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American Shaman makes a good point to say that it uses high-tech equipment to produce it’s CBD products and they won me over (like many CBD companies before them) by being transparent with their Certificate of Analysis for lab testing.  More impressive is that they have a Compassionate Care program for people who suffer from illnesses or disabilities, making this American Shaman review one that many people will certainly be interested in checking out.

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The American Shaman Brand Review

You’ll find that American Shaman has all of the bases covered in the CBD industry.  From using high quality hemp, to making products for humans, pets such as dogs and cats, and what pushed me over the edge – HORSES, they really cover a lot of ground.  Their organic hemp is brought over from Norway, making it the second CBD company that I’ve come across to import from Europe.  (They first one was the direct marketing company Kannaway.)

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They even have a special name for their extraction process, which they call ultra performance convergence chromatography.

They did not come up with this term, as this process was used by GW Pharmaceuticals when they created the first ever Cannabis-based drug, called Sativex.  The reason this process is so amazing is that the oils come out very rich in terpene, thanks to the rigorous protocol process and required compliance.

Speaking of compliance, their Certificates of Analysis are rich in data, showing independent testing for the following:

  • heavy metals
  • microbials
  • residual solvents
  • pesticides
  • terpenes
  • cannabinoids (various)

You’ll find a huge variety of prices, starting as cheap as $10 and going all the way to $180, so there are many options.  They cover the segments of edibles, CBD capsules, pet products, soluble hemp oils, vape concentrates, and even skin care products with CBD.

As I mentioned earlier in my American Shaman review, they offer a “Compassionate Care” program.  If you can show that you have a chronic illness or other disability, your application will be reviewed.  Once accepted, you’ll get a coupon code for 30% off anything you buy as long as you spend $35.  To me, this is a good touch and a very strong marketing message. When you combine the dedication to science, the range in products offered, and the wholesome way in which they run their business, it’s hard not to like this CBD brand.

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Other Review Notes

  • They offer franchise opportunities!
  • Subscribe to get products monthly and save 20%.

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If you look around the web, you’ll find that American Shaman reviews echo a lot of what I said today.  Don’t hesitate to make them your top choice when it comes to buying CBD oils and products.

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American Shaman


American Shaman are a solid CBD brand with great quality products. One top of that, their compassionate care program makes them an ethical choice. We like this brand a lot.

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.


  • What respectable CBD company would manufacture its products with artificial ingredients? Turn the bottle around and sure enough. In addition the Company actually puts Propelene Glycol in its VG Tincture. The product gives a burning sensation under the tongue and has a overall bad taste. The real kicker to me are all the false claims their store owners boast about. Having worked in the supplement industry claiming Nano Technology definetly works with CBD is premature as no studies have concluded this. But boasting that their Nano Technology is propietary is ludicrous. Their are Nano CBD products everywhere. The sales pitch they push on you when you visit a store gives a feeling of having a Encyclopedia salesman standing on your doorstep. They also have been deceptive in calling their products American made from day one. When it’s put in a bottle in America but the oil comes from overseas. Guess that qualifies it as “made” in America. But my real issue with this company is the products labeled as zero THC actually have THC in them. I know because I purchased a THC test kit and sure enuf it contained THC. Buyer beware!

  • Rico

    Hey Stan,

    I’d love to hear more about the Nano technology argument vs. not working with CBD. Can you elaborate? As a customer, I’m curious.

    Shawn, decent write-up. I have seen other American Shaman CBD oil reviews and they are pretty in line with your thoughts. I’m also not understanding why PG is so bad, literally every Vape Company has juices with this and it’s used in MANY household care products. It’s not a bad thing just because it’s artificial. (And this coming from someone who tries to eat and live on organic stuff.) .

    Also, Stan, can you back up the claim you made about them importing and formulating in the US? Perhaps Shawn can chime in? Lofty allegations.

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