What is the Best CBD Vape Pen?

CBD is one of the fastest growing industries in the USA, and Canada is not far behind.  Many people are choosing to use CBD oils for the various health benefits and at The 420 Times, we could not be happier about this.  As vape enthusiasts, it’s only proper we share out list of the best CBD vape pens of 2019.

What is a CBD Vape Pen?

More commonly known as cannabidoil, the shortened name being “CBD”, this is a compound derived from the cannabis plant.  As mentioned in the introductory sentence, there are various health benefits you can reap from using CBD products.  The legalization of the marijuana industry has shed a larger light on CBD, and it’s spurned growth in many different areas of the country that has led businesses to introduce fun, playful, and informative marketing campaigns to shed light on this budding industry.  (Pun totally intended.)

If you have ever stepped foot into a dispensary, you’ve probably had your eyes peeled at the various forms of edibles for sale in 2019.  Cookies, gummies, cupcakes, lollipops, gum, and many more types of edibles are offered for people who don’t enjoy smoking marijuana flower.  There’s also oils that can be consumed in the oral form, but anyone who is into CBD oil will tell you that there is a more popular way to consume this, and that method is through vaporizing.

This can be done with a desktop device, or in a more popular format, a pen that can be used just about anywhere.  If you’ve ever been in public and smelled burning marijuana, it’s usually because someone has a vape pen that they are discreetly smoking.  If you are a fan of CBD, and want to be discreet with your consumption of CBD oil, today we’ll break down the top of the line CBD vape pens that will allow you to do just that.

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How Do CBD Vape Pens Work?

A CBD vape pen is very similar to the electronic cigarette in the case that they a battery will operate a heating element that will rapidly heat up to temperatures around 400 degrees.  These heaters are called “atomizers,” and they take your oil, liquid, or flower and turn them into vapor. It’s quite magical how these work, and we all know the e cigarette space was one that really took off and changed the world of smoking entirely.

Vape pens consist of either a pre-filled cartridge or a tank.  A tank is filled up, smoked, and then cleaned.  You can elect to insert whatever CBD you want to insert, but you’ll find that maintenance isn’t all that fun.  On the other hand, a pre-filled cartridge is simply consumed and discarded after use.  This is way easier for users but if the pen you purchase is important in this case because of compatibility issues.  Some are only designed to work with certain brands.

Most devices these days have sensors inside the device turn on the atomizer when you inhale.  Other types will have a push button feature that needs to be pressed and held until a certain heat is reached.  You’ll find all sorts of gimmicks and gadgets, such as lights and sounds, that differentiate the many brands you can purchase.

How Did Vape Pens Become So Popular?

Most people will say that the fact that they are discreet makes them very popular, while others will cite their prices next to the traditional vaporizer that simply allows users to blow clouds of smoke from e-juice.  While there are many high end vape pens out there that can cost hundreds of dollars, most are very reasonable in price.  You’ll find that the smoke clouds coming from a pen isn’t going to bellow as much as that from a joint or flower smoked in other methods, such as a pipe or bong.

Using vapor pens will allow the CBD to enter your body in the best way possible.  Since CBD is an organic compound, when it’s taken in the oral form it actually goes through the liver prior to entering the bloodstream.  When this process takes place, a lot of the CBD becomes absorbed by the liver.  Many people refer to this as the “first pass effect.”  The dosage of CBD that actually makes it to your bloodstream will be a lot less than the dose you intended to consume.

Contrarily, when you vape CBD, it’s a direct shot through your lungs and enters the bloodstream right away!  You’ll get the exact same effects but with a much smaller dosage.  Vaping CBD will also ensure it enters your bloodstream quicker as it avoids the liver and stomach.

When quit smoking devices known as “e cigarettes” came into fashion, the vaporizer market really took off with innovation.  A vape pen can really vaporize any oil or liquid, which is why have this page set up to be different than the ones known for dry herbs, or flower.  (Found here.)

Buying CBD Pens

As you look for a vape pen for CBD Oils, you should make sure that the purpose is indeed for that.  If you do intend on using flower, look at dual purpose pens.  For simplicity sake, we’ve decided to highlight the pens best for oils on this page.

You’ll find that just about every device for sale today was made in China.  Look for a manufacturer that has a warranty or money back guarantee if you are buying anything really high end.