Best CBD Oil For Dogs 2019

Dogs, unfortunately, have physical problems just like you and me. You can go the traditional route and give your pup pharmaceutical drugs to relieve his or her symptoms. Or if you prefer, you can consider the all-natural and very effective alternative solutions currently available on the market today. CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is very effective, completely legal, and extracted from the hemp plant.

Based on recent studies, products containing
CBD oil provide benefits for human beings like help with seizures, pain,
neurological disorders, and anxiety. You may be wondering if it’s also a safe
alternative for your dogs. We’ll discuss this and more below.

Best Definition of CBD Oil

CBD, also known
as cannabidiol, is an extract that comes from the buds and flowers of hemp and
cannabis plants. But the beauty of this particular extract is you will not get
high from it – and this is a good thing because it makes it completely legal in
the USA.

Why don’t
you get high? Simply put, this extracted CBD contains low levels of
tetrahydrocannabinol a.k.a. THC, which is the chemical that makes you get
stoned when smoking or ingesting marijuana.

To clarify even further,
marijuana and hemp are both derived from the cannabis plant. Each of them will
contain various levels of THC. The THC in marijuana is very potent and can
reach as much as 30%. With the hemp plant, on the other hand, the maximum
amount of THC available is only 0.3%, which is barely anything and it will
never get you high.

So the moral of the story is simple. The THC
containing CBD oil is very illegal in the wide majority of US states. CBD oil
extracted from the hemp plant is not only legal in the United States, but it’s also legal in all 50 states, and the US Farm Bill was recently updated so
more farmers can begin growing hemp plants right here in America.

Oil Actually Going to Help My Dog in Any

As a matter of fact, yes it will definitely help your dog in similar ways that
it can help human beings. Just like people, cats and dogs have endocannabinoid
systems, which mean they can experience the exact
same benefits from CBD as human beings. The active ingredients in hemp
can relieve difficult pet symptoms as well as it relieves these unwanted
symptoms for everyday people.

CBD oil for dogs or dog treats containing CBD are perfect for a number of different conditions. Some are chronic and some only happen occasionally, but they all cause your dog to suffer needlessly.

CBD oil can help with symptoms like pain even if it’s moderate or severe, stress and anxiety, joint pain, arthritis, digestive issues, seizures, and even chronic inflammation. And just like with people, CBD has a way of relieving the symptoms to help your pup feel much better than they did without it.

the Highest Quality CBD Oil to Buy for Pets

At this time, there aren’t specific regulations
available to regulate the CBD oil industry meaning it doesn’t fall under the
jurisdiction of the FDA or USDA. So it’s upon you to determine the right
factors when looking for a suitable option. Ultimately, you have to decide
whether these products are going to be safe and effective and helpful for your
pup or not. Some things to look for include:

  • Is the CBD oil certified
    organic? The best products on the market today are organically grown and
    certified and derived from high quality
    hemp plants. These organic plants are toxin free and very effective.
  • Was the product independently
    tested? You’ll always benefit from using CBD products that were independently tested. The testing company
    will provide a certificate of analysis if the product passes. Most tests will
    look at heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, mycotoxins, and
    microbiology to name a few serious issues to keep in mind.
  • How does the company process
    the CBD? The way they process the CBD oil is just as important as independent testing and using organic hemp. The
    best and safest methods include CO2 extraction with carbon dioxide and cold
    press extraction. Some companies use
    cheap extraction methods. These methods typically employ toxic solvents like
    butane, hexane, and propane during the extraction process which makes the CBD
    far from pure.
  • Do you know the THC level?
    Before buying a product, you definitely
    need to check the potency of the THC. Some products have higher levels than
    others and the THC might accidentally
    harm your pet. So find products containing less than 0.3% levels of THC because
    they are definitely safe for your dog.

How to Decide the Amount of CBD to Give Your Dog

You need to remain cautious when giving dogs
CBD products. Unfortunately we haven’t
had a chance to study these scientific breakthroughs with pets enough yet so it’s best to keep the dosage low to stay on
the safe side.

When determining the amount, please use the
tips below provided by experienced holistic veterinarians:

  • Get a consultation with your
    vet – during your consultation tell the vet you’re giving your dog CBD and see
    what they recommend.
  • Begin with a small dose – in
    fact, you should keep your dose as low as 0.25 mg and only give it to your pup
    once a day. If it doesn’t seem like its helping, you can begin to increase the
    dosage slowly and monitor your pooch’s overall response just like you pay
    attention to any other medication.
  • Consider your dog’s activity
    level, size, and weight – knowing this information is important. If you have a
    very large dog, he or she will require a bigger dosage. If your dog
    is a tiny little thing, your dosage could and should remain small.
  • Does your dog have any health
    conditions? – Keep these health conditions in mind when giving your dog CBD
    products. Some problems like kidney and liver issues might make it difficult or
    nearly impossible to metabolize CBD, as one example.
  • Discover the highest quality
    CBD oil – make sure this oil doesn’t contain any toxins whatsoever. This
    industry is not under any regulations so it’s possible to easily buy sketchy
    products that could end up causing more harm than good.
  • Choose the right potency based
    on the size of your dog – oils come in all different potencies when it comes to
    CBD. Small dogs should take 75 mg, while larger dogs can take as much as 300 mg
    or more.

Top CBD Oils for Dogs

As far as CBD oil and dog treats are concerned,
we have some pics that we prefer over others. They include:



This is
one of our favorite US manufacturers of CBD oil. Their products are pure, and they aren’t
filled with nasty contaminants. This company has a wide range of treats
and oils that are perfect to help your dog overcome pain, anxiety, and other

Even better, when you purchase from their
website they contribute to the Savings
Sage Animal Rescue Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization based in South

Best Price on MediPets.

we like about this company:
all of their products undergo
independent laboratory testing. They use organic hemp to extract the CBD using
the CO2 extraction process. Their products are solvent and pesticide free. They
provide a 15-day money back guarantee, and all of their products are made in the USA.

we don’t like about this company:
for the most part we
like them, but they do not tell us if their hemp is non-GMO.

Their prices are as follows:

  • 25 mg bottles for $24.99
  • 50 mg bottles for $39.99
  • 100 mg bottles for $49.99
  • if you spend more than $100, your shipping is free


king kalm cbd

This company strictly focuses on making CBD
products for pets. They sell numerous sprays, balms, treats, and oils.

Best Price for King Kanine 

we like about this company:
all of their products are
tested in a third-party laboratory, and
each product comes with a COA upon purchase. Their hemp is organic and non-GMO,
they extract the CBD using the CO2 extraction process, their products do not
have any solvents or pesticides, they have a 30-day
money back guarantee, and all of their products
are made in the United States.

we don’t like about this company:
they do not ship any
of their products to Ohio.

Their prices are as follows:

  • 75 mg bottles for $39.99
  • 150 mg bottles for $59.99
  • 300 mg bottles for $89.99
  • will ship for free if you
    spend $75 or more


Hemp My Pet

They derive their products from their very own
hemp which is organically grown and certified in Colorado. They make tinctures
and oils with less than .03% THC and support local animal sanctuaries and
animal rescues.

we like about this company:
each product is third-party
tested and comes with a COA certificate. Their hemp is vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, and organically grown by the company itself in Colorado. It doesn’t
contain any solvents or pesticides, it’s made in the US as we already said, and
it’s extracted using the top-rated CO2

we don’t like about this company:
they do not share
information about the third-party testing facility, and they do not have a money back guarantee in place.

Their prices are as follows:

  • a 5 ounce jar of hemp infused coconut oil containing 100 mg is $39
  • a 5 ounce jar of hemp infused coconut oil containing 500 mg is $99.99
  • a 1 ounce bottle of 250 mg hemp oil tincture costs $79.99
  • a 1 ounce bottle of 1000 mg hemp oil tincture costs $149
  • hemp infused dog biscuits cost
  • all orders are shipped for free


Canna Pet

This company sells capsules, oils, and dog

we like:
their products are made in the USA, they offer
a 3a0-day money back guarantee, nonprofit
organizations get a big discount, they extract the CBD using the CO2 extraction
process, and they use non-GMO and organic hemp. Insurers
even cover Their products like Trupanion and Pet Plan.

we don’t like:
they have expensive products, do not
share their testing results, and do not let you know about the levels of CBD in
their products. Because of these issues, we do not currently recommend this

Their prices include the following: 500 mg of
oil for $79.95, 250 mg of oil for $49.95 and 125 mg of oil for $39.95.

Medications Are Perfectly Safe for My Dog?

Some people are still concerned about the
ability to treat their dog using the best cbd oil for pets. The truth is these
products work just as well for dogs as they do for human beings. And if you’ve
been paying even the least bit of attention, you’ll see the miraculous results
that many people are beginning to experience when taking CBD oil.

Maltese Terrrier

They are no longer in pain, no longer suffer
from epilepsy, feel relieved symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks, and
ultimately feel better all-around.

Guess what? Your dog can benefit from CBD
products as well. But if you’d prefer to forgo this powerful treatment, other
natural options include essential oils, massage, acupuncture, and therapy. Or
if you prefer pharmaceuticals, you always have the option to go to your local
veterinarian’s office and get prescribed or over-the-counter medications or buy
them from your favorite online retailer.

No matter what, do not let your dog continue to
suffer needlessly. If you aren’t going to give your pooch CBD products, at
least try some of the other options we’ve mentioned today to help relieve their
pain, suffering, and anxiety symptoms.