CBD Oils vs CBD Vape Liquids

There are a lot of misconceptions in the cannabis industry mainly because it is a relatively young industry. There is also a lot of confusion where people are mixing up different cannabis terminologies. A good example is that most people are unable to tell the difference between CBD vape liquid and CBD oil. Even the companies that make and sell different cannabis products are mixing up these two terminologies. This is scary because if almost everyone does not have a good understanding of the cannabis industry, there will be a lot of confusion.

To hopefully deal with this confusion we have prepared this article to provide clarification. We will try our best to eliminate the misconceptions and confusion regarding CBD vape liquids, CBD oil, and CBD tinctures. The information contained in this article is meant to let people understand that there is a difference between the different CBD terminologies.

Is It Healthy To Vape CBD Oil?

One of the most common questions we get is whether it is healthy to vape CBD oil. To answer this, we need to start by establishing the difference between oils and liquids. The CBD oils are made to be used orally where they are taken under the tongue. These oils are not prepared to be vaped or smoked. On the other hand, CBD liquids are made to be inhaled as steam after being vaporized. Therefore, the answer to whether you can vape CBD oil is no. if you want to vape you should get vape specific CBD liquid.

Despite the fact that you should not vape CBD oil there are still many manufacturers of CBD vape liquid who are still using the word oil to label their products. It is common to find a product that is being referred to as CBD vape oil. This is wrong because the correct name should have been just CDB liquid without the inclusion of the word oil. Because of this, it is paramount to ensure that the product you are vaping is explicitly made to be vaped and not to be administered orally.

Differences between CBD Oils and CBD Vape Liquids

We shall start by clarifying the differences between CBD oil and CBD tincture. The CBD tincture is a definition of the different CBD products that are meant to be taken orally and to be administered sublingually. This makes the term oil and tincture to have almost the same meaning in the cannabis industry. Both the names refer to the products that are designed to be used orally. Therefore, calling a product CBD vape tincture is wrong since it shows contradicting properties.

Regardless of the CBD product, you choose to use it is paramount to understand that all the products are made using a type of oil which is the specific carrier of the CBD. This is because CBD which is extracted from the cannabis plant looks like salt. Because of this, it is necessary to dissolve it in carrier oil so that it can be broken down by the body, inhaled or vaporized. The oils used as carriers are different, and this is what differentiates between CBD oil and CBD vape liquid.

The CBD oils/tinctures usually use food grade oil such as hemp seed oil, canola oil or olive oil. These oils are used as carriers because they can be broken and appropriately absorbed by the digestive system. On the other hand, vape liquids must use the oils that are not very viscous. This is because the oils that are too viscous such as olive oil cannot be burned by the heating coils of the vape pens. The manufacturers of different cannabis products usually use thinning agents to make the carrier oils less viscous. This allows the carrier oils to be burned efficiently by the vape pens. If you try to vape CBD oils, you will get a tiny percentage of CBD, but you will remain with a weird taste in your mouth.

The Final Thoughts

We hope that the information in this article has helped you be able to differentiate between CBD oil and CBD vape liquids. We have tried to explain the primary differences between CBD oils and CBD vape liquids mainly depending on how they are used. But if still some of the details are not clear here is a general summary;

The term CBD oil is a general term that can be used to describe either oral CBD products or vape products. Most of the CBD products that are labeled CBD are meant to be taken orally.
CBD tincture and CBD oils are two terms which mean almost the same things because they both refer to the CBD products that are meant to be taken orally.

There are companies which call their vape products hemp oil’ but the right term should be CBD vape liquid. CBD vape liquids are made in a way that they are less viscous compared to CBD oil products. This is to enable the CBD vape products to be burned more effectively by the vape pens.

To simplify all the outlined details, you should ensure that the product you buy is specified to be a vape liquid product. This is because if you use CBD oil products with a vape pen, you will not get pleasant results. You will not even get the CBD which you should have obtained from the CBD product.

It is also paramount to know that there are many CBD products which have not attained the necessary standards. Such products can even cause harm if they are not used in the right manner. The main reason behind this is that the FDA does not yet regulate CBD. Consequently, almost anyone can be a manufacturer with the existing manufacturers having the freedom to do what they want without being regulated.

To identify the right CBD product make sure that you research properly. Buying a well-known brand from a reliable seller is important. You should go for the brand that is trusted by many people and which has testimonials from people who have already used it. Through this, you will avoid using inferior CBD products. Instead, you will get the right CBD products which will provide you with the necessary benefits provided you use them properly.