Report: Marijuana Use With Your Partner Increases Likelihood of Intimacy

I’ve used every trick in the book to get into a woman’s pants.  Of course, at my age there aren’t any tricks that women don’t know of, but speaking from childhood experiences, I can recall many times I was downright lying to try and stimulate myself with whatever girl I was dating.  I wish I had known of the connection that marijuana can have on people, because according to this recent report, using it with your partner can lead to intimacy.  In today’s edition of “why marijuana is so good for us,” I’ll talk about this new information.

Will Using Marijuana Help You Get Laid?

sexUntil recently I couldn’t find much about weed and hooking up, other than some 420 dating websites that connected people who were both interested in smoking flower as a way to have something in common and potentially find love.  (I joined one, and my experience will follow in another update.)

With all of the states in the USA looking to have legalization of marijuana, there have been many studies coming out on everything from CBD products, to hemp usage, to smoking marijuana.  I encourage this, not only because it gives me daily fodder for the 420 Times magazine, but it also help society know what we’ve been missing out on all these years by shunning such a powerful, medicinal product.  With scientists digging deeper into the effects of Cannabis, we’re learning stuff we should have known ions ago.

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According to a study that was published in the journal Cannabis, when you use marijuana as couples in situations it can lead to positive experiences.  A study surveyed 183 couples who either lived together or were married, who were heavy weed users, and they requested that they track their use for a month.  Every time they used cannabis, they tracked it on a smartphone and filled out a brief report.

Every morning they also reported on if they had either an interaction or a deep convo about love on the prior day.  If they did, they recorded the time as well.

This reporting gave the research comittee data to compile reports on when the couple had used marijuana and when they went through acts of love.

The results of this study showed that within two hours of use, the likelihood of intimacy increased.

So it’s that simple, use weed and you’ll get more action with your partner.  I’m down for that.

The study also found that it was more likely that this would happen (love and intimacy) if only one person was using, compared to none of them using marijuana.

I’m always down with reports that are positive to society.  Although the original article did point out that this may not be the case if someone is a problematic user, I think that’s something we all know by now.  Everyone knows the guy who is perma-stoned isn’t really the guy who is shucking and jiving with his lady friend.

My next obvious question to this study is:  are they going to do this for pets?  I’d like to know if my dogs will be more intimate if they are using CBD oils around the same time?

Things that make you go “HMMMMMM.”



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