Why Vaping Weed is Better than Smoking It?

People use marijuana for different purposes. Weed lovers just want to get “high”. Some people want to relieve the symptoms of some disease or condition as cannabis is claimed to help with sleep disorders, regulate insulin production, reduce social anxiety and depression, relieve multiple sclerosis, arthritis and other forms of pain. There’re also users who pursue both mentioned goals.

No matter what drives you to use marijuana, you may wonder what is the best way to inhale it is: smoking or vaping? Let’s see.

What way of inhaling marijuana has a better effect?

You’ll see for yourself when you try a weed vape pen on Vapingdaily, that vaporizing marijuana differs from your usual way of smoking it. And the effects are faster.

A group of scientists studied the effects of smoked and vaporized cannabis in 2016. They recruited 17 adults who had experience of marijuana smoking, but not in the month prior to the study’s launch.

The experiment lasted 6 weeks. Each participant had one smoking or vaping session per week. THC doses were of 0 mg, 10 mg, and 25 mg, with the 0-mg dose being the control point.

After each session, physiological changes in the participants were examined. They also filled a questionnaire to self-report their experience and completed 3 computerized tasks designed to measure attention span, memory, physical reaction time and motor movement.

Both 10mg and 25mg got the users quite stoned. But it turned out that when being vaped, the same doses of cannabis resulted in significantly stronger subjective drug effects, higher blood THC levels, and slower cognitive and psychomotor performance.

What are the health advantages of vaping cannabis over smoking it?

If compared to smoking, vaporizing is a much safer way to consume marijuana. It has two bonuses for your health.

1. Vapor is cleaner than smoke.

Smoking occurs at a minimum of 230°C. A joint burns at much higher temperatures which may reach 600-900°C.

When weed burns in the joint, the chemical bonds between organic molecules and carbon atoms are broken apart and “free radicals” are generated. These components create a lot of different harmful toxins, including carcinogens. Thus, 88% of the compounds that are emitted into the smoke are not cannabinoids and terpenes.

Regular weed smoking leads to the tar build up in the lungs, similar to tobacco smoking. This may lead to respiratory health problems.

Vaporizing cannabis doesn't produce the toxins that smoking does, because the plant matter doesn’t burn but is heated up. A vape pen for weed operates at 160-230°C. The vapor from cannabis contains about 94% cannabinoids, 5% flavonoids (beneficial plant pigments) and about 1% of aromatic hydrocarbon (an organic compound containing carbon and hydrogen).

2. Vaping has less impact on the lungs.

Whether from tobacco, cannabis, or wood, smoke is harmful to your lungs. As mentioned above, carcinogens and other toxic chemicals are released during the combustion of materials.

Moreover, marijuana smokers take larger puffs, inhale more deeply, and hold their breath longer when compared to those who use weed pens. This leads to greater exposure.

Research shows that regular marijuana smoking injures the cell linings of the large airways. That’s why smokers experience chronic cough, phlegm production, wheeze and bronchitis.

Given that vapor is cleaner that smoke, it’s more loyal to your throat and lungs. However, vaping is still not well-researched. So, there may be potential risks to the heath we don’t yet know about. To stay on the safe side, vape in moderation.

Are there any additional pluses?

Aside from the health benefits, vaping surpasses smoking in the following aspects:

  • No “high”

THC and CBD are two active marijuana compounds that contribute to the plant’s therapeutic properties. The difference in effect is the only - unlike THC, CBD doesn’t produce psychoactive effects. In other words, it doesn’t make you “high”.

Some people avoid smoking medical marijuana because it impairs their coordination and reaction time. They only want to reap weed’s health benefits and keep a clear state of mind at the same time. Thanks to vaping CBD oil, they can have this opportunity. CBD is derived from the marijuana plant and mixed with a carrier oil (hemp seed or coconut) to create CBD oil.

  • Convenience

A weed pen allows setting different temperatures. This makes it easier to reach the desired intensity of high. For example, to reach a mellow high, set your device at 150°C. To increase the potency, set the temperature of 166-187°C. But don’t go higher than 229°C which is a near-combustion temperature. You’ll reduce the elimination of cannabinoids.

  • Secrecy

Vaporizing marijuana isn’t as smelly as smoking it. Moreover, vapor dissipates faster than smoke. So, you won’t attract unwanted attention if you happen to vape in public.

  • Cost-efficiency

As soon as you light a joint, the flame begins to destroy the blunt and everything in it, even when you are not taking a hit. And when you do, it burns even faster. Vaping gives more control. You set the temperature and can switch your vaporizer off. Both these features make a substantial impact on the cost of your marijuana vape session.

  • Availability

Access to medical marijuana involves getting a doctor’s prescription. When it comes to cannabis products made for vaporizing, many of us can buy weed online for our cannabis vaporization without any problems.

Generally, online stores only ask visitors to verify the age by clicking on “I’m older than 21” icon. And after that, you can choose the best vape pen for weed and marijuana products, such as dry herb, oil, or wax. Besides, CBD oil is completely legal as it contains no more than 0.3% THC.

Keep in mind that the use of marijuana may cause side effects. This is especially true for conventional or "street" weed that might contain harmful fungus and/or pesticides. It can be dangerous for people with a compromised immune system. When it comes to treatment with marijuana, it’s better to visit a doctor, get a prescription, and buy the product at a reliable supplier.


Robert Mayers was born and raised in Atlanta. A writer and a reader in one person and a big lover what he does.

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.


  • Roger Barratt

    In SA government has made a certain amount of marijuana legal but is not clear on retail shops to sell it forcing voters to buy from risky areas/people whats your take?

    • Shane Dwyer

      Hey Roger,

      I can’t really weigh in on that as I don’t know how the law works in South Africa. I’d be very careful who you buy weed from, however.

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