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Using a direct sales model, Kannaway operates in a very different manner when compared to other CBD companies.  Using “Ambassadors” to circulate their product marketing and create a buzz, they are along the same lines as Amway in terms of a business model.  I can’t stand network marketing and “MLM’s” but I’m trying my best to push aside the stigma associated with those in this Kannaway review so I can focus fully on their product offering and let you know if they are a “yay” or a “nay.”

An In Depth Look at Kannaway CBD Oils

A global company with massive reach, you have to tip your cap to Kannaway. Their website is full of information, and when I visited for the first time I was greeted by an invite to a training session in San Diego, California.  At the time of publishing this article it stated that the training event was just 52 days away, so depending on when you stumble across this content, it may be coming up soon or it may be in the past.  Be that as it may, when I’m trying to buy a product, especially CBD oils, I want to dig into the product offering and not try to be flipped into some pyramid scheme.  I’m not saying they are a pyramid scheme, but when it prompts me to pay to be “an ambassador” it just smells funny.

Moving Onto the Product Line

Unlike some of the other companies I’ve come across, they use sustainable hemp grown in Northern Europe, which is probably a first for me to read.  CBDPure gets theirs from Colorado, in comparison.  Like CBD Pure and many of the other brands out there, they do take a lot of pride in their rigorous testing procedures.  The potency is checked by ProVerde Laboratories and Food Safety Net Services, which also looks for contaminants. It’s easy to applaud companies that do this type of diligence, and you’ll find that many of the top brands share this type of transparency.

The product line offered by Kannaway includes the following categories:

Additionally, they have a pet line, skin care line, and even clothing made from hemp.  Lastly, they have a category called Rev!ve that is an herbal blend made of Bi-Bong herbs and CBD.

Awaken the power within. Passed down for centuries, Rev!ve’s highly precise traditional bi-bong herbal blend was formulated to enliven, invigorate, and stimulate your entire system giving you increased clarity, focus and energy to get you through your day. When your system kicks into gear, everything works at its optimum, leading to a healthier, more positive daily life.

It’s much easier for me to quote their website rather than attempt to tell you what the Rev!ve line sets out to do, but from what I read it’s from East Asia and features some potent herbs.  Hey, whatever works, right?

As far as the CBD lines are concerned, there is nothing out of the ordinary in the Kannaway offering.


I haven’t personally tried their products, so I’m not going to say they are great, or that they are poor.  Perhaps someone will reach out and send me a media kit so we can get my opinion to the masses.  For now, I’m going to let the commenters leave their Kannaway reviews and hopefully we can find out more about the quality of their products.

Visit Their Website —>  https://kannaway.com/

What I will say is that from what I found, they have a pretty cool thing going with their Bibong ® CBD Herbal Blend and they are the first to ever use the direct marketing approach.  That approach will definitely bring awareness to not only their brand, but other CBD companies as well, so I applaud them for that.  They also take the necessary safety and ethics measures, and I’m really not going to invest in any company that doesn’t go through those hula hoops, so again, kudos to them for doing that.


Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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