Does Lowe’s Drug Test? (2023 Lowe’s Drug Testing Policies Explained)

Retail jobs are a great choice for many people, but you may worry about the drug-testing policies if you plan to apply at Lowe’s.

Lowe’s does require its applicants to take a pre-employment drug screening test. Those who use recreationally might have issues passing if they aren’t prepared.  Many people use THC detox kits and products that can help them pass the drug test.

This article talks about the Lowe’s drug test in-depth and helps you understand the policies it uses. Please continue reading to find out more!

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Does Lowe’s Drug Test? Its Drug Policy

Generally, Lowe’s and all employers have a right to drug-test applicants and employees. Most of the time, the pre-employment drug screen is the most important. The company rarely performs random tests, though you should understand it’s possible. Here are the reasons for testing:

• Pre-employment screening
• Random testing throughout your lifetime with the company
• Pre-promotion tests (before getting a promotion)
• After a workplace accident

Pre-employment Test

Every applicant is drug-tested before they’re allowed to start work at Lowe’s. Generally, you get a call to come in for an interview. At that time, you’re drug tested with the mouth swab test. Sometimes, you’re asked to go to a specific lab in your area to have a urine-based test, though this is less common. (Try our recommended synthetic urines).

You must pass the test before you get an offer for employment.

Random Testing

Lowe’s is allowed to require random drug tests, as all employers are. However, it rarely does so. In the employment contract with the company, you see the clause allowing it to test you.

Pre-promotional Tests

You probably won’t have to get a drug test when receiving a promotion, but it is possible. Recreational drug users should be aware of this and plan accordingly.

Workplace Accident Tests

If you get hurt on the job, you’re probably going to be asked to take a drug test. Lowe’s could be responsible for worker’s compensation, and the company wants to avoid this wherever possible. One way to do that is to conduct the drug screening. Drugs in your system can indicate that you were liable for the accident, and Lowe’s doesn’t have to pay.

Types of Drug Tests Lowe’s Uses

Primarily, Lowe’s prefers to do the mouth swab test for potential employees. It determines if you’ve used illegal substances within the past week.

Generally, this type of test is harder to tamper with. Plus, someone is there to make sure you’re not trying to cheat.

Lowe’s must pay for the test, and they’re often conducted on-site. Therefore, you get the results pretty quickly.

Sometimes, Lowe’s uses urine drug tests, such as for random testing and workplace accidents. These must take place at a third-party site, such as a laboratory, and generally offers more accurate results.

Substances Tested For

Generally, Lowe’s prefers the mouth swab drug test. Therefore, people who use marijuana should pass effortlessly. Many states have legalized it for medicinal purposes, so you can also provide proof through your medical marijuana card so that you don’t get in trouble.  Your life can be transformed with the help of a drug rehab arizona men’s recovery facility to overcome addiction.

Other substances tested for include:

• Opioids
• Phencyclidine
• Benzodiazepines
• Barbiturates
• Cocaine
• Alcohol
• Amphetamines

How the Mouth Swab Test Works

A manager can use the mouth swab test or have you visit a lab. Regardless, someone rubs the swab around in your mouth to collect saliva. Then, it’s tested for drugs. It can take about a week to get the results, and they’re not perfect. If you fail, you can request another test.

Do You Automatically Fail if You Use Prescription Drugs?

Many people take specific medications, such as sleeping pills or pain medication, because of an injury. You might think you have to stop using them, but you don’t.

The test will come back positive, but you should tell your employer about the medications you’re on. They compare that with the lab results and determine that you’re not using substances illegally.

Generally, managers at Lowe’s request a doctor’s note or other proof that you are prescribed the medicine and require it.

Is It Possible to Refuse a Drug Test?

Everyone is entitled to refuse anything at any time. You’ve got bodily autonomy, which indicates that you decide what happens to your body. However, if you don’t take the drug test, Lowe’s will not hire you. Those already working at the company will be fired for non-compliance.

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Reapplying at Lowe’s after a Failed Drug Test

You might have had drug problems in the past and failed your Lowe’s drug test. Now, you’re clean and want to reapply. This is admirable, and it’s possible.

Lowe’s requires applicants to wait 90 days before they can reapply after failing a drug test.

It’s a good idea to have proof that you’ve changed your ways. While most applications get deleted or removed from a person’s file after three months, management might flag you as a poor candidate. If you can speak to someone and tell them you’ve sought counseling or went to rehab, it looks favorable on you. Just be prepared to have more random tests than others.

Can You Use Drugs and Work at Lowe’s?

Technically, you may use drugs and continue working at Lowe’s because it rarely does random tests. However, that’s not always true, especially if you get hurt at work, or someone tells the manager they think you’re using illegal substances.

Let’s say you use drugs recreationally and forget to add the “wet floor” sign after mopping. An employee walks through the area and slips, hurting themselves. Since you were the one in charge of the station, you are asked to take a drug test, which comes back positive.

Lowe’s could tell the slip-and-fall victim that you’re to blame because you were negligent and on drugs. They could then sue you for damages, and you must pay it out of your own pocket.

How to Pass a Drug Test

Generally, the best way to pass your drug test at Lowe’s is to stop using drugs about two weeks before you apply or have your interview. Most mouth-swab tests check for different substances, so you want to give everything up to get that negative result.

If you can’t stop using drugs or didn’t realize that a drug screen was part of the hiring process, you may need to use a detox product. These kits feature multiple pills that you take daily for up to 10 days. You drink plenty of water, and it flushes the substances and toxins from your body.

Synthetic urine is another option. I recommend trying the powdered urine kits because they’re effective and have a money-back guarantee. You mix together the powder with water, keep it at the right temperature, and pour it into the sample cup. However, this only works if you know you’re getting a urine-based test.

Since Lowe’s primarily uses the mouth-swab test, you might want to chew saliva-neutralizing gum. Simply pop the gum into your mouth, chew it for a minute before your test, and let the person swab away. It doesn’t raise suspicion because many people chew gum while at work.


Many people enjoy working at Lowe’s because they get paid well and have fun. However, the company does pre-employment drug screening for all applicants, so you should stop using drugs or find other methods to prevent getting caught.

Those who prefer to smoke marijuana or use other substances might struggle here. Since Lowe’s uses the mouth-swab tests, your best bet is to use special gum that neutralizes the drugs in your saliva. Other options include synthetic urine for urine-based tests and detox products.

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Looking for a Fool-Proof Solution to Pass Your Drug Test?

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