Which Drugs Should You Not Take With CBD?

As we’re in the very early stages of CBD being used by the masses, there is an outpouring of new information in regards to how beneficial it can be to CBD users.  On the contrary, we’re also coming across new information that solves questions to “what ifs” that consumers have had in their minds in regards to using CBD oils with other substances.  Today we’ll talk about what happens when you mix drugs with CBD oils.

Let’s first talk about best practices when using CBD.

How to Use CBD Safely

With the accessibility to buy CBD online and locally in retail stores, it’s becoming more present in society and used in the medical world.  The best thing to do if you are on the fence about CBD is to talk to your Doctor about the pro’s, as well as any risks involved.  If you are on medications, they will be the best person to tell you just exactly what to expect if you end up mixing medication and CBD.  They’ll also be able to help you with dosages and frequency of use.

Drugs That May Interact With CBD

If you ever listen to a commercial for any new prescription drug, you certainly know that there is always a fast-talking segment at the end of every commercial speaking to the dangerous of each drug when it interacts with other substances taken at the same time.  Combining certain drugs can lead to amplified effects that can exaggerate what happens.  Other types of interactions are due to the drugs being metabolized by the bodies same receptors.  Since this can be very dangerous, it’s important to know exactly what can happen if you mix different drugs with CBD.


When you are treating depression and anxiety, there are many choices in treatment.  SSRIs, SNRIs, and tricyclic antidepressants are the most commonly discussed.  It’s not uncommon that when you take these types of medications entirely alone that you could experience side effects.  (Just like you can have side effects to just about any prescription drug.)

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There is a major risk when you mix CBD oil and antidepressants since there is a risk of the oil interacting with various antidepressants through the inhibition of metabolism.  


There’s a large debate about this topic, because many arguments that this applies only to products with THC, which CBD does not have of course.  Regardless, speak with a medical professional before mixing antipsychotics and CBD.

Mood Stabilizers

If you suffer from a bipolar disorder you may be on a mood stabilizing drug.  Lithium is a very popular medication used for this condition.  While CBD has been found helpful in improving the demeanor of people who suffer from this terrible disorder, it’s very important tho avoid THC consumption.  This can lead to mood swings.  Again, talk to a medical professional before using CBD oils if you are on any mood stabilizing medication.


Any users of cannbinoids will tell you that it’s a great way to help alleviate anxiety.  A calming effect is perhaps the most notable of all users.  Benzodiazepines can also calm down symptoms in people who experience anxiety for any reason.  When you combine the two, you potentially have an amplified effect.  Of course, watch out for side effects and be safe when you mix the two together.  If you are using THC products, your anxiety could become worse.


You’ll often times find yourself being more alert if you use stimulants and CBD in tandem. You’ll also see a reduced feeling of anxiety when used properly.  Be careful not to use too much CBD or you risk getting symptoms of sedation, which is quite the opposite effect of stimulation.