Does Burlington Coat Factory Test for Drugs?

So a lot of you have been wondering if the Burlington Coat Factory tests for drugs or not. Well, as always, I have done some research and found some interesting things about their drug use policies and today I am going to go over it.

The Drug Testing Policy at Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory is a retail company. It used to be called with that name until someone decided to change the name to Burlington. So let’s say you’ve got a job there, or maybe you are planning to get a job there but you are wondering if they test for drugs? I know the thought of drug tests can be scary especially if you casually smoke something or take a substance and you fear that you may appear suspicious and through a drug test it may get detected.

So in this post, I am going to tell you all about Burlington’s pre-employment drug test, their employment test, and the type and method of drug tests they usually use to screen employees. But before that, I want you to go and search for various products that help you beat the drug test without actually stopping the use of that drug. You’ll find many methods like synthetic urine, hair detox and more.

Pre-Employment Drug Test at Burlington

So do Burlington drug test? Yes, they do! But it completely depends on the owner and manager interviewing you during your job interview. If they feel the need to make you go through a drug test, they won’t hesitate. Their strict policy against drugs allows them to randomly test interviewers for a drug test. What I have heard from people working there is that the manager or owner will probably ask you to take a drug test right there when you are being interviewed.

What I have also heard is that the pre-employment drug test is usually conducted using the urine-method. So make sure you have synthetic urine with you if you didn’t quit in time to pass the drug test. Make sure you are getting your synthetic urine from a reputable company (like this one) because you really don’t want to get in trouble just for smoking casually.

Burlington Random Drug Tests

Now let’s talk about Burlington’s random drug tests on their employees. As far as I have learned, the company has a very strict no drug and no alcohol policy at work. So they have to randomly test an employee for a drug test. But this usually happens once or twice a year. It will be a five-panel drug test.

The good news is Burlington only conducts an urine-based drug test, which you can beat if you use one of these products.  So whether you are taking cocaine, marijuana, MDMA, ecstasy, or amphetamines, you will instantly get in trouble if you don’t try to beat the test. This is called a five-panel test that tests you for these five main drugs.

But again, it will all depend on your manager. If he/she suspects that you have been taking drugs, they can ask you to go through the test. They have to do so because they follow federal laws. So just be careful when you are working there and make sure that you don’t arise suspicion. And even if you do get into trouble and someone asks you to go through the test, there are many products that can help you beat their five-panel test.