What Are Marijuana Seed Banks?

Various factors are threatening the ecosystem’s biodiversity. It’s the sign of the times, and people need to make sure to save whatever can be saved for future generations. For decades, the development of various techniques to salvage depopulating species of plants and animals are evolving. Natural means are still the most in-demand as it will not harm and change plant species. Preservation has led to the breeding or creation of new plant species and for the sake of Marijuana, seed banks are a saving grace. There are seed banks that ship to USA that cater to various needs as well.

The creation of seed banks dates back in the late 80s to preserve endangered species of plants. Pioneering countries that started seed banks are the Philippines, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe, among others. It began in communities, and people who attended these banks saved and stored the seeds of various plants that are near extinction at the time. Today, seed banks are widespread, including ones dedicated to marijuana. Cannabis lovers turn growers living in legalized states are even setting up their homes to raise marijuana plants. The popularity of marijuana continues to grow as more and more states are legalizing both recreation and medical use.


Seed Banks for Marijuana

The production of marijuana has gained traction because of its proven medicinal benefits aside from recreational use. Seed banks dedicated to the preservation and storage of pot seeds are growing in numbers. Because of this, they keep a variety of strains of marijuana safe, making sure that there will always be a continuous supply for those who would want to start growing their marijuana plants. 

There are valid reasons for storing marijuana seeds. Human and animal populations pose significant dangers for these plants, getting damages, whether by accident or on purpose. There is also the rise of the supply and demand for marijuana strains, so seed banks produce the best quality of Marijuana seeds for various needs. Keeping seeds on hand assures consumers that climate change won’t deplete the numbers of the strains. The ample supply of these seeds offers a continuous study of the Marijuana strains for medical purposes. Marijuana has been giving users the effects they want, depending on the type of strain.


What Makes A Marijuana Seed Bank Different

Seed banks dedicated to Marijuana are not simple repositories where you can buy strains whenever you want. 

  • Companies that are supporting the Marijuana seed banks working on seed feminization that growers need to produce more buds. Female buds are what growers want because the THC is intact while male contains pollen for the most part instead of buds. Also, it now only takes a little time for marijuana growers to source the female plants. By nature, there is an equal amount of male and female plants. The companies 

  • Auto-flowering seeds are now more available thanks to these companies. These seeds grow and mature faster. For growers, that means harvesting comes around in eight weeks. These types of seeds usually have a high return on investment since the plants are yielding to their maximum potential. 

  • The same companies are responsible for developing different types of strains with desired effects and health benefits. Many strains can induce hunger, which is fitting for patients suffering from illnesses with loss of appetite as a symptom. Some strains help users gain energy and better concentration. On the other hand, those with THC content produces the high that can help persons with ADHD slow down a little bit. 

Those who’d like to grow their cannabis strain can get high-quality seeds from these marijuana seed banks. It is a lot cheaper to become your favorite strain than running to a dispensary and spending to satisfy your craving. At the same time, if you have disease symptoms that a particular strain can take care of, all you’ll need to do is walk to your supply if you’re growing them. Those living in states where selling marijuana is legal can get into the business of growing and selling strains as long as they follow the law. Before buying, make sure that the seed banks are licensed under the cannabis regulation authorities to make sure that you’re giving business to those who follow the law.

Ordering Seeds From Seed Banks

Seed banks are accepting orders online. Keep in mind, though, that the legality varies from state to state. A person must carry a medical card to be able to purchase the seeds in states where they are legal. You can source the seeds locally within your state or order from websites in countries where Marijuana seed banks are authorized and ship orders to the states. 


The Bottomline

Marijuana seed banks providing high-grade seeds, and reputable breeders with a long history are the ones you should be seeking. Good breeders can trace and discuss the seed’s history to you. In comparison to those who refer to seeds with bad or unstable genetics, that only means that the seeds they carry have unknown origins. One must be sure about the lineage of the seeds because you may get a male type instead of a female. You’ll be able to avoid scams if you take time to study the strain you want as well. 

Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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