Why is Growing indoors with hydroponics, grow tents and led lights becoming so popular

Benefits of Growing Indoors 
When the winter season arrives and you are dreaming of fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden, growing indoors makes this a reality and not a dream. Growing indoors can provide you and your family with fruits and vegetables all year long. There are added benefits of plants such as cleaning the air in your home and can improve the looks of any indoor space, makes indoor gardening a great idea. Plants are not hindered by the natural elements such wind, rain and the cold. You can set up a small area such as a windowsill set up a larger area such as a bench or table. Shelving can use used if you are limited in square footage allowing several layers of plants to be grown in the same area. Now that you are interested, let’s explore growing indoors.

Hydroponics is soilless growing. Why grow soilless you might be asking. Well, hydroponic yields produce faster and in greater quantities. How is this possible? The main reason is because the growers can create the ideal blend of nutrients for each specific plant. The nutrients are received by the plants roots directly allowing the plants to conserve energy not having to look for the nutrients. Since plants aren’t looking for nutrients in the soil, you can grow more plants in the same area. Using a sterile medium, Hydroponic growing eliminating pest infestations commonly associated with soil grown plants. The environment that plants are growing in is a stable environment with no sudden changes allowing the plants to better thrive.

Grow Tent 
A grow tent is a portable, reusable grow room that can allow you to set up a growing operation almost anywhere. You can grow year-round in a grow tent since it is climate controlled. Need humidity, not a problem, it will only be humid in your grow tent, not your whole house. The ability to regulate a specific area makes the grow tent energy efficient. Grow tents allow you to grow hydroponically or with soil. Like hydroponic growing, grow tents can prevent the infestation of pests. You still need to monitor the plants health, but you will see less infestations. The grow tent will keep the odors that can be associated with soil confined so your house will not smell like earth. Most grow tents come as a set making them a simple and easy solution to growing indoors.

No matter if you decide on using a grow tent or a windowsill, lighting is imperative for indoor growing. Plants need light to survive. When looking for lighting for your indoor garden, remember that plants absorb specific wavelengths of light. The light you choose needs to have the same wavelength that the sun provides which is why a regular light bulb will not work. Keep the light close to the plant, but not so close it will burn the plant. Most plants require about 14-16 hours of sunlight or simulated light in the case of indoor growing. Compact Fluorescent Lighting Systems or High Intensity Discharge Bulbs are the way to go when selecting lighting.

Why Grow Indoors 

Growing indoors is convenient. There are many great company’s out there to help you get started as such as Canada Grows Indoors LLC. No more watering several times a day since your plants are being grown in a controlled environment. Providing the ideal steady temperature allows your plants to thrive and produce more fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Growing indoors is a great hobby allowing you to produce the crops of your choice all year long.

Author: Karen Miller
Karen Miller is the founder and chief editor of Canadagrowsindoors.ca. She loves sharing her fast knowledge of indoor growing equipment with others.

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