5 Essentials For The Cannabis Connoisseur

If you light up reasonably often and indulge in the finer strains, you probably consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur. With that said, you might be rolling your premiums strains with regular paper and indulging in cannabis the old-fashioned way, as so many weed lovers do. However, since the legal boundaries surrounding the leafy green plant have changed, there are so many incredible products out there that will truly transform your smoking experience. As a result, weed and paper are no longer the only essentials you need to have, so we have listed these five essentials that every stoner out there will really want.



Some would say that pre-rolls are for beginners, although they are also ideal for the stoner on the go. Rolling is a skill, and regardless of how well you know your strains, there’s no doubt that you’ve often found yourself struggling to roll a joint or even losing some of your last weed grinds in the process. Instead of always rolling your own, you should consider getting yourself some pre-rolls and pre-roll packaging. You can even create your own packaging box and case designs to keep your pre-rolls with you wherever you go. 


A Bong

Even if you prefer smoking joints, you should consider getting yourself a bong, as the method makes for a substantially different high. Some stoners would agree that a bong high hits harder, while it doesn’t last as long, making a bong perfect for those occasions when you have a bit less time to indulge. 


A Grinder

Old-school stoners who use a shot glass and a pair of scissors to chop up their weed already know just how much effort it can take to get fine granules of cannabis this way. On the other hand, a grinder offers a much faster and easier method, and the results are also undeniably better. There’s a ton to choose from, and they also make great gifts for the stoner in your life; a weed lover always welcomes a better grinder.


Hemp Paper

There’s no arguing the better taste and quality of hemp papers over regular rolling papers. If you are still using regular store-bought papers, you really should try some rolling hemp papers to enhance your experience; they are also much easier to roll with than the standard wood paper alternatives.


Dry Herb Vape Or A Vape Pen

Sometimes the effort of rolling a joint or packing a bong outweighs the desire to smoke; that’s why you should get yourself a dry herb vape or a vape pen. A vape pen that uses liquid oils is the more convenient option, although the dry herb vape will give you the same flavor as a bong or a joint. 


With so many incredible products out there, once you have all your new essentials, you will probably add to your cannabis collection over time with other unique creations that will further enhance your experience. Whether you purchase from a delivery service or you want to start growing your own, as a cannabis connoisseur, you should always be on the lookout for weed products that will elevate your high.


Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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