

BoA also reserves the right to hold these drug tests, even if the policy contradicts existing state laws:

• Reasonable-suspicion
• Scheduled
• Post-accident
• Random

In most situations, the manager or CEO of the branch tells employees that drug tests are likely to pop up. However, they aren’t required to do so. Therefore, you may walk in one day and be asked to take a drug test.

Types of Drug Tests Bank of America Uses

Bank of America only uses the urine drug test because that’s what the federal government recommends. Since urine could be dangerous, the company must use a third-party laboratory to conduct the test correctly and safely. Therefore, you might be asked to submit to the lab within one to two days of the request.

The process often works like this (though it’s subject to change):

• Go to work.
• The HR department or manager calls you to the office and says that you must be drug tested.
• You’re told which lab to report to and the date/time.
• Show up on that date and urinate into a special cup.
• Wait for the test results.

Many times, you’re allowed to continue working until the test results come back. However, that’s not always the case, so you may want to ask your hiring manager about this before committing to the job.

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Substances Tested For

Bank of America uses a five-panel test, which is urine-based. Therefore, you’re tested for:

• Opium
• Amphetamines
• Marijuana (weed)
• Cocaine

Is It Possible to Refuse a Drug Test?

If you apply for a security position at Bank of America, you are required to submit to a drug test. Refusing to do so will likely end with you being turned down for the position. The hiring manager has a job to do, and one of them is to request the pre-employment drug screening. While you have the right to say no, you forfeit your employment offer.

As an employee, you could be required to do random drug tests periodically. I’m not sure how often they’re conducted or when, but it’s likely when there have been workplace accidents, or someone has said that you’re doing drugs. Many companies do random tests on everyone to avoid implicating someone for being a tipster, though I can’t verify if BoA does so.

Those who refuse to do the random drug tests will likely be fired. You may get a few chances to take the test, but it might go on your permanent work record at the company. Therefore, it’s best to take the test on the appointed day and get it over with.

Could You Be Fired after Failing a Drug Test at Bank of America?

Yes, you can be fired if you fail a drug test at Bank of America. This shows that you have been using illegal drugs and are a liability to the company. In fact, you will be terminated because of its zero-tolerance policy on banned substances. It could lose its federal backing if it doesn’t conform to the rules.

Sometimes, Bank of America gets around the termination rule by offering you a chance to go to rehab for alcohol or drugs. If you successfully complete the program (either chosen by you or the company), you can be reinstated with no blemishes on your record. However, that’s not always possible, and it’s often a one-time deal.

Reapplying at Bank of America after a Failed Drug Test

I haven’t found much information about reapplying for your job at Bank of America after failing a drug test. It’s likely possible to do so, but you might be turned down for employment if there are other qualified candidates who have no known history of drug use/misuse.

Generally, it’s best to wait for one year before reapplying. You may also prove that you’ve changed your habits through rehab, counseling, and other means. It looks good on your record, but it also tells the hiring manager that you’ve had problems. Therefore, it could be a catch-22 for you.

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Ways of Beating a Drug Test

Some people use drugs recreationally, and I’m not here to judge. However, you may have problems getting or keeping your job without a little extra help. Here are a few methods of passing your drug test if you’ve used:

Stop Using

The best method is to stop using illegal substances before getting a security position at Bank of America. You should wait for about two weeks before you have your interview to ensure that the drugs are out of your system.

Those who use drugs and already work at Bank of America might not be able to do this in time. The manager often gives you a few days to comply with the testing order, so you can’t wait a full two weeks. Therefore, drugs are still in your system, but there are other methods.

Detox Products

Many detox products are available on the market. They generally work in three to 10 days, so their effectiveness depends on your branch’s requirements for drug testing. Usually, you take a few pills at specific times, following the directions on the box.

Synthetic Urine

Since Bank of America could only give you a few days to take your drug test, synthetic urine might be the best choice. It often comes powdered, and you mix it with water to produce a clean result, even if you’ve used drugs that day.

It’s best to keep a kit with you at all times because you might be sent to the lab that day. However, they only work for a few hours, so you should buy multiple kits and test them for effectiveness before you need them!


Overall, Bank of America requires a pre-employment drug test for security-related jobs, but it’s unclear of what those are. However, it can require random drug tests at any time, so it’s best to stay clean to keep your job.

Those who have used illegal drugs and find themselves having to take a drug test may consider synthetic urine kits or detox products. They can help you beat the test, save your job, and continue working.

Meta Description: Does Bank of America drug test? This is a question on many people’s minds, and I provide a thorough answer and other tips in this article.

Does the Bank of America Drug Test? It’s a question that I get asked quite frequently. Whether it’s a teller or a position at the back end, seems like anyone who is looking for a job here wants to know the answer to this burning question.

If you’re trying to get a job at the Bank of America, then you will be glad to know that I did some digging and found out that the drug test they do, especially their pre-employment drug test is reserved for only the ‘safety positions’. But I have also learned that one of their documents say that they will still screen employees randomly for a pre-employment drug test. So you need to be careful. 


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