Does Subway Drug Test?

Subway is one of the organizations to consider if you are searching for a job. It is among the world’s most popular sandwich eateries, with franchises nationwide, and many stores around the world.

Teenagers or college students looking for an entry-level position to earn extra money may find Subway especially appealing.

There are numerous opportunities in the fast-food industry, and there is a high turnover of staff, so hiring processes must occur quickly, but what if you are a drug user?

With more states legalizing the use of marijuana, more people are beginning to use it recreationally. While it may be legal, many employers do not want to take the risk of hiring people who use marijuana regularly.

If you would like to know whether Subway conducts pre-employment drug tests on applicants, you have come to the right place.

Reason Why Employers Conduct Drug Tests

Employers can use drug testing to determine whether new applicants are drug users. When we talk about drug users, we are referring to people who use illegal drugs.

Marijuana has been made legal in many states for both recreational, and medicinal purposes. However, it is still classified as a Schedule I narcotic under federal law.

Drugs can have a variety of effects. They can slow brain function and have a soothing effect on the brain. While this may not seem concerning to potential candidates, it is a cause for concern for an employer committed to providing customers the best customer service.

Another concerning category of drugs is stimulants. Stimulants may cause the body’s activity levels to rise. Examples of these include cocaine and methamphetamines. At their most extreme, they can cause hostility and paranoia.

Hallucinogens are another type of drug that is cause for concern. These drugs can lead to disorientation. They hallucinate, potentially causing trouble while on the job. PCP and LSD are two examples of such drugs.

Opiates produce a sense of euphoria that can be addictive. Marijuana is distinctive in that it can act as a stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogen, so the outcome of taking this drug regularly can be hard to predict, as it can cause a variety of reactions in different people.

An important thing to remember is that drugs cause an impairment of judgment, which is an attribute, not employer wants on their team.

The truth is that a person under the influence of drugs may endanger others, themselves, or company property if their judgment is affected, which can lead to loss of business assets and the business’s reputation.

A Subway drug test is used to determine whether a potential hire takes drugs. If employees are on drugs, the business may be justified in refusing them employment. The same is true for those already employed, who can be asked to participate in random drug testing.

Does Subway Conduct Drug Testing?

Subway, like most businesses in the United States, drug tests potential employees, before employing them. The fast-food business conducts Subway drug tests at their discretion, especially for those applying for a management position.

If Subway does request a drug test, it is often a urine test that analyses the different drugs that are in your system. A Subway drug test is not done directly at the store, but rather by a business hired by Subway.

Your potential employer would tell you when, and where to go, and what the test involves. They also inform you of the outcomes of your drug test before hiring you.

Possible Career Choices at Subway

If you are interested in working at a Subway restaurant, here are some of the positions you can expect to fill.

1. Sandwich Artist

A Sandwich Artist is one of the most important jobs at Subway in terms of daily operations. It is also an entry-level position.

Typically, the role entails serving patrons, making sandwiches, keeping the restaurant clean, and performing different paperwork duties.

Because Sandwich Artists are the primary workers who communicate with customers, the position involves being as helpful, and amicable as possible, and dealing with cash.

Here are some significant tasks that you should expect if you want to become a Sandwich Artist.

  • Explain menu items to customers
  • Follow all food safety rules
  • Prepare orders timeously
  • Monitor, and replace supplies
  • Receive cash, and card payments from customers, and issue change

2. Store Management Positions

A restaurant manager’s job is to control and manage the daily operations of a Subway franchise.

The position of the manager involves overseeing other Subway staff.

Among the basic priorities of a Subway Manager are:

  • Manage staff work schedule
  • Ensure that the restaurant adheres to food safety standards
  • Communicate any changes to menu items
  • Recruit, reward, and fire staff as necessary

3. Assistant Store Management Positions

Subway assistant managers or shift managers share the responsibilities of the manager.

The position includes enforcing food safety rules, proper hygiene, monitoring inventory, and organizing work schedules.

Typical tasks include:

  • Perform administrative duties
  • Ensure that the restaurant adheres to food safety standards
  • Assist manager with employee work schedules
  • Assess, and evaluate the work quality of Subway staff

In addition to the job choices mentioned above, there are also many other jobs you can do at Subway. Here is a summary of all the positions you can expect to find at Subway:

  • Sandwich artist
  • Store manager
  • District manager
  • Senior sandwich artist
  • Assistant manager
  • Franchise business consultant
  • Shift manager
  • Trainees
  • Shift leader
  • Field consultant

What You Can Expect to Be Paid

Here is a summary of what you can expect to be paid by the company:

Sandwich artist – the pay rate is based on the minimum wage of the state.

Field consultant – pay starts at $500 per week.

Shift managers, operations managers, and assistant store managers – $9 to $16 per week, depending on experience, and qualifications.

Store manager – $30,000 to $40,000 a year.

Employee Benefits

Subway does offer good benefits to its employees. Here is a summary of all the benefits you can expect while working a job at Subway:

• Free uniforms

• A good salary

• Contributions toward tuition

• Paid leave

• 401k plan

• Bonuses for those in management positions

• Medical insurance

• Free food, or reimbursements for food

• Contribution toward travel expenses (this depends on your position)

• Direct deposit of paychecks

How a Subway Drug Test Is Done

Urine tests are the most used method of drug testing. A random urine sample is submitted and tested for drug residue. It may take a few days for the drugs to leave an individual’s system.

They are no longer detectable once they have been completely metabolized.

Habitual drug users are likely to have the ones in their system detected. Participants who are being tested are typically given very short notice to have the test done.

Employers tend to provide 48 hours for employees, and potential employees to provide a urine sample.

When testing for drugs, the sample must be taken under supervision, to prevent candidates from providing a different sample that they are confident would pass the test.

It is also possible to conduct drug tests using blood samples, hair, and saliva, but these are not commonly used. These samples may be taken if there is doubt about the viability of the urine sample.  For this reason, I have encouraged people to buy synthetic urine to pass drug tests.

If a candidate is taking prescription medication, they should always inform their potential employer so that this can be taken into consideration. Common drugs that are tested for include:

• Opiates

• Cocaine


• Methamphetamines


How to Pass the Test

The easiest way to pass a drug test is to abstain from drugs for a period, and the longer it takes to clear out your system, the heavier a user you are.

Detox products can help you get rid of narcotics faster, but it is not a sure way of passing a drug test. These could help you metabolize drug traces faster, allowing you to produce a clean urine sample.

Knowing that you are applying for a job should give you plenty of time to get clean. Unfortunately, random screenings do not work in this manner.

Employers do not give you much notice, so you might not be able to clean up in time.

If you wish to have a successful career at Subway and get a good reference for future jobs, it is advisable to stop using drugs, especially when you know you need to go to work.

They can impair your concentration, and make your employers lose faith in you as an employee.

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Final Thoughts

Subway conducts drug tests on all who apply for a job. This is because narcotics can have a huge impact on a person’s focus, resulting in damage to property, or harm to other employees, and patrons.

Employing a habitual drug user is a risk for any employer because the actions of a person under the influence of drugs could potentially ruin the reputation of the business.

Companies that need employees to deal directly with customers often need to do a background check on a candidate to ensure that their business is not harmed in any way by the actions of an employee.

Because of the COVID 19 pandemic, employment is becoming harder to come by. Subway offers so many benefits, and its pay rates are on par with other fast-food establishments.

If you have been considered for a job at Subway, it would be best to stop taking drugs, so you can build a good relationship with your employer, and one day make it to a management position.

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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