CTFO Review

Changing The Future Outcome or CTFO is a CBDO company that provides a wide range of CBD-based products, as well as, products that have no CBD. The main focus of the company is on marketing, providing tailor-made websites to people who want to sell their products on the internet. Let’s check their quality, safety, and innovation below.  I have to say, after reading other CTFO reviews online, I wasn’t super stoked to dig in further and see if their claims of calling it a “scam” and comparing it to “Mary Kay” were legit!

CTFO productsThe 420 Times CTFO Review for 2019

Quality Of Ingredients

CTFO uses carbon dioxide extracted industrial hemp to create CBD products. The hemp is grown organically in America but no specific place is disclosed. Since the hemp is organic, it’s free from any contaminants.

Yes, they perform third-party testing for their products but they don’t share the results regularly. As of now, it’s already three months that the company has updated its testing results.

What Are It’s Products?

CTFO offers a wide array of products from isolate to full spectrum varieties. This company has virtually everything you can expect of in the present CBD market. The following products are:

Upon checking on these products, we discovered some unpleasant ingredients. There are artificial flavorings and colors, including the notorious Yellow 5 dye, found in their CBD gummies. Their hair growth products also have EDTA, which is an infamous dangerous ingredient. Therefore, we don’t think that CTFO products are safe, especially with their irregular third-party testing.

Charity And Mission

CTFO professes to share some proceeds to charity but there’s no way we can validate this claim. In addition, the company has no genuine mission to provide high-quality hemp to solve wellness problems. Instead, they focus on marketing.

That is a massive problem for me when companies like my top CBD brand recommendation, as well as many others, go out of their way to show these third party labs.

Bottom Line

CTFO definitely uses high-quality hemp as it’s organically grown and free of any contaminants. The company also performs third-party testing for quality, which is a good thing.

However, the company’s focus on marketing ruin the sincerity of its brand and there’s an issue about the safety due to the presence of some harmful ingredients, like EDTA and Yellow 5. Nonetheless, the brand offers a wide variety of products that you might find interesting from CBDO-based products to skin care products and hair growth products.